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So I work as a teller at a bank.It's a Friday about 1 O'clock pm.I looked up and there was this well dress guy,even kinda cute for a black guy.I'm a Bi-sexual,Latino female in my early 30's.i noticed that my co-workers all women was moving a little fast to get this man at thier booth.after he made his transaction,with someone else.he could have went out of the door,but he came back to me,and spoke HELLO BEAUTIFUL,i smiled and said Hi.and he left.My co-worker said,he went out of his way to speak to.He likes you.The next Friday like clock work he was in the bank again.this ti... Continue»
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DEAR DIARY:Have I got a story for you.I have found the perfect lover for me.I cant believe he has been under my nose all this time.But that getting ahead of the story.First I'm a single mom,with a 17 year old son.I'm a SLUT,AND A SWINGER (not in that order LOL)I'm not sure weither its the slut in me or the swingin in me,but I enjoy 3-somes,gang-bangs,DP,men lots of men,and dont mind if a woman wants to suck my pussy.I do drink alcohol,beer,wine but no d**gs.when I'm drinking I get so fucking horny.But there have been times when I would wake up and dont know where I am.And o... Continue»
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SON'S VERSION:So me and my ex-girlfriend is the kind where you move back home to your Momma.She throws a pair of drawers at me,and screams who the BITCH who have Sucking your dick?I saw the lipstick on them.I admit nothing.So I said dont worry about it,I'm moving back home.Well she called me every thing under the Sun.Even an MOMMA'S BOY.I said funny you didn't say that when you was eating REDLOBSTER AND OLIVE GARDEN everynight.I never met anyone who have Lobster Taste,but Tuna fish money.then when you come home your never in the mood,or you have a headache,or y... Continue»
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[Story] b*****r AND s****r PT.3

Mom stepped into the room,she looked very nice and said I'm going on an Job Interview watch your s****r for a couple of hours.I will pick up dinner.My little s****r gave Mom an Hug,and I said Good Luck on the interview.I went back in our room.s*s locked the door after mom.When s*s came in the room she had moms vaseline.she said here. how do we do this?I said what.You promised we can do BOOTY LOVE.i said s*s that might hurt you.But you PROMISED,I want it NOW,YOU PROMISED,YOU PROMISED.she really got mad and started taking her gown off and she slapped me (it didnot hurt she has little hands)... Continue»
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[Story] b*****r AND s****r PT2

Me and my little s****r is playing checkers on the floor of our bedroom.she would lift her skirt to show me her KITTY.Mom came into check on us like clock work.she said I'm going next door to visit our neighbors. my s****r jumped up to make sure she was gone.when s*s came back she stood over so i could look up her skirt.then she lifted it and said my Kitty hurts kiss it and make it feel better please.I started licking her little button,and licking her tight little slit.i reached up and grab her naked ass,so she could not get away.that little pussy was getting wet.she started to moan.she g... Continue»
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[Story] MY BIG s****r

The b*****r's version:My Big s****r called me one night to come and get her before something very bad about to happen.So I rushed to the bar she was at and picked her up.she got in the car.And said look I just caught my old man in my bed with another woman.I wanted to kill them both,but i thought about being prison for the rest of my life,HELL i'm too old for that i went to the nearest bar to get i called you.Can i stay with you a couple of days? until i get head straight.I said sure s*s.we got back to my one bedroom Apt.I told her you can sl**p in the bed,I will... Continue»
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[Story] b*****r AND s****r

You how most b*****rs and s****rs dont get along,well in my case we are the opposit from that.every time we are near each other we trying to COP A FEEL or trying to pleasure ourselves ORALLY until bedtime when we can sneek and k**s we sl**p in the same bed for a while,me in my night gown no panties and him in his drawers.usually he would be on his side of the bed.but on those cold nights we would morning his hardness would be pressing up against me.i remeber one night I had to go to the bathroom,so i finished peeing and noticed i was itching down i wiped and discove... Continue»
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[Story] PLACES TO HAVE SEX(From the mind of a SLUT)

So I was at another website,which had a question name some place you had sex other than then the bedroom.I read some real beauties.I still think I beat them all.I did not tell them where,but I did say If I had gasoline draws on and ran thru HELL,GOD would be just getting started with me.So here are four places I have had sex in.First my god-b*****r stayed with f****y for the weekend.on saturday our f****y went to a and him already established that we liked each we snuck away from the f****y and went in the woods.when we knew we were alone,he unzipped his pants and pulled his d... Continue»
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[Story] f****y SLUT.PT 5

So I went to town to buy something sexy to wear for tonight.I bought this cute little TEDDY,and some Sheer stockings.I'm finishing my bath.I shaved my Pits.Pussy and Legs.I put on my Favorite Perfume"RED DOOR" a dab behine each ear,each wrist,and my inner thighs.I put on my new out fit.check the mirror one last time.I open my bedroom door and called for the 3 men I love to come to me.My Dad,b*****r,and Son all entered with their Boxers on.I model for them my outfit.They liked it.I frenched kissed my Dad first,then my b*****r,and my Son.I went and layed on the Bed.and open my Leg... Continue»
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[Story] f****y SLUT.PT 4

So I'm taking a shower,thinking about whats to come tonight.I finally going to make a Fantasy of mine come true.As you know I been Sucking & Fucking my FATHER.b*****r.& SON.Routinely I've do this everyday.I have done all 3 in one day,but never all 3 at the same time.Thats my Fantasy to be GANG-BANGED by my f****y.I want all three men to fuck me at the sametime.Fill all my holes with there big dicks and cume inside me until it overflows.I pull back he shower curtain to find my son taking a wizz.Now we have other bathrooms in the house.but he to use mine.which means he wants to... Continue»
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[Story] f****y SLUT PT 3

My cousin from Pt 2 came back by and dropped off his 15 year old son.he jump out of the car came around and gave a hug and ran in the house.I told his father that my dad and b*****r was at the local Wateringhole (bar) in town.he said great I will go join them.(I was hoping he would join me and the 2-15 year olds)so i lifted my tank top up and put a tittie in his sure are going to miss some fun.Then turned around and lifted my short skirt to show him i was not wearing any panties. he laughed and said YOU ARE ALWAYS HORNY.i winked at him and said true.he drove off.when i went to my son... Continue»
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[Story] f****y SLUT.PT 2

So i'm laying around the Trailer.just relaxing and playing with my always horny pussy.When the phone rings.I say Hello,He say Hi's my cousin from up the road.he say i wanted to come by and visit the f****y, I look down at my pussy which was twitchin,and said my pussy says come on over,he made a big YE-HI,i will be right over. we used to fuck all the time,he was the one who took my Anal Cherry.He didn't want to get pregnant.(as you know from Pt 1 my dad or b*****r gave a c***d).He opened the screen door and step inside,I jumped up ran to him and hugged him,and kissed hi... Continue»
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Thank you

Thanks to all of the readers of my stories.Thank you all for your comments.Honestly they are not Real.The sluts are a combination of women all gathered up in my mind.what a cluster fuck up there.The stories are designed to stimulated your body.(basicly JERK OFF MATERIAL).
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[Story] f****y SLUT PT.1

In the backwoods deep in the West Virgina woods live me and my f****y of men.I am the Queen of my castle.Ok its a 4 bedroom trailer (lol)The first bedroom is where my 50 year old father sl**ps.The second bedroom is where my younger b*****r who is 25 sl**ps.The third bedroom is where me THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE sl**ps i'm 30.and finally the 4th bedroom belongs to my 15 year old son sl**ps.I dont know if my son is my dads or my b*****r hell they both was fucking me at the sametime.So im known as the f****y SLUT.because i'm always ready and willing to let my f****y fuck me.My day starts a... Continue»
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[Story] ANAL f****y

Hi,my name is Linda I'm 18.I have s****r name Brenda she is 17,and another s****r Lucinder 16.We are very close s****rs (pussy licking close if you know what I mean LOL)anyway we all agree that we love ANAL SEX.and also agree that we have this very sexy UNCLE.he has a Model's Body and a face made for T.V.h e is the best Uncle any girl can have.He always remember all of our Birthdays and X-mas.Sometimes he takes us to the movies.Last year he treated us to a day at the waterpark.he took off his shirt and we all said DAMN.I whispered to my s****rs is your pussies tingling like mine,they... Continue»
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[Story] f****y SECRETS PT 4

So i buried my dad last dad had painted this lawyers house and became very good friends.i now leaving the lawyers office a very wealthy dad set up a nice trust fund for our son and special account in my name to take care me.even after death he stilled love me and you wonder why i fell in love with my son is now 14 and we sl**p together.we bend sl**ping together every since he was baby.he would cry in the middle of the night i would take him out of the crib any put him in the bed with me,put a tittie in his mouth and go back to sl**p.but my pussy would get wett from... Continue»
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[Story] f****y SECRETS PT 2

so the next day after fucking a sucking my dad the phone was ringing i thought dad would get it,but he was not home.i said hello,this is and so i'm your fathers THEr****t.He has missed 2 appointments with me.I said THEr****t what the Hell.he said com down i need you to check and see if he has been taking his meds.i said we picked up some sl**ping pills last night.he said these are not sl**ping pills.look for some thing called PROZAC,they are probably in a medicine cabinet or night stand.I found them,now count them.its 30 i said.what are they for.he said PATIENCE CONFIDENTIALIY.tell ... Continue»
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[Story] f****y SECRETS PT 3

I made sure my dad fucked me every night,i wanted to have his baby.I bought one of those home pregnancy test.yes im pregnant.i was so excited.i called him on the job and said i will have a surprise when you come home.i had my robe on when he came home.he sat at his desk,and got up off the bed and stood in front on him and opened my robe.and showed him my little bump.I said this my gift to you.he kissed my stomach and said THANK YOU.I said i want you to fuck i dropped the robe and bent over the bed.i heard him unzipped his pants,i watch him step out of them.he reached for the vaseline,i s... Continue»
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[Story] f****y SECRETS PT 1

Every f****y has Secrets.Here's mind.But first here 2 statements #1 I'm in Love with my Father.# 2 i'm having his Baby and love that idea.Before I get to the juicy sex scenes,heres some back ground on the my f****y.My dad always said that I look exactly like my mom.This always disturb me because according to my Grandmother (her mother)my mom just walked away one day and left me with my grandmother.I know my parents separated after i was born.Both of my parents was teenagers when i was mom was 16 and my dad was 15 yes she was older.anyway they had a fight and went their s... Continue»
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One night me and best fiend in the world,desided to hangout at the local strip clubs.I will never deny my fantasies of looking at half naked in in the clubs or most clubs you cant touch the girls.which after a while gets boring to me.Anyway its time to take my very wasted friend home,I'm always the desinated driver (i dont drink)so after droping him off,i'm heading home when i see this girl running for the bus.the bus pulled i pulled over and asked her where she's going.she said a couple blocks over to this Bar where her cousin worked. can i give you... Continue»
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