PLACES TO HAVE SEX(From the mind of a SLUT)

So I was at another website,which had a question name some place you had sex other than then the bedroom.I read some real beauties.I still think I beat them all.I did not tell them where,but I did say If I had gasoline draws on and ran thru HELL,GOD would be just getting started with me.So here are four places I have had sex in.First my god-b*****r stayed with f****y for the weekend.on saturday our f****y went to a and him already established that we liked each we snuck away from the f****y and went in the woods.when we knew we were alone,he unzipped his pants and pulled his dick mouth was watering so i started sucking him.I told him tokeep an eye out.he did not hear a word i said because he was to busy FUCKIN MY MOUTH.I admit i enjoyed sucking him but i wanted i pulled my panties down around my ankes and bent over.He rubbed my wett pussy with his dick,and only put the head in and he would pull out.he did this for a while which made me mad because i wanted all of him in me.Finally he said are you ready I said yes please give to me.Then he put his hand over my mouth,and pushed his dick in my SHIT HOLE.I screamed but they were he had one hand on my mouth and the other on my clit.He whispered in my ear stay still dont move,it will only hurt for a little my ass is on fire and my knees are weak.he began to pull out which felt beter than going in.and then he went back up there.I felt i was going to crap all over myself.he was giving slow easy strokes and rubbing my clit at the sametime which took my mine off.he said if you relax it will feel clit was enjoying the attention he was giving the point i was feeling an oragasm building.I was loosing up and pushing back on that ANAL INVADER.then he bit my ear but screams were muffled and i felt him shoot his load in my ass which triggered my own climax. this was very intense i thought i was going to pass out.The next day while in Sunday school he sat next to me and was touching my leg under my skirt.I remember the bathrooms was down stairs in the I tapped him and whispered follow me.I told my my mom i had to i crossed in front of the time i got down there and pulled one leg out of my panties he was there,i layed down onthe floor legs wide open and he put his dick in the right hole this time.i pulled down on me and whispered my ass is still sore,and i want to trying it again sometime.I told him make it quick before someone comes.he shot his load in my pussy and went back i pulled my panties up to hold on that load as long as i can.Many years had past andi proclaim to be a SLUT.I had one of the friends that really like fucking outdoors mostly in one day we both was horny and wanted to fuck,but it was broad daylight.he i got and idea the perfect place,i said what a motel.he said no its quiet but wierd.i said ok i'm game.we drove for about 10 minutes and he stop at the main gate.he looked at me and what do you think? this is a CEMENTARY,we followed the road all the way to the back of it.yes it was see all the graves in the day time.but my pussy said go for i got in the back seat.he joined me.i unzipped his pants and started sucking his dick.i took my panties off and sat on him.while looking out.the more i looked at the graves the hotter i straddling him i had got my first nut.then i layed down on the backseat with my legs wide open,he got on top of me and was fucking me.the car was hot even with the a/c running.i need to cum again,so i put my legs on his shoulders and said go head baby HIT THE BOTTOM,when he touch my Cervix,i was cummming.he pushed all the way in and hit the bottom like he docking a ship with and achor.that was so intense for me.we went back that same night.pulled in the spot.He started to get in the back.I said i want to be DARING,he said whats on your mind.I said i want it over a grave.He said shit I'm we walked to the nearest tombstone.I pulled my panties off.I bent over it and i heard him unzipped his pants.I told him i dare you to fuck me right here.Hell i was already wett from the thought of him fucking me.he went in he was pounding my pussy i said talk dirty to me.he i could learn to like this you little SLUT.and that made me i said thats makes me your SLUT right?between strokes he said i said FUCK YOUR SLUTS ASSHOLE.i reached back and spread my cheeks.he put some spit on his dick.he pressed the head in and i pushed back on clit was on fire and i wanted to cum.I told come on give me that load.he started jack-hammering my ass.he grab my hips real tight and unloaded his cum in my bowels.FROM THE MIND OF A SLUT
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3 years ago
4 years ago
Nice and dirty. Would like to hear about more places. I did it with my gf in living room of her house while family was outside at pool!!
4 years ago
very good story
4 years ago
Thats the way it should be done. The more the merrier...A store dressing room is good, too
4 years ago