Threesome in NYE

we i was at a party at my friend's home and after midnight we d***k a lot and girls started getting wild,i went to the kitchen to look for something to of my female friends came there,(i'll call her E.),she is a very thin girl,with sexy legs..she had a short black dress,black pantyhose and high heels.i was against the wall and she came in front of me and put a hand on my trousers with a very perverted gaze, and told me ''what about celebrate new year?''she closed the door with key, went on her knees and opened my trousers taking out my hard cock and put it against on her red sexy lips saying, ''do u want it?'' the look on my face answered for me and she started blowing my cock...slow and with much saliva...licking it around and on the head of my cock......she then stands up and started giving me an handjob while she started kissing...i took a quick look around to see where i could throw her down to fuck her hard, but the kitchen was a mess and we didn't have the space to i said to her ''why don't we go to a bedroom?''we went to a bedroom,i turned her back on my and throw her on the wall and started massagging her ass and pussy under her dress with my hard cock...i felt that under those pantyhose she didn't wear anything and so i could feel her wet pussy begging for fucking ripped off her dress and ripped her pantyhose between the legs so i couild fuck her... but before i put my head between her legs and started licking her clit and finger fucking her very quick..i wanted her to be wet or me once again i massagged her pussy with my hard cock and she beg me for fuck her...when i was about to do it, the door opened and came in our friend G. she's another sexy girl with big tits, she had a black dress, sexy red heels and black stockings with red details she's a hot girl but she's very shy.she couldn't believe the scene she was seeing. E. jumped up and went to her, whispered something to her ear, and then she started kissing her, while G started touching E's pussy..i couldn't believe it E took off G's dress and then G took off her stockings and used them to tie me to the bed, i was bared, tied to a bed with an hard cock and with two horny sluts in fornt of me that wanted to get fucked. What a best way to start 2011?they both started sharing my hard cock sucking my balls, licking it and sucking it hard and quick or hand jobbing me while kissing each others after a while this way, E sat her wet pussyon my face and told me to lick it, while G went on blowing my cock E moaned for pleasure and G jumped on my cock and started fucking her so hard..they were kissing each others while i was fucking one of them and liking the other's pussy..they both screamed and moaned..after a while in this way, the girls started doing a 69 while i was fucking
E's ass, she had a soo sexy butt..(probably she took it in the ass several times). E screamed, and G jumped up and started french kissing me but E wanted more, so i put her down and fucked her pussy with her legs on my shoulders, while G was sitting on her face...the music in the other room was so loud nobody was hearing anything...i jumped up and put my cock between G's boobs while fingering E i said to the girls i was going to cum, so the two girls put their pretty faces in front of my cock and started french kissing each others E had my cock in her hand and shte was handjobbing it soo hard..i jizzed a hot load of cum on their faces while they were still kissing then they licked each others my cum away from their lips and cheeks...
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