f****y SLUT PT.1

In the backwoods deep in the West Virgina woods live me and my f****y of men.I am the Queen of my castle.Ok its a 4 bedroom trailer (lol)The first bedroom is where my 50 year old father sl**ps.The second bedroom is where my younger b*****r who is 25 sl**ps.The third bedroom is where me THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE sl**ps i'm 30.and finally the 4th bedroom belongs to my 15 year old son sl**ps.I dont know if my son is my dads or my b*****r hell they both was fucking me at the sametime.So im known as the f****y SLUT.because i'm always ready and willing to let my f****y fuck me.My day starts about 5 am when i go into my dads room and pull back the cover to find MORNING WOOD. I start licking the head in search of pre-cum.I star sucking him, and he slowing waking up and start fingering my pussy.I stop for a moment to say Good morning daddy.he pulls me on top of him so we can be in a 69 position.dads eats my pussy likes its his last meal.which makes me cum.im sucking dad deep preparing for him to cum.dads legs begin to tremble,his next move is he will lift his legs up and hold my head in place and begin to Throat fuck me,here it cums i can feel his load hitting the back of my throat.I used to gag on his dick,but now his cum down my throat triggers another orgasm for me.My mouth belongs to my dad thats the part of my body he likes.Now my b*****r loves my Ass. Time to wake him up.I go in his room and slip under the covers,I reach over and grab the baby oil on his night stand and wake him up with a Hand job,He really likes that.He says morning s*s.I said im ready for you,he oh yea show me.i turn over and flat on my stomach,and take my oily hand and rub the crack of my Ass.I pull my cheeks apart.he gets on top of me and find my anus.he pushs the head in.come on b*o go deeper.let me feel you.he started to pick up the pace,he was all the way in side my ass.he started to moan,i said pound my ass and cum for me.he pushed all the way up my ass and emptied his load in my bowels and the same time i came all over my hand.Im probably going to Shit nut juice for a week.now i go to my sons room,he said I heard you and Uncle did you save any for me.I said i always save the best for Last.i layed down on his bed with my leggs open and he mounted methat the thing about teenage boys thier dicks get hard if the wind blows.so he is between my legs fucking his mother.at 15 he is all ready hitting the bottom of my pussy.he said mom lift yours higher i going to cum.i fel the first jet streem and another.I lowered my legs,but he was still fucking me.he said sorry mom.i thats ok.he said mom can i have sloppy seconds,i said sure youa can fuck me all day I will wright you anote for school tomorrow.we stayed in bed most of the morning i dont know how many times he came inside me,i lost count after 5 orgasms.PLEASE LOOK FOR PART 2.
69% (28/13)
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10 months ago
gotta luv wv
3 years ago
she can start my day off
4 years ago
nice way to start the day!
4 years ago
so the familys a bunch of inbred hillbillys
4 years ago
wow i wish i was that girl
4 years ago
4 years ago
your a naughty lil girl good story yes part 2
4 years ago
Nice fiction. You live in Florida not West Virginia. =)
4 years ago