Dean and his best mate

Dean was my first serious boyfriend. We met when I was at Uni in London. We'd only been together a few months when he was sent to prison for possession. He wasn't a bad lad. Just an idiot that thought he was 'harder' than he was. Anyway, he ended up only serving 4 months for good behaviour. I laughed at the idea of Dean behaving himself but as I say he was just a bit naughtyso prison must have come as a huge shock to him, being with proper criminals.

He was 25 when he got out and I was still in 1st year at Uni. He asked me to move in with him when my time in halls came to an end and I happily agreed even though he lived in what can only be described as a hovel. His 1 bed flat was grimey, rundown and batttered. There were holes in the walls and I don't think a single door closed properly. But, being young and stupid myself, I wanted to be with him and I thought we could make it a bit nicer as a couple. Some chance! Anyway sorry to bore you with background!

I loved sex with Dean. He was so horny all the time, as was I. He was a walking hardon. We fucked constantly in those first few weeks. His work (as he called it) mostly kept him busy in the evenings and my course was pretty light so I was home a lot during the day so there was plenty of time to 'christen' our flat. Deans favourite thing was me sucking him off especially in the mornings and especially with him being verbal and a bit rough. I'd wake up in the morning and get to work on his nob straight away. He slept in loose boxers and I'd tease his cock out through the hole, sucking him soft into my mouth and feeling his 7 inch cock grow as my tongue covered every inch was such a turn on for me. I loved licking under his foreskin getting him nice and wet before sliding it over his fat purple head. This would normally be enough to stir him. 'Morning babe', he'd say winking at me as I looked up with a mouthful of dick, 'How's my favourite slut today?' I wouldnt stop sucking but would moan into his balls in response. 'You looking your breakfast yeah? Nice bit of man juice?' It never took him long to cum in those morning suck sessions. He'd lean back with 1 hand on the back of his head and 1 on the back of mine pushing me onto his dick as the entire length slid down my throat and I'd be rewarded with a nice creamy load. 'Oh fuck yeah... swallow it all down. There's a good girl'. Dean was a heavy cummer and I'd greedily suck him dry and lick him clean as he fell back asl**p. Then I'd go to Uni or start tidying up from the night before. Dean's mates would usually be around til quite late and the place would be a dump with beer bottles, cigarette butts and the like.

Deans best mate, Rick, would be around most evenings drinking or smoking into the small hours with him. One night we ended up having a threesome. Dean was dancing with me in the living room, grinding up against me while Rick was on the sofa laughing at him. I could feel his cock harden in his trackies with every thrust and knew he'd be looking for me to take care of it soon enough. In between groping me he'd grab his bulge and wank himself a bit til he was fully hard. 'I think he's ready for you babe', Dean said looking down at the tent in his trackies. Embarassed, I laughed and grabbed his hand to go to our bedroom but he pulled me back. 'Why don't you do it here?', he said with a mischevious grin. I was turned on by the idea of Rick watching us but was hesitant at the same time. 'Come on babe, don't worry about Rick, it'll be fun. Rick nodded his agreement and before I really knew what was happening I found myself on my knees groping Deans cock through his trackies. 'That's get your face in there'. I did as Dean asked and began nuzzling his bulge. 'There's a good girl, show Rick how much you love sucking cock'. With that I reached up, pulling Deans trackies down along with his boxers letting his dick spring out. Without hesitation I took him into my mouth and started working the shaft in and out of my hungry whore mouth. 'Told you she was good didn't I mate?' Dean said looking over at Rick who was rubbing his own bulge by now. After a short while Dean leaned down and whispered something in my ear. I was so horny I did as he asked without objection or a single word.

No one was more surprised than Rick when I made my way over to him and I delighted in how much I'd turned him on by sucking Dean off. I stopped between his legs and moved my mouth towards his crotch licking his rock hard cock through the material of his shorts. He groaned as I unbuttoned his fly and pulled his dick out and straight into my mouth. He was thicker than Dean but not as long and much hairier than I imagined with a dark bush which i loved nuzzling into. I unbuttoned
to reveal a nicely carpeted chest before kissing him deep giving him a good taste of the precum from Deans and his own dick. I was so eager I had Rick completely naked within minutes pulling down his shorts and underwaer over his trainers before pulling those of too. I repositioned myself between his legs pushing them as far apart as possibly to get full access to his big hairy balls and dick. Meanwhile Dean sat down beside Rick. There was only the slighest of contact as therir legs touched eachother but it turned me on so much. Whilst still working Rick with my tongue I reached over and starting wanking Dean. He got me to take off his shoes before pulling down his trackies and taking of his t shirt. He pulled me up and we kissed some before he had me back
down at his throbbing dick. I alternated between sucking Dean and Rick and my mouth was a mess. I'd never had so much pre cum before or since! I squeezed into the two seater between the two of them, my clit craving attention.

Rick put his hand on my thigh and rubbed up finding the wet spot in my panties under my skirt. Dean told him to have a taste and dutifully he was on the floor with his head between my legs. He pulled down my skirt and panties while Dean pulled off my top and started rubbing my nipples. I felt Ricks tongue on me and soon after Dean had removed my bra and was sucking on my pert tits. I was in ecstasy with two tongues working over the most sensitive parts of my body. It didn't last long with Deans cock crying out for attention. He stood up and over me lowering his dick into my waiting, willing mouth. I was immediately rewarded with more delicious pre cum as i sucked it
from his helmet. I was groaning loud into his cock as Rick started finger fucking me whilst licking and sucking at my cunt and my own juices. I held the back of his head with my hands pulling him deeper into me as Dean revelled in another favourite of his - rubbing his slimy bell end onto my tits and aroound my nipples getting them harder than ever. He sat back down beside me and worked my nipples with his thumb and forefinger whilst whispering loudly into my ear. He knew what I liked to hear and what turned me on. 'You like Rick going down on ya dontcha slut..sucking on your tight little ready for his dick yet babe? You want Ricks cock in ya?' I nodded. 'Tell him then'. I loved how much Dean was into this and played along with the horny verbal I knew he loved. 'I want your cock Rick. Fuck me with your thick hairy cock' I panted.
On this command Rick stood up and reached for his wallet. 'Don't worry about a rubber slut needs your dick now'. I moaned in anticipation and agreement as Rick began sliding the head of his cock up and down the lips of my swollen pussy working an opening. Dean kissed me hard as Rick slid his entire length into me and began to thrust. Dean sat back and wanked himself as Rick continued fucking me. 'Yeah fuck her balls deep and then pull out..she loves it' encouraged Dean. And I did. The thickness of Ricks cock coming in and out of my pussy was sending shivers through me and the sound of Dean egging his best mate on was a huge turn on. After a while Dean took over as Rick sat down. We kissed as Dean fucked his dick in and out of me just as he had told Rick, occassionally slapping the head of his cock against the lips of my cunt making me horny for more. Ricks cock was throbbing beside me and I needed to taste it again. Dean noticed me struggling to get my lips on it and decided we should move to the bedroom.

He pulled me up and walked the short distance with his cock still throbbing deep within me. He lay me down on the bed and fucked me hard as Rick kneeled beside my head. Dean was slamming into me with his lips on my right tit as I enjoyed the taste of Ricks cock on the other side of me. I don't think Dean liked being quite so close to his best mates cock so instead he positioned himself and entered me from behind. This made sucking Rick off much easier as he sat in front of me on the bed and fed me his cock, his hands grabbiing my hair and shoving as much of his hard dick past my lips as he could. I could tell he was close to cummming and used my hand to finish him off into my waiting, open mouth. He moaned loud as he shot his load into my face and onto my tongue. 5 or 6 squirts and his balls were empty. Dean stopped fucking me to enjoy the view. 'Fuck yeah...swallow it all down...that a tasty load love it dontcha slut' he added as he began thrusting himself into me again. '..yeah lick Ricks nob for him...get him clean.. don't waste any you CUM..LOVING... SLAG...AAARRRAGH' With that I felt Deans dick throb as he pushed it balls deep into my cunt and shot his load deep into my insides. He lay doen beside me exhausted and I played with his dick some, milking the rest of his man juice onto his stomach. He must have unloaded about 7 squirts into me but there was still a nice pool of cum for me to lick up. 'That was fucking amazing wasn't it babe?' Dean said as he kissed me tenderly as I agreed. 'What ya think Rick? Pretty fucking good, Eh?'. Rick smiled and nodded. The 3 of us were exhausted and lay down to rest. Without really meaning to we fell asl**p with no duvet with me in the middle. When I awoke they were still dead to the world cuddling me close, each with a leg over mine and hardening cocks brushing against my thighs. Heaven.

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8 months ago
Great story. Looking forward to more.