f****y SLUT.PT 4

So I'm taking a shower,thinking about whats to come tonight.I finally going to make a Fantasy of mine come true.As you know I been Sucking & Fucking my FATHER.b*****r.& SON.Routinely I've do this everyday.I have done all 3 in one day,but never all 3 at the same time.Thats my Fantasy to be GANG-BANGED by my f****y.I want all three men to fuck me at the sametime.Fill all my holes with there big dicks and cume inside me until it overflows.I pull back he shower curtain to find my son taking a wizz.Now we have other bathrooms in the house.but he to use mine.which means he wants to fuck his mom.I step out,and watch him shake it a little.I kiss him and start massaging his Balls.I start stroking his dick.I sit on the toilet.he puts his dick in my mouth.I reach down and play with my pussy while he fucks my mouth.he plays with titties.I stop sucking him and stood up.I grab his dick and lead him to the sink,in which I bend forward.he put it inside me.short quick jabs.he grab my titties and was pinching my nipples.I like this my pussy was getting wetter,so I started pushing back on him.he let my breast go and grab my shoulders and push very deep inside me, and let his seed flow inside my waiting pussy.I turned around and kiss him goodbye.I washed up quickly.I had to make Dad some coffee.Dad was on the back porch,so i brought him a cup of coffee.he grab a pillow from the other chair and place down it front of him on the porch floor.I knew what he wanted.so I got down on my knees and started sucking my Dads cock.I was licking the shaft and his balls.I put the head back in my mouth,i was deepthroating him when he grunted.I came back to head and stop sucking,he was shooting his load in my mouth.This way I can swallow it all (which I did).I went back in the kitchen to start breakfast,when my b*****r came in stroking his dick.he said morning s*s.I said hey can I help you with him.he said what you got in mine.I reached in the cabinet and opened some cooking oil and poured a little my hand.I stroked him with it.and rub some on my asshole.I leaned ove the kitchen table,my ass facing him.He knew what i wanted.He slid inside my ass very easy.I could feel every stroke.it felt like a very deep anal massage.my pussy was very wet.I reached down between us and played with my clit.I stuck 2 fingers inside my pussy ass he fucked my ass.I came on my hand.I rubs his balls with my wet hand and he picked up the pace.the I rubbed the faster and harder he fucked my ass.Suddenly he grab my hips and pushed forward and felt his load filling my asshole which made cummmm.PLEASE READ PT 5.
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4 years ago
very nice! I love all of them! I am really into family fun! I never have done it but want to
4 years ago
4 years ago
keep it going