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Condoms dont guarantee SAFE SEX anymore... a friend of mine was wearing one when he was shot by the womans husband,lol
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Remembering:Actress Ann B. Davis age 88 she played "Alice Nelson" on THE BRADY BUNCH,May she Rest in Peace
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A woman was in ed with her Husbands friend,the phone rings,she answers and then hangs up,that was my husband Harry,dont worry he wont be home for a while,he's playing cards...with you
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Saw MY EX getting jumped by 6 people at a party,So i helped out, she didnt stand a chance against the 7 of us
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a 8 month pregnant woman tripped and fell and went into a c***,she woke up 2 months later to find out that she had given birth to twins a boy and a girl,the Dr.said the babies are fine,he said your b*****r named the k**s,NO not my b*****r he is a Idiot,so whats thier name? the girl is Denise,OK thats not so bad,the boy is De-nephew
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The PILSBURY DOUGH BOY,died yesterday of an Yeast Infection,and constant "POKES"to the belly.He was 71 and survived by his wife Play Dough and 3 k**s John Dough,Jane Dough,and Dill Dough plus they had one in the oven.Service was held at 3:50 Degrees and last 20 Minutes,lol
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ladies here is "A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO LOVE & LONG RELATIONSHIPS" #1 Find a Man who make you Laugh,#2 Fine a Man who has a good job % can Cook, #3 Find a Man who is Honest,#4 Find a Man who will Pamper you with Gifts,Find a Man who is Awesome in Bed #6 This Is Very Important! THAT THESE 5 MEN NEVER MEET,LOL
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New GirlFriend

A man was lying on the bed with his NEW GIRLFRIEND, after having great sex,she spent the next hour rubbing his balls,(because its something she loves to do) he was enjoying it.he asked her Why do you like doing that,her reply Because i Miss Mine
Posted by libra4646 10 months ago

Girls Night Out

2 married women decided to have a GIRLS NIGHT OUT,both got d***k,so they walked home,both had to pee,one used her panties to wipe with.the other grabbed a wreath off a grave,the next day one husband called the other and said no more GIRLS NIGHT OUT,my wife came home with no panties,you think thats bad my wife came home with a card in her crack that said,from all of us,we will never forget you,signed the fire dept
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so researchers has found the product "REDBULL" contains The Sperm from a Male Cow (BULL)Wow i'm never ever wanted to try such a product,but i do feel sorry for all the Straight Guys (HETEROSEXUAL) who swear they will never ever suck another mans cock,but you will drink a cows sperm (Redbull)lol
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to the females here at X-HAMSTER cite,please answer the following SURVEY:#1 are you a 2 hole woman,meaning Mouth and pussy?#2 or a 3 hole woman ,Mouth,Pussy,Anal?choose #1 or#2 please
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N.B.A. News:

The Brooklyn Nets (Formerly New Jersey Nets)has signed Jason Collins the FIRST OPEN GAY PLAYER,i say Bravo, to Jason,The Nets, and The N.B.A change is coming especially when over 20 years ago when Erving "Magic" Johnson admitted that he had contracted HIV Virus and no player wanted to Play with him on the court.
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Hello fellow XHAMSTERS,did you here that the Porn Industry is required by Law to use Condoms to stay in Business? well some computer Geek invented away to DIGITALLY Remove the condoms from the video (s) Horay for Tecnology,i mean i wear them to protect myself from over 30 STD,and not including HIV/AIDS but that dont mean i have to like them, and tell you what it is a disgusting, make you want to Puke sight, when i see a movie and she and sometimes he has a GENITAL WART,i'm just saying

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Take Me Home: is the story of a girl having sex for the first time.I'm a 22 year old Black girl,that stands about 5 feet tall,give or take a inch.I have a small waste and more TITS AND ASS then i want to think about.yes i have heard all of those perverted jokes,like you can see my tits a mile away coming towards you.Or you can see my ass 2 miles away,walking from you.I have 2 Hams behine me,I have 2 Bowling Balls in my back pocket,No i cant carry a case of Beer on my ass,without it Breaking,or my ass can shadow a Midget.My personal favorite is JUNK IN THE TRUNK,What The Fuck,now a Buick Crosso... Continue»
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It was about a year ago when a Doctor told me and my mom that my father had Cancer,and six months later we buried him.I can't believe my parents would have been married 25 years this year.I loved and now miss my old man,because he was not one of those overbearing fathers that you grow up and hate that you came from his loins.My father had a home base business,so we was not hurting for money,he attended most of my games,on Friday nights we had f****y night (me,him and mom)On Saturday most of the time we would go fishing weather permitting,Saturday night him and mom would have date night,Sunday ... Continue»
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my name is Malinda,one day I decided to take a walk to the corner store.when a van pulled up along side me and 2 men jumped out and grabbed struggling was useless,cause a hand came up behind me with a cloth over my mouth and nose,i passed out.i dont know how long i was out.when i woke up i was stark naked,my mouth tied and my head was swimming,and was hard to focus.Jerome my husbanbs boxing promotor was mumbling something that this timeits not my fault.i will explain later,but first lets have some fun.He said welcome to ROUND 1,and 2 naked black men entered the room.each had a b... Continue»
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My name is Melissa,I'm a 45 year old wowan,I wished I had a body like NINA HARTLEY or GINGER LYNN,but I probably look like ANNABELL FLOWERS,cute face,chubby body,sexy ass even if I have to say for myself.I'm divorced after 25 years.It's been about year since the divorce,i've been on dates but nothing serious.I worked in realestate.I'm sitting in a reataurant about to eat dinner,i'm sipping on some wine all pussy is tingling.the only sexual memories i've is of me and my ex-husband.i remember our HONEYMOON,he took my pussy and anal cherry.he told me th... Continue»
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My name is Glenn,(not my real name)this story is about MY WIFE MALINDA.She is Mexican,American so you know she has pretty skin.she is 33 years old.and have long hair, down to the middle of her back,when the sun light hits it looks brown,but really is dark.she weighs about 140 lbs,give or take a pound.she wears a 38c bra,not too big,but more than a handful.overall she is a BBW (BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN)Personally I like to say she is THICK in all the right places,If you know what I mean.anyway i love her ass,GOD I WANT TO FUCK IT SO BAD.we tried one time and she dont like ANALSEX.everytime she is in... Continue»
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My wife Malinda had walked to the corner store.she told me she was expecting a package from UPS.The door bell rings.I open the door,when the f***e of the door knock me down.And two huge Black men step in with guns.both pointed at me.One said get up slowly,one reached in his back pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.he went behind me and grab my hands and put them on me.I said what am I being arrested for.They looked at each other and laughed,were not cops.Our instruction is to detain you,until our boss gets here.Oh we cant Kill you yet.Then the other pulled out a roll of DUCT TAPE,and pla... Continue»
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So me and my b*****r,both grew up on WELFARE under a single parent who turn out to be an ALCOHOLIC.All of us lived in the Ghetto.He dropped out of school to help support us,basicly pay the rent and buy food,Because Mom was to busy getting her drink on.Me on the other hand became rebellious.I refused to be some strongout whore,and being pimped.So I got involved with d**gs as a dealer.I enjoyed that FAST LIFE AND FASTMONEY,until i got caught the first time was 6 months Probation,the second time was 2 years in jail (actual 18 months)but the 3rd times(3 strikes)5 years in a WOMANS PRISON)Now I... Continue»
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