f****y SECRETS PT 4

So i buried my dad last month.my dad had painted this lawyers house and became very good friends.i now leaving the lawyers office a very wealthy woman.my dad set up a nice trust fund for our son and special account in my name to take care me.even after death he stilled love me and you wonder why i fell in love with my Father.my son is now 14 and we sl**p together.we bend sl**ping together every since he was baby.he would cry in the middle of the night i would take him out of the crib any put him in the bed with me,put a tittie in his mouth and go back to sl**p.but my pussy would get wett from his sucking.so i would play with myself while he fed.when he was 2or 3 i hated being woke up in the middle of night to take him to bathroom.I know your thinking put a pamper on him.that pamper would be full.so one night he woke me up sucking on my titties and my pussy on very wett.he stopped for a moment and said PEE PEE MOMMY,my pussy felt like it was on fire.so i open my leggs and pulled him on top of me a said go PEE PEE,his hot piss trigger my orgasm.so the next day i was washing dishes when his little head was under my gown.i never wear panties,he was playing PEEK A BOO,but everytime he peeked his head would rubb my clit.i was getting horny.at that moment he said pee pee mommy.i said that god.so i went to lay on the floor and spread my leggs.and began to pee on me while i played with myself.we played this game for many years.so now he is 14 and we still sl**p together,only difference he fucking me that right im fucking my son.he goes out and do what ever 14 year do and he knows what time home.every now and then i have to call him.but come right home.we have this game we play im always horny and waiting for him.when comes in the room if my ass is in the air that means i want to fuck my ass hard,and cum and piss in there.if i'm laying on my back with my leggs open i want him to fuck me deep and cumm inside me and piss in my cunt. THE END
86% (26/4)
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1 month ago
Enjoyed the end - great horny set
3 years ago
from good to bad to fuck up but it still made me cum i liked it
4 years ago
4 years ago
WILD series...good stories..Thanks
4 years ago
if all 4 had been together i would hace cummed & i liked it but it is fucked up
4 years ago
Just read all 4. Deliciously fucked up.