My name is Melissa,I'm a 45 year old wowan,I wished I had a body like NINA HARTLEY or GINGER LYNN,but I probably look like ANNABELL FLOWERS,cute face,chubby body,sexy ass even if I have to say for myself.I'm divorced after 25 years.It's been about year since the divorce,i've been on dates but nothing serious.I worked in realestate.I'm sitting in a reataurant about to eat dinner,i'm sipping on some wine all pussy is tingling.the only sexual memories i've is of me and my ex-husband.i remember our HONEYMOON,he took my pussy and anal cherry.he told me thats what he likes is ass,he rather fuck his wife in the ass,then some slut,but if you cant handle that then i will sign the divorce papers tommorrow.I know what a bastard,atleast i know what he likes.many of the women in my f****y say keep your husband happy,and he want stray.for our annaversary,he gives me a vibrator among other gifts,so now i have 25 one for every year.he used to fuck my ass in all kinds of positions.I would used the vibrator on my clit and pussy hole,and dream about being DOUBLEPENETRATED (DP).My food has arrived and my cell rings.I dont reconize the number.I say Hello,The voice says i noticed your eating alone would you like some company?(I'M SCANNING THE ROOM)Who is this?he said thats a lovely dress color you have on.How did you get my number?he said tell you what i will pay for both of our dinners if you say yes.his voice was smooth and soothing.I said ok come on over.all of a sudden he was standing behind me.a young tall Blackman.he could not been no more than 30.he said may i sit.i said yes.he ordered,and we talked and joked and pussy was on fire,i never been with and other man but my husband,neverless a blackman altough the whole idea of CHOCOLATE SWIRL is sexually arousing.i could feel my pussy wetting my panties.the waitress came and asked if we wanted dessert.(i'm thinking bring me a bottoe of syrup and i would make him my dessert)she bent down and whispered in my ear he is yumme.we both laughed.he asked if i wanted to come back to his place for a nightcap.I said yes hoping i will get fucked tonight.i followed him.we pulled up in his drive way.he ok opened my door for me such a gentleman.I forgot to tell you his name is ROBERT,but he likes Bobby he open his door to his home,and there another one sitting on the couch bobby said this my older twin b*****r.who reminds me everyday he is the oldest by 3 minutes.he turned off the video game and tv and got up.he walked on me a kissed me on the lipps like we we were old friends.i stepped back that was a nice kiss,but do i know you?my name is brian.except for our clothes me and my b*****r share everthing.i felt hands on my waiste.and bobby whispered in my ear i'm going to fuck your pussy,brian whispered in my other ear i'm going to fuck your ass.i felt like the woman in one of the MATRIX MOVIES when her panties got wett under the table.he lead into the bedroom,it was like i was under thier spell,i could not resist these twins even if i wanted to.they lead me into the help me out of my dress,the other help me out of my soaking wett panties and said mine if i keep these,before i could respond he put them in a drawer.i standing ther in my stockings,they sit me down on the bed.they each got down on a each knee,and and took off my shoes.what gentlemen.the both stood up in front of me and began taking their clothes off.bobby had on a suit,a brian haad on jeans and a shirt.they stand in front of me both naked as the day they were born.both had very nice cocks and way bigger than my ex figurering 10 inches each.they grabbed thier dicks and was waving them in my face.i reached up and started fondling them both.and jerking them both,i sucked one then the other,then they put both of thier dick heads in my mouth for me to suck them at the sametime.this lasted a few moments,when one stopped and got on the bed he layed down.come here beautiful and finish sucking me me here.i was his sex slave,i crawled up on the bed and begin licking and sucking his cock,like theres no tommorow.meanwhile the other twin got under me and began sucking my clit and licking my pussy,i know i squirted in his mouth.he got up and fingered my wett pussy,and rubbed my asshole,with my own jucies.he said pulled your ass up sweetie,high in the sky.i felt him get behine me.he put the head at my anal entrance and pushed in my ass reponded with a big fart.they lol.he started fucking my ass with ease at first,the he was fucking my ass like we were old friends.his b*****r ask hows the booty,he said like a tight pussy ( i was thinking it should i never had 10 inches up my ass before)hows the mouth?iike playing tonsil hockey watch this he grab my head and pushed atleast 8 inches down throat and still had cock to spare.these 2 was fucking me at both ends,i thought they was trying to me in the middle of me.brian the one in my ass,asked are you ready? bobby said yeah b*o.bobby pulled his dick out of my mouth and got off the bed.brian pushed his dick all the way up my ass,and we were laying on our sides for moment,then he layed onhis back and pulled at the sametime,im still impaled on his dickin my legs are wide opened.bobby got between my leggs and put the head of dick inside me.and pushed.he started fucking my pussy.OMG,i being DPED finally a dream come true.these 2 was fucking me like they own me,and my pussy could not stopp cumming,hell i think my ass was cumming too.bobby picked up the pace and really was jack-hamming my pussy,a bet it looked like a peice of chewing gum.then he pushed all the way in and flooded my womb with his hot cum.he pulled out and my pussy made a popping sound,i could feel his nut juice pouring out of me.brian turn me over flat on my tummy and begin pile-driving asshole.he whispered is this my ass,i said yes its yours please fuck your ass take it baby its yours,fuck it's yours and i felt another orgasm coming on,the he pushed all they way inside ass and his hot load up my shithole.THE END.this is the first of FANTASY OF A MATURE WOMAN.all comments are welcome.
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love it
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very good