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The Beautiful Woman Next Door ?

The woman next door was hot. I used to see her and she would always smile
and give me a warming eye and smile. I used to fantasise about having sex
with her and jerk myself off.

One day while playing ball the ball bounced over the fence and landed in
her yard.

I went around and entered through the back gate and knocked on her door.
She opened it and I stood there looking at her - my fantasy woman. She
was about 6 feet tall, had blonde hair and blue eyes. Her lips were full
and she had on a T shirt that showed off her breasts that were really
big, probably DD cup. She was wearing hotpants and her legs were long and

She said "Hello, aren't you the young man from next door"?

I was a bit nervous and could only say "Yes"

She said "What can I do for you"?

"My ball bounced over the fence, can I please get it"

"Of course you can. Where did it go?"

She headed out and as she passed me she rubbed her breasts on me and
started to look for the ball. I followed and noticed her washing was on
the line. A fine collection of lace panties, bras and other items was on
the line. I couldn't help but look and admire them. She found the ball
and turned around to see me looking at her lingerie. She said "Here it
is" and bent over to pick up the ball with straight legs so her ass stuck
up. It was very sexy.

She came over to me with the ball and got very close and said "You can
accidentally knock your ball over the fence as often as you would like as
long as you let me help you come and get it"

She looked me in the eyes and gave me a sexy smile and then gave me the
ball and I headed home.

I jerked off so hard that night and decided that the next day I would
throw my ball over the fence on purpose.

I got home from school and immediately threw the ball over.

Around I went and knocked on the door.

She opened the door and said "Hello, I was hoping your ball would bounce
over here again. Was it an accident"?

She was looking as hot as the day before with a tight singlet top and a
mini skirt on.

I nodded no.

She said "MMMM, why don't you come in. I'd like to know your name"

I entered her house. It was very cool with a large TV system and big

She said my name is Cleo what's yours"

I told her and then she asked if I wanted a drink to which I replied yes
please. She went to the kitchen and came back with a drink in her hand
(this had chemicals that would make me very hard) She said here, drink it
down. She stood there and watched as I drank it all. It was quite

She said "I couldn't help but notice you admired my underwear yesterday,
it's very sexy isn't it"

I said "yes"

She grabbed a pair of hot pink lace panties from the table and came over
to me. She reached out and grabbed the top of my pants and y-fronts with
her free hand and pulled them out and then pushed the panties in and
down. It only took a couple of seconds and they were against my cock and
it felt great.

She let go of my pants and smiled and said "Let's go and get your ball"

We went outside and just like yesterday she grabbed the ball by bending
and giving me a full view of her ass and legs. She gave it to me with her
left hand and with her right hand reached out and rubbed my cock through
my pants and said "The next time when you ball comes over the fence, I
want you to be wearing those panties, OK"?

I said "Yes Cleo"

"Good, off you go"

I went straight to my room and got out the panties. They were lace and
very skimpy. I dropped my pants and undies and slid them up my legs. My
cock was rock solid. I then pulled them up and the G slid in between my
ass cheeks and the lace wrapped around my cock.

It felt so good I started to jerk my cock and shot my load. I put my cock
back in the cup and within 2 minutes it was rock hard again. I was still
horny. I kept the panties on and put my pants back on and went outside
and threw my ball over the fence again.

I went around and knocked on the door.

Cleo opened it "Your ball came over the fence again so soon. I hope you
have followed orders"? I nodded

Come in then and let me see

I went inside. She sat on her couch and said "Show me you have done as I
asked, take off your pants"

I lowered my pants to reveal a very hard cock stretching a pair of hot
pink lace G-string panties.

She smiled and said "come over here so I can have a close look"

I went closer to her and she reached out and stated to rub my cock
through the panties. It felt wonderful. She said "Do you find me sexy"?

I said "Ohhh yes Cleo, you are so hot"

"Am I your dream woman"

"Yes, you are"

"Do you like the feel of these panties on your cock"?

"They feel so sexy, my cock is so hard"

with that she lowered the panties and released my cock and gently stroked

She said "Why don't you sneak out your window one night and come and see
me. I'm sure we could have lots of fun. What do you think"?

She moved forward and licked my hard cock a couple of times and then put
her mouth over my cock and started to suck it.

I was so worked up.

I replied "Do you mean it Cleo? I would love to. That would be a dream
come true"

She sucked harder and harder and then I was cumming in her mouth. She
swallowed it all, took my cock from her mouth and placed it back in the

She said "Now, get your ball. I'll see you at 11 o'clock OK"

I pulled up my pants and as I was leaving she said

"Oh, by the way, let's keep this a secret"

"Yes, no one will know"

With that I left

11 pm didn't arrive soon enough. I jumped out the window and knocked on
her door.

She opened it and said "Come in darling, I was hoping you hadn't got

"No way"

She was wearing a bra and panties, and she looked hot. She came up to me
and started to rub my cock through my pants and said "This is how it will
work. Because I only get turned on when men wear woman's underwear, I
will leave some for you to take. You will put that on before you arrive
so when you get here you are already dressed in sexy lingerie. When you
get here we may dress again and then we will have fun. If you are good,
you can pop over every second night during the week and every Friday and
Saturday night for an encounter. You are such a sexy young thing. Now,
you take off your man clothes and I will find a matching bra for those
sexy panties"

I took off my pants and top and she returned from a room with a bra that
had a cup size big enough for her.

She showed me how to put it on. Then she said "Do a sexy dance for me"

I swayed my hips and rubbed my self and bent over like a raunchy dancer.

She said "Come here and let me suck your cock dry"

I went over and within a few minutes she had swallowed me again.

She told me to take off the lingerie and collect the bag from the door as
I left.

"See you in 2 sl**ps. Can't wait" she said as I left

The next evening I looked in the bag. As well as a pair of panties and a
bra, there was a pair of stockings. I had to try these on. They felt
soooo good on my legs I again jerked myself off.

All I could think about for the next 2 days was Cleo - she was so hot

It was time again and I got up and put on my wears and quickly snuck over
to her house and knocked on the door

"Come in if you are a young man wearing sexy lingerie" she said

I went in. She had on panties and a bra, suspenders and stockings and
high heels.

She looked at me and admired what she saw.

"Don't those stockings look good on those legs, let me rub them. She
rubbed my legs up and down. Here, have a drink". Just like last time she
waited and watched me drink it all in one go. Tonight's drink had some
added chemicals - you'll find out what they were later as well as the sex

She said "Did you think about me last night"?


"Did it make you hard"?


"Did it make you cum"?


"Did you lick it up or did you waste it"?

I was a bit concerned but said "It got wasted"

She said "You must never let good cum go to waste. If you jerk off and I
am not there you must drink it, OK"


"Good, now let's have some fun"

She clicked the remote and a video started of a woman sucking a cock.

Cleo lowered herself down and started to suck me. In the video, after a
few minutes the woman licked her fingers and started to slide one up the
ass of the guy she was sucking. Her started to groan and moan say "ohhh
yeah finger my ass"

Cleo said licked her fingers and started to tickle my ass. She said "lie
down so I can give you that same sensation"

I lay down and she started to slide a finger in my ass. It did feel
really good. She asked how it felt and I told her it felt great. She
picked up the pace a bit and pretty soon I was cumming in her mouth
again. She didn't swallow and came up to me and kissed me for the first
time. As she did she put the cum in my mouth and then pulled away and
said "That's for the wasted cum last night"

She got up and said "see you in 2 sl**ps. Don't forget your bag"

I grabbed the bag as I left and felt pretty turned on about the nights
events. I got home and looked in the bag. This time there was a pair of
white panties, bra, stockings and high heels. I would have to put these
on at her door.

The 2 days dragged on and I was full of anticipation. It was a Friday and
my parents were away for the weekend.

I got dressed and headed out the window with my heels in hand. I put them
on and knocked on her door.

"Come in if you're feeling horny" I entered and say her. She had on a
pair of panties, suspenders and stockings with high heels and that was
it. Her breasts were bare and I could see how big and round they were and
the large hard nipples. I noticed my drink sitting on the table. I drank
it down immediately and she smiled and said "Very good, maybe we'll have
a special treat tonight. How do you like my breasts"?

"They are perfect, so big and round"

She said "Come and lick my nipples then"

As I walked over to her I said "My folks are away for the weekend, I
don't have to go home tonight"

She smiled a dirty sexy smile at me and said "Well, let's make this a
special night. Hang on a minute; I'm going to get a drink. Sit down on
the couch and watch the video"

As she went she turned on the video.

I sat on the couch and the video started from where it finished 2 nights
before. She came back with 2 drinks. Hers was plain orange juice with the
sex potion. Mine was her sex potion, the other chemical and half full
with vodka, just like the one I had already d***k down.


We d***k it down in one

The video was getting raunchy now. The woman was sucking hard and had 2-3
fingers up the guy's ass. She was going quite quickly and the guy was
moaning and groaning like mad. Cleo said to hang on for a second she had
to get something else and keep on watching the video. As she left the guy
started to cum all over the woman's face and she lapped it up and licked
it up.

Another scene started with another woman sucking a guy he was on his
hands and knees and she was tickling his ass with her fingers. Then she
started to slide them in and out of his ass and he was loving it saying
things like "ohhhh yeahhhh baby, finger my assss, yeahhhhh, fuck my ass
with your fingers" It was making me very hard and horny.

Cleo returned and she had what looked like 2 large balls in her hands.
She sat down and said "How about some breasts to fill those bra cups. She
placed the DD false breasts in my white lace bra cups and asked how it
felt, and that I should stand up and get used to them. They felt
wonderful, and moved liked I imagined real breasts would. She asked me to
dance for her again, which I did even more raunchy.

By now the Vodka was kicking in along with the sex potion so I was horny
with no barriers.

She said "That's hot, you're making me horny. Why don't you lie down? I
want to suck your cock"

I did so and she quickly had my cock in her mouth. Within a few minutes
she had a finger in my ass and she said "Tell me how good that feels"
Taking the cue of the videos I started going "Ohhhh Cleo that feels sooo
goood, finger my assss, ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, fuck me with your fingers"

Before long she had 2 fingers and with out me knowing soon there were 3.

She said "Let's do it like the video, get on your hands and knees"

I rolled over and got on my hands and knees. I could feel the weight of
my false breasts. They felt so real. Cleo was quickly sucking my cock and
had her fingers straight back in my ass. After a couple of minutes I
started to cum and she swallowed as always.

She said "Now, let's change you into something more appropriate. Stay
here, I'll get you some hot sexy stuff". She went into her room and came
back with a handful of lingerie. It was all white.

I asked her why and she said "A virgin always wears white the first time"
I got excited thinking tonight I would have my first fuck - not realising
I was going to be fucked and not doing the fucking!

I quickly put on the white lace G-string, white lace DD bra with false
breasts, white fishnet stockings and suspender and white high heel shoes.

Cleo asked if I would like another drink as she was thirsty and she went
over and got another 2. Exactly like last time hers was straight and mine
was rigged. We drank them down again.

All this time the video was still going and it was now on another scene
with another girl was sucking the cock of a guy wearing lingerie in the
doggy position.

I was rock hard again and Cleo said "Shall we do that again"

"Ohhhh yes Cleo that is so good"

She started to suck and finger me again and said "So how much do you like

"I love it, ohhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh, it is so good"

"The sucking or the ass fingering"

"Both, mmmmmmm" I answered

"I like the ass fingering the best. I can feel you inside. Do you like
this best too?"

"I guess so, ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh it feels great"

"Do you think I could make it feel better?"

"Ohhhhh, I wish you could, ohhhhhh, yeahhhhh"

"I can"

With that she pulled her fingers out and I felt her breasts rub up my
back and then she whispered in my ear "I can take you to heaven, do you
want me too"

The 3 vodka's and sex potion was in full swing and I would have done

"Ohhhhhh yes, take me to heaven"

"Say Please"


"Please what"?

"Please take me to heaven Cleo, please"

With that I felt what I thought were her fingers sliding in my ass again.
It felt different this time though. Then I felt both her hands rubbing my

She leaned forward and whispered in my ear "How does that feel, is your
ass in heaven"

I was confused but was enjoying it "ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh,
what's happening, it feels amazing"?

She told me to rest on my shoulders and give her one of my hands. I
leaned forward and she held my hand and directed it back behind me.

Then I got a shock.

She held it against her hips and said "This is my hips" they were moving
back and forwards. She moved my hand again to the front of her hips and
said "And this is my 9 inch cock" and she moved my hand down and said
"These are my balls. I'm fucking you baby"

She moved my hand back to where her cock was sliding in and out of my ass
and said "Feel my hard cock entering your tight little ass. How good does
it feel?"

"ohhhhhhh Cleo, it feels amazing, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhh, I like it,

She continued to side her cock in and out of my ass slowly getting deeper
and deeper

Then I felt her hips press against my ass cheeks and she said "All the
way inside baby, my cock is buried deep in your ass"

She pulled her cock out and then slid it in again and continued to do
this until it was comfortable. She told me to make as much hot sexy noise
as I could so I did. This made her even hornier and then she started to
go really hard and I could feel friction in my ass but it still felt good
- it was a pleasure pain.

Suddenly she put in a big thrust and I felt her cock twitching. She said
"ohhhh yeah cuming in your ass" Her cock squirted and emptied its load
and she pulled her cock out and said "That was good baby, did you like

"yeah, it felt so good"

"Did you like it when I shot my load into your ass"?

"ohhhh yeah, that was so good. I could feel it squirting out your cock"

"Do you want to do it again"?

"Ohhhh yeah, please, we've got all night, tomorrow and tomorrow night. I
just want you to fuck me more and more"

"That will be like a fuck fest. I might need some help because my cock
might get worn out. Why don't you stroke my cock and get it hard again so
I can fuck you with it"

I turned around and looked at it. It was quite a sexy thing. Long and
shiny with a large head. I reached out and started to stroke it gently up
and down and after a few minutes it was hard.

It felt magnificent. Rock hard and longer than mine. The head was pulsing
and she said "Do you want to lick it and suck it"

I nodded yes.

"Well, after I fuck you this time, you can suck it and lick it until I'm
ready to fuck you again"

Lie on your back and spread your legs.

I rolled over and did as she requested. She held an ankle in each hand
and f***ed them further back. She placed her cock on my ass and said
"Baby, your going to love this"

She f***ed the head in and then slid it further and further. She pulled
it out and then in, out and in, out and in until she was fucking me with

She then placed my ankles against her shoulders and started to move
forward. Gradually further and further until her breasts were touching my
false breasts and she started to stick her tongue into my mouth. I was
bent in half and my ass felt like it was being split apart.

Then she started to slide her cock in and out of my ass and get faster
and faster.

Before long she was pounding me hard while her tongue was buried deep in
my throat.

I placed my hands on her ass and felt how quick she was fucking me.

My ass was getting numb from the friction and it seemed like she was in a

This continued for at least 10-15 minutes until she started cuming in my
ass again.

Her cock was now exhausted, but I was still very horny. If anything, I
was getting more so than earlier.

"Please fuck me more Cleo, I want more"

"My cock is wasted, I can't fuck you with it"

"Fuck me with something else then - my ass needs it"

She gave me a wicked smile and said "OK then, I've got something here
that should satisfy you - but once I start we must finish. Does your ass
want to try it?"

My ass felt empty without something inside it, it wanted more cock and it
wanted it bad. I wanted to be Cleo's fuck slut again and again

"Yes Cleo, I want it and so does my ass"

"Ok, let's have fun baby"

She went over to her draws, shuffled around for a bit and pulled out
something. She was facing away and she put on what looked like a jock

"Are you ready"?

She turned around.

My ass started twitching with excitement and fear. She had put on a
strap-on dildo. It was very big.

I wanted to stroke it and feel its size first hand. She saw my thoughts
and said "How do you like this baby. I call this Sampson. 11 inches of
permanently hard cock. This will never let you down. Why don't you come
and stroke it and feel it's girth before I shove it up your wanting
little ass"

She walked towards me and it swayed as she did. Not only was it long, it
had a large head and its girth was also impressive. I reached out and
felt it and started to stroke it

"Lube it up for your ass baby"

She handed me a tube of lube and I started to empty the contents onto the
large dildo. As I did I became more excited about it and the prospects of
it sliding in and out of my once virgin ass.

After a few minutes she said "On your hands and knees - it's time for

I got on my hands and knees.

She placed the large cock head at my ass and said "Ready baby"

I replied "Ohhh yeah, stick that monster up my ass"

Cleo started to apply pressure and f***e the huge dildo into my ass

I was handling it so far, my cock was about to explode it was so hard,
getting totally worked up.

After some hard probing, Cleo eventually got the cock head in and then
started sliding it in.

I was panting like a dog trying to breathe and control the pain that
would turn into pleasure. The dildo was about 8 inches in when she slowly
pulled it out, gave a little dirty chuckle, and rammed it back in my ass
with a long thrust. She got it in about 9 inches so it was pretty deep.

I let out quite a loud "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy asssssssssssss" and
then moaned and panted very heavily. Cleo f***ed her monster in a bit

Cleo could obviously see that I was blown away by this so she pulled the
dildo out again and then rammed it in again this time going 10 inches.

Again I let out a "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk" and
panted hard.

Cleo knew she was close so she pulled out and said "This time baby" and
rammed her cock all the way in until her hips touch my ass.

I was panting hard and moaning in a high-pitched whimper.

Cleo pulled out, and shoved it in again.

Pulled out and shoved it in, pulled it out and shoved it in, and after a
couple of minutes was sliding her massive 11 inch monster dildo in and
out of my ass with relative ease.

After 10 minutes I was enjoying it and my whimpering had become moans of
pleasure "ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccceee,
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm soooooooooooooo biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig".

Cleo slid her cock in and out like this for about another 15 minutes and
then I turned to her and said "I'm gona cum soon. C'mon baby, fuck me
hard and make me scream"

This made Cleo start to go even quicker and I was amazed at how quickly
she could get the huge dildo in and out of my ass and how much f***e she
could apply.

Each lunge was met with a "Humphhhhh" from me and I was not moaning with
pleasure any more but panting again and groaning "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkk, whoooooooooooaaaaaaaa"

I got louder and louder as Cleo got faster and harder until I said "I'm
gonna cum Cleo. Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me"

Cleo got up on her feet and started giving me super lunges. My ass was in
the air but my face was buried on the floor and it felt like she was
ripping it apart. I could feel the big head each time it went past my
sphincter. All I could do was moan "ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh, yeahhhhhh,

After 2 or 3 minutes of this I started to shoot loads of cum all over the

Cleo pulled the dildo out and said "Baby, you are the hottest fuck I have
ever had. I want to fuck you again and again."

"Cleo, you are so amazing. I want to you to fuck me every day and night."

She said "Do you want to become a part of the s****rhood with me"

"Ohhhh yes I do. With real breasts and long hair and juicy lips"

"Yes baby, with all that and more. But first we need to initiate you.
There is a party tomorrow which I will take you to. The s****rhood can
initiate you then. Teel me how you would like to look"

I want big tits like you, maybe even bigger with really big nipples. I
want a big cock like the one you just fucked me with. I want platinum
blonde hair with big juicy lips. And I want to be fucked lots"

"Don't worry, if you look like you want you will fuck all the time. Now
another drink and we are off to bed - you will needs lots of energy for

She went and got another drink, which I finished and then we headed to
bed and I was soon asl**p after the activities of the evening.

It was late morning when I awoke and I had a sharp pain in my ass cheeks.
I didn't know that during the night Cleo had made a hormonal mixture and
injected it into my ass cheeks. This was similar to the mystery drinks I
was getting and would start to show its results in a month.

It was nearly time to go to my initiation and Cleo had laid out some
lingerie for me to wear. There was a black corset with suspenders. It was
very tight around the waist but had cups to fit DD breasts. There were
some false breasts to fit. There were some back fishnet stockings with
quite a big net. There were some of black lace G-String panties with red
trim. There was a pair of bright red stiletto shoes. There was also a
platinum blonde wig.

Cleo came in and helped me get ready for my big day (I didn't know what
it was but I had a bit of an idea) and gave me my orange drink, which of
course had her sex potion (but double this time), the additional chemical
and Vodka.

We first put on the corset which felt really tight and then she got the
false DD breasts and glued them to my chest. She told me that they would
come off the next morning but that it would feel more authentic to have
them a part of me. She then got the stockings and slid them up my legs
clipping them to the suspenders. Next I slid into the shoes. Then she
fitted the platinum blonde wig on and got some bright red lipstick.

She then got the panties and slid them up my legs. She knelt down as she
did this and my cock went rock hard as she started to get the panties
close to my cock. She grabbed it and said "Is your little cockette going
to behave or do I have to empty it"?

"Please empty it" was my reply.

She immediately started to suck and lick it and quickly had a couple of
fingers sliding in and out of my ass. After 3-4 minutes she said "Bend
over baby and let me fuck your ass"

I did as I was told and she slid her hard 8 inch cock deep inside me and
started fucking me straight away. At the same time she was jerking my
cock and after about 5 minutes Cleo said "Ohhh baby I'm gonna cum in your
little ass" As she did she started jerking me hard and at the same time
as she was filling my ass with her cum I was cuming in her hand.

She pulled her cock out of my ass and took her hand full of my cum and
rubbed it into my asshole. She then pulled my panties up and tucked my
cock away.

She the started to get dressed and put on a pink bra and panties, hot
pants and tied T shirt top. She put on a pair of high casual shoes and
some make up.

She OK, let's go.

I said "Cleo, should I put some more clothes on"

"No, you look wonderful as you are. More clothes would spoil that"
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1 year ago
part 2 please!
1 year ago
What a head of steam that story built up, please continue?
2 years ago
great story I shot hard and multiple times
3 years ago
hey, liam6969, i think i speak for everyone when i say please write more.
3 years ago
My heart is beating so, you need to finish this ..hurry !
3 years ago
Oh, I do hope there's more to this story.
3 years ago
so fuckin hot. any chance of part 2?
4 years ago
wonderful story