f****y SLUT.PT 5

So I went to town to buy something sexy to wear for tonight.I bought this cute little TEDDY,and some Sheer stockings.I'm finishing my bath.I shaved my Pits.Pussy and Legs.I put on my Favorite Perfume"RED DOOR" a dab behine each ear,each wrist,and my inner thighs.I put on my new out fit.check the mirror one last time.I open my bedroom door and called for the 3 men I love to come to me.My Dad,b*****r,and Son all entered with their Boxers on.I model for them my outfit.They liked it.I frenched kissed my Dad first,then my b*****r,and my Son.I went and layed on the Bed.and open my Legs.My Dad got between them.and started to kiss my navel and work his way downward.My b*****r and son took off their boxers.and climbed on the bed.they were fondling me and squeezing my titties.Dad was licking my CLIT.my son was sucking my left tittie,and my b*****r was sucking the right one.Dad put 2 fingers inside of me (He knew were my G-STOP is)Both my b*****r and got up and I was jerking them both.i would suck one at a time.dad had made me cum with 3 finger.I stop sucking to tell dad give me more FIST ME.Dad had this techique where he would Twist & Turn his Fist in me.when he did that the knuckle would rub the roof of my pussy (G-SPOT)this made me cum again.Dad pulled his hand out which made a popping sound.He was ready to fuck me.so I lifted my up so he can go deep.My b*****r and son each grab a leg a piece and held my legs open for Dad.mean while the guys were both trying to fuck my mouth at the sametime.Dad is thick he was stretching me wide open.his pace picked up I knew he was ready 2 cum so I started to use my pussy muscles and drain him of his nut juice.The guys let ny legs go.dad pulled out of me and went and rested in the chair.My b*****r replaced him quickly.which left my mouth wide open for my so to fuck it.my b*****r pumped me a few strokes,and pulled out.he said get on your knees.He got behine me and son was in front of me.My b*****r pushed all the way in me,when i gasp for air and opened my mouth my son pushed his dick in my mouth.these 2 where fucking me from head to toe very deeply.Hell I thought they were trying to meet other.secretly i was enjoying every minute of it.My b*****r was fucking me HARD,FAST AND DEEP.h e grabbed my hips and lunge forward and shot his load deep in my pussy.my son grabbed my head and shot his load down my throat. The gagging triggered my orgasm.All or bodies were one big sweatball.I got up and went to the bathroom to push some of the cum out of my body,and to gargle my as well pee.so I washed up a little. I came out and the guys was fighting for the bathroom.when they came out i said now that i have had the appertizer,now I want the full course meal.My son siad what you have in mine mom.i said i want all of you at the sametime.i told Dad to come and lie on the bed.he was allready hard (must have taken one of those Blue pills)I straddle him.I told my son to stand in front of me on the bed.I said to my b*****r what are waithing for come and fuck my ass.I started sucking my son.my b*****r was inside my ass and dad was in pussy.i was in my heaven,i was on cloud nine.i have never felt so forfilled.we all developed a rythm.we this this for a while and i could feel my orgasm build.my b*****r's pace was becoming quicker.I stop sucking long enough to say lets all cum together.I felt dads dick explode inside my pussy,my b*****r was unloading inside my bowels and my son was playing tonsil hockey as he shot his load down my throat.some of my sons sperm dropped on on dad as he pulled his dick out my mouth.I licked it up off of Dads chest.When my b*****r puuled out my ass made a farting sound.finally dad cock was softing in me.The each left my room.As I lay on bed playing with my sore pussy.I realized that I'm very Blessed to have three men in my life you enjoy sucking and fucking me at any given time.I get more dick in one day than most women get in a life time of marrage.I love these 3 men My Dad,b*****r and Son.To them I'm there Daughter,s****r,Mother and Lover.But you the reader may call me THE f****y SLUT.the end.
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4 years ago
thats so hot good writting and visuals