My first blowjob -- a true story

I started to go to jackshacks when I was about 20 — I was taking classes downtown and the bus stop was right in front of one, and my girlfriend was away at college in a different state, so I was one horny motherfucker. One night after class I had time before the bus came and decided to go in, heart pounding. The routine was a little different than in today’s video arcades — you had to get tokens and choose a single film loop you wanted to watch — no channel hopping to find the best cumshot. Chose something, went in the booth and jerked my cock like a crazed rabbit, shooting all over the wall.

After a few trips I got bold and decided to go down to the gay area. I’d messed around a little with guys, but I was mostly just super horned up. As I was walking down the ramp this old guy (probably my age now!) smiled at me and I reflexively smiled back. As we passed he executed a perfectly timed grope. When I got to the lobby there were several guys milling around, one zipping up — I suspect a blowjob had just been completed. I went into one of the booths and started to watch a film — one guy sitting on another guy’s cock and that gave me a serious hard-on. More cum was spilled.

Fast forward 25 years, I’m divorced, my girlfriend is working on the opposite coast. One again I am one horny motherfucker. I quickly discovered the rules in the modern jackshack — leave the door unlocked and you’re likely to get sucked off several times, played with several cocks, jerking them. Even went to a full on theater one time and had a public 3-some with a guy on his knees sucking me and another guy in rotation. A wonderful time was had by all.

One night I’m seriously horned up and go to the local ABS, sit in one of the booths and start cock is aching and taking over my brain. Watching shemale porn and gay porn, guys sucking cock and getting fucked, sitting with my pants and shorts around my ankles stroking my hard cock, I’m so horned up I’ll do anyone/thing. I unlock the door and a guy in old school short running shorts and a t-shirt steps in. Wiry build, didn’t really notice his face, since my face was at his crotch level. I slide my hand up his leg and find him already boned up, rock hard. I play with his cock a little then he hooks the waistband of his shorts under his nutsack, and there it is, a beautiful hard cock, nice mushroom head, not to big, right in my face. I couldn’t resist. My mouth opens on its own and I swallow him, all the way to the balls, my nose in his cockhair, hoovering him for all I’m worth. I’ve gone cock crazy. He grabs my head and starts to facefuck me while I stroke my cock. After about 5 minutes of me sucking he pulls out and gives his meat about 3 strokes and cums all over my legs. I was kind of relieved in that I hadn’t thought of the cum in mouth part of the deal...he flops his package back into his shorts and as he goes out the door says “Thanks man...” I lock the door and jerk to an orgasm that almost has me on the cum sticky floor it’s so strong....

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4 months ago
like the line "right in my face. I couldn't resist" that is the way it is when you see a cock in person!!!
5 months ago
Its great to live in Oregon and have these places. I'm starting to find that the jackshacks as you put em and places like the Paris theater aren't as common as you'd think. Thank god for our splooge lovin state :)
8 months ago
That's hot.....
9 months ago
Awesome. That story had me jacking it, wishing I was you. You're living out my fantasies, nice job and keep it up!