my daughters girlfriend and me

As i was watching the television the phone rang. I picked it up and my daughter said,"Hey mom me and my girlfriend are coming home for an hour or so as i get stuff." Honestly, i don't care who comes and goes but i dicided to get ready anyways. I went to my closet and stripped down to nothing but a bra and panties then w****d a blanket around my slim body. After a couple minutes i say my daughter,Stephanie, come up the drive way with this GORGEOUS woman."Hi mom this is Britney." I stuck my hand out butt she did not go for that she stepped up and starrted tongue kissing me. What the hell she is so good for my daughter. I thought. "Mom! I got to go get my stuff you show Britney around." I gestured for her to follow me to the back porch. "Can we sit down for a moment?" We sat down and she reached for my towel and yanked it down. She gasped when she say my body. I reached for her and pulled down her skirt. The shaved pussy that awaited me was quite inviting. Before i knew it she had my bra and panties off my body and was sucking my breasts. "Mom! You're having sex and you did not invite me!" We were in a circle in a moment i was sucking Steph's pussy and Britney mine. I honestly do not not know what happened after that because i got so horny.
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Very hot please write more with your daughter