My first GB!

I recently created an account but have a library of stories to tell everyone that I will add in the future but to start I want to share my first GB.

When I turned 19 I was dating a great guy who in almost every way pleased me... all but one and mind you he was the only guy I've ever been with. Well one day after a 2 minute run we sat there in bed talking about different things until the subject of fantasies came into play. Well eventually I told him my deepest darkest fantasy (which will be another story) and he told me his I was in shock. He explained how he knew I was never satisfied with his performance and that he would like to know if he could possibly make it better. After a few minutes of him discussing his intentions I noticed how much wetter I was getting and the thought just running through my mind getting more and more vivid until he told me his requirements. He wanted it to be unattractive men, men with no hope of getting with a girl like me, fat, ugly, small etc... Well after some thought I said yes.

After a few days we hadn't spoken about the subject once. Until it was Friday when he said we would be having some guests tonight, I knew exactly what guests. At about 8pm I started to pour myself some think to drink.. it didn't take very long to feel the effects as I'm a light weight but luckily I did otherwise I fear I may have shied away from the idea. At about 10 pm the first man arrived, about a 6ft tall fat black man to be quite honest I was repulsed by the man but was so curious what he could do, we chatted a while and waited for more guests. It wasn't until almost midnight did 7 of the 15 guys show up that we got started.

I can't explain the gut feeling I had that moment, it was a feeling of fear, adrenaline, and excitement all at the same time, eventually I just said FUCK IT! I went into the bathroom and changed into an amazing blue/black lingerie (pics will be uploaded of me in them later). I started with the first guy (who we found out is named Kevin). I teased him for a good while eventually leading me down to his crotch where I slowly unzipped his pants, this is when I found out about BBC. I can't describe the size of the mans penis it frightened me at first but my bl**d was pumping so fast I just had to try it, without a seconds delay I quickly had my lips around it taking in all that I could and trying to bypass my gag reflexes to fit more. As I worshiped his cock with my amazing lips that's when the other men joined in. The oldest of the group if I remember right was 73... YES 73 and he could still work it. I praised the old man for it I let off Kevin's dick and grabbed this old mans and I fondled and caressed it and told him with his age he should know where to put it. I bent over in front of him and guided his dick and saggy balls to my river wet slit. He worked it for a good 5 or so minutes while I tried every other guy that was present.

For about 2 hours I was a fuck toy to 7 men. Each one had run a train on me and I was in LOVE with every second of it. I took every size from 4 inches to Kevin (lol). There's no defining the amount of bliss I was in and the orgasm's I had for the first time. After it was said and done each any every one of them had given me a taste of the baby juice at least once... something that would forever on keep my addicted.

Thank you for reading my story if you enjoyed it I will be posting more in the future. I have tons I think you will enjoy including how I got started into girls ;)
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8 months ago
Agree there are very less number :(
8 months ago
Thank you for your comment. Trust me I know about fakes... I can't seem to find another female that's real on here.
8 months ago
Loved the stories. Rarely see open girls like you on here, there are but they sound so fake. You're very good and my fav user now, looking forward to more stories xxx
8 months ago
You had me hanging onto your every word!