My wife Malinda had walked to the corner store.she told me she was expecting a package from UPS.The door bell rings.I open the door,when the f***e of the door knock me down.And two huge Black men step in with guns.both pointed at me.One said get up slowly,one reached in his back pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.he went behind me and grab my hands and put them on me.I said what am I being arrested for.They looked at each other and laughed,were not cops.Our instruction is to detain you,until our boss gets here.Oh we cant Kill you yet.Then the other pulled out a roll of DUCT TAPE,and place a piece over my mouth.Mean while my wife is walking back home with a bag when a car pulls up. A black man is driving and ask if she is the wife Mr.Glenn the prize fighter,she says yes.he said great I been trying to get in contact with him about some work.can I give you a lift.I really need to see him.she accepts the ride.I hear a car pull up in our driveway.My wife opens the door and says honey there is someone here to see you,then she was pushed in very quickley.she sees me with my mouth taped.she start to scream what is all this.Then the 2 black came out of our bedroom.My name is Jerome,Malinda yes I know your name.I know alot about you.I also know MALINDA I WANT YOU.for months I have watched you.In the Winter you catch a ride home from work (walgreens) and in the Summer you walk are so DAMM sexy to me.Normanly I take what I want.Like First Thought about getting rid of your husband.and make you a widow.But I'm going to give a chance to save both of your lives.First Question do you love him,she said yes without any hestation.are you willing to sacrafice your life for him,she said yes.Good cause MALINDA I WANT YOU,I want to Fuck you in your Mouth,Pussy,and Ass whille watches.If you say no you both dies.I not going to **** you must give me your body.tears are running do her eyes.Jerome said take a moment and think about it.Guys go head and stand him up.One says can we shoot him now.and pointed the gun to his chest.what do you say MALINDA,please dont kill him i will do whatever you want.Jerome said take his pants and draws off,they stripped him,one of the guys smacked me on my ass and said can I fuck him boss (i thought i was going past out from that thought)you i have not had no booty since i got out of jail.Jerome said maybe later.Now Malinda i want you to grab my hand a lead me to your bedroom.guys bring him to.can we watch also boss.Jerome said no.and reach in his pocket and pulled out 2 envelopes and said here go count your money.stay in the living room if you hear anything but sex in here kill these 2.Jerome took off his clothes,and begin to strip my wife.she had on a shirt and a pair of jeans.he looke at her nakeness and said DAMM thats better then i imagine.He went to kiss her,but she turned her head.He grab her face and said look,you can pretend its your husband your are about to fuck,or your favorite star,but you will do this,or he is dead and will be left to clean up the mess.she looked up at him and did not resist his kisses.he reached behine her and grab her ass,he turn her around to get a better view of her ass.he stepped up on her and started gently squeezing her titties,I know my wife her titties are very sensitive.Hell he keep that up,she might forget she is married to me.I cant believe here i am sittin here handcuffed with duct tape getting hard watching my wife about to be fucked by a blackman.he lays her down on the bed,and start kissing her he works his way down to her nipples,first licking 1 at a time,then sucking each nipple,then he pushed her breast together and was sucking both nipples at the same time.he kissed his way down to her bush and found her wet pussy.he was licing and sucking her pussy,my wifes legs was opening and closing at the same time,i could here that familar sound that her pussy makes a squishy sound.he got up between her legs and put the head in,and she gasp for air.she said please let ride you,you are really big.they change positions.she sat on top of him,i had a perfect view of his dick,DAMM what is that a SMALL BAT.he got to be at least 10 inches and thick.he started massaging her breast.then she leaned forward so he could suck them.she reached back and massaged his cock,she rubbed the head of his dick with her wet pussy.she lifted 1 legg and put the head in.she started humping him real slow,when she was comfortable she leaned forward and they kissed.hes was massaging her back and ass.she started to moan,i was getting hard,i wish the hand cuffs was in the front so i could jerk off.they was really getting into each other,then he grabbed her ass and really pushed that big black dick up in her.she was moaning and groaning,and trying to meet every stroke of that black cock.her pussy was really making that squishy sound.i heard say yes fuck me I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMING.they kissed and she got off of him,Jerome didnot cum.and said I'm ready to Fuck that ass now,she pleaded No anything but that,I have never done that,and your cock will split me in half,He said i dont care you have a beautiful ass and want it,i going to take your ANAL CHERRY.but first go over there and start sucking your husbands dick,she i dont like sucking dick,he look at her and said you 1 more time tell me what you dont like,and i end all this SHIT,it not about you so get over it.go suck his dick now BITCH.HE raised his hand,but he did not hit her.she came scurring over to me,and got down it front of me.she was kissing my thighs,but would not suck my dick.He went in his pants and pulled a gun and put it to her head and said get to sucking.he found some baby oil on the night stand,and pour some on her ass,and rub some on his massive dick.he stuck a finger up her ass and she jumped,he said keep sucking,then another finger up ass,he was r****g her ass with his finger.she was crying and slobbering around my cock,but she did have a mouth full of my cock in her.Pull your ass up he ordered.He got behine her and i felt for her cause i had a 3D view of whats to cum,he rubbed the head in the crack of ass.he place the head at her anal entrance and pushed in she screamed,no please its to big take it out.that just made him push further up her ass.oh i forgot to tell you relax and started pumping her ass she was in a lot of pain but he did not care,its been a long time since i had a VIRGIN,ah yeah so tight,unexplored territory,to boldly go where no man has gone go back to sucking his cock,might take your off of being ASSFUCKED.he was really enjoying her ass.i could believe how hard i was.he grabbed the back of her head and said SUCK IT BITCH,SUCK IT.he was making her get throatfuck with my cock balls deep down her throat.then he really started pounding her ass,then i heard that squishy sound cumming from her pussy i did not realized she was masterbating,with cock down throat an a big black cock fucking her ass.He said thats it I'M GOING TO CUMMMMMMMMMMM.and pushed her head all the way down my cock and i came in my wifes mouth,and she moaned from her own orgasm.he pulled up out of her asshole,she got up a ran 2 the bathroom,and was the time she was finished,he had his clothes on.Ok get your ass out here.she came out sat on the bed.he said to me take a good look at my face,glenn cause you will meet me again. your a prize fighter,i have booked you and one of my fighters for next month.thats right i'm a want a shot at a the top you have 2 come thru me.he went over to my wife and handed her a key to the cuffs,he drop a envelope in my lap and said here is a advance towards your training,and him and his goons left.THE END. to all readers your comments is appreciated.
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damm good my friend
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Good story