SON'S VERSION:So me and my ex-girlfriend is the kind where you move back home to your Momma.She throws a pair of drawers at me,and screams who the BITCH who have Sucking your dick?I saw the lipstick on them.I admit nothing.So I said dont worry about it,I'm moving back home.Well she called me every thing under the Sun.Even an MOMMA'S BOY.I said funny you didn't say that when you was eating REDLOBSTER AND OLIVE GARDEN everynight.I never met anyone who have Lobster Taste,but Tuna fish money.then when you come home your never in the mood,or you have a headache,or you on your DAMM PERIOD.So I grab my bag and said you can burn the rest of my SHIT and kISS MY ASS.So I drove off,and was remembering how the lipstick got my drawers.It was my Mom's.thats right me and mom have been intimate every since I can remember.Although I had moved out to live that girl,I would visit Mom a couple times a week,sometimes for a Blowjob or a Quicky.I walked in the house and called out to Mom.she was in the kitchen.I walked up behine her and kissed her neck.she turned around and I Kissed her on the mouth.She said how much time do we have?I said Mom can I move back in,she said this will always be your home.What happened?I said she found your lipstick on my drawers.Mom lol,and said OOPS,she said I'm sorry you really like her?I said yes but I REALLY LOVE YOU MOM.That sweet.Mom I need some Lovin.Mom turned the stove down and pulled a chair out from the table.she said come her baby let Momma take care of you.She unzipped my pants and reached in and pull my cock out.She started sucking me deep,until I was hard.she was trying to suck as much of me in her mouth.She stopped for a second and said go ahead and relieve yourself,and opened her mouth.I jerked off in her mouth.she swallowed most of it.and wiped her mouth to get the rest.go wash up I will call you when dinner is ready.My room was the same as left it.a little dusty,mom had not touched anything.So I took a shower and as I was stroking my dick,I was remembering all the sex me and mom had in here.she would wash my back,front,crack of ass,and of course my cock.sometimes she would give a BLOWJOB to completion or we would make love on the bathroom floor,or doggie style over the sink.Mom says dinner is ready.My favorite HOMEMADE SPAGHETTI with meatballs,ground turkey,and sausage with French bread and Sweat Tea.At dinner I said mom I think I have a problem,she said what.Mom I have this High Sex Drive.I mean I feel like I need it 5-6 times a day just to get by.I jerk-off alot,I come and see you,and even with my ex-lol I never get enough.That cant be normal.MOMMA'S VERSION:Well son you probably got that from you know your Father/Grandfather died when you was a baby.I was very much in love with our Father.To the point I took advantage of his mental health and suduced him into making love to me (READ f****y SECRETS PT 1-4)To create a baby which is you.I breast feed you.but while you was sucking my pussy would get so wet.So I would masterbate.By the time you were walking good and potty trained.we always slept in the same bed.I would pull you up on top of me and you would hump my navel while sucking a tit.then you learned how to get up there own your own.I guess you was 10 or 11 you was between my legs one night,just humping so I reached between us and guilded you in me.your little peter was giving me some satisfaction.As you got older in your teens I became very submissive to you.anytime and anywhere you want me I will be availabe to you to help you with your lust.son since you have move back in I have one request or fastasy.when you were a little boy I was yours personally,you did care you wanted to be satisfied.I want to be that person again.I'm your mom and that will never change.I want tobe your LOVER,WHORE,SLUT dont ask me for sex,just take it I'm here to please you to take care my babies lustful desires,I want to be THROATFUCKED,I WANT MY PUSSY POUNDED TIL IT HURTS,I WANT TO ASSFUCKED LIKE YOU ARE TRYING SPLIT ME OPEN.anytime,anywhere,use all my holes,fill them with your nut juice 5or 6 times aday i here to service you FOREVER.
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it was good
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short & nice
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short & nice