The Haircut

Growing up, my dad had his own building firm and when I went to college to study hair and beauty it was great as I had no shortage of men to practice on. And I mean that in every sense of the word :)

He had a crew of about 12 men with various trades. Most of them didn't mind letting me cut their hair even though I was just a novice. Some of them probably felt obliged as I was the bosses daughter and without being big headed I was a fit teenage girl so most of them didn't have to be asked twice.

I always wore a tight low top when cutting their hair. I never wore a bra. I wanted them to notice my cleavage, nipples and pert tits. I wanted them to want me. Of course some of them weren't much to look at and I wouldn't want to do anything with them but it didn't matter as long as I sent them home horned up with a bulge in their jeans.

There was a couple of them I did fancy though. One was called Pearse. 25 years old, tall with dark features. He was Irish and his accent alone would make my clit twinge. He also had a great body and strong arms, muscled tone and a perfect flat stomach. He was a plasterer and his hair would always be filthy when he came in to our bathroom for his monthly cut. I always had to give it a good scrub and scalp massage just to get the bits of plaster out. I didn't have a proper hairdressers sink so I would just get him to bend over in front of the 1 in our bathroom while I did my thing. This was always a fairly splashy business so I always made sure I was wearing a tight ribbed white tee and would deliberately get some water on it so bits of the flesh of my tits could be seen. I always noticed him looking so it must have done the trick! He would normally come straight after work, wearing blue overalls and would pull them down to his waist so his upper body was only covered by a black tank top. I longed to see him without that top on so I could have a proper look at his pecs and abs. I really liked chatting to Pearse but couldn't tell if he wanted me or not. I would sneak glances at his crotch to see if he was turned on but it was hard to tell with the overalls tied around his waist.

After a few cuts that changed though and I knew when the conversation turned to boyfriends and such that he was into me. I still needed him to make the move though to save embarrassment if I'd read the situation wrong. Didn't want him thinking I was just some smitten teenager. I decided to make an extra effort to turn him on at his next hair cut. It was a Friday and I knew he was coming in after work. He finished before Dad and as my Mum was at work also we had the place to ourselves. I wore a short loose skirt along with my usual tight top. I even spent some time playing with my nipples so they'd be on display for him. We went through the usual routine of washing his hair before I sat him down in the chair. Next I got the scissors and started the initial cut walking around, leaning closer than ever to him and exaggerating my every move. We were chatting away and his voice was turning me on big time. I stood in front of him, running my fingers through his hair to check the length knowing I was giving him the ideal view of my tits and pert nipples. They were inches from his face and I could feel his breath on me, making me quiver. I continued the cut, knowing he was getting more and more turned on. I started to blow on the back of his neck 'to get rid of the hair' and even brushed some off his top and legs on occasion. This had to happen. It was now or never. I stepped back in front of him positioning myself so I was stood with one of his bulky legs between my knees. I brought one hand to his stubbled jaw whilst cutting the hair by his ears. Fuck, even his ears were hot. He was beginning to act nervous so I knew 'the moment' was close. We made awkward eye contact. It lasted forever before, slowly, he began to lean in. To kiss me! Yes, finally this was it.

Our lips locked as he took my face in his hands. He sat me on his lap and we kissed for about 10 minutes, exploring our mouths and groaning into eachother. He pulled away and told me how much he wanted me and for how long and that he was so glad it was finally happening before gently kissing my neck all the way down to my cleavage whilst his hands stroked my back as his fingers brushed past the waistband of my skirt, making me tingle all over. He took the opportunity and pulled my top up and over my head releasing my tits. He gasped sharply before sucking 1 of my nipples into his mouth and grabbed my other tit with his hand, teasing the nipple with his thumb and forefinger. I was in heaven and quickly followed his lead and took of his top revealing a tanned muscular torso. I stood up and found his mouth again working my way down to his nipples and took my time kissing his washboard stomach. He pulled me up and started kissing my stomach right down to my waist before tugging my skirt and knickers down in 1 move. I stepped out of them and guided his fresh cut head towards my pussy, moaning with pleasure as his tongue flicked and darted around the plump lips of my cunt. While he was doing this I reached down and explored his crotch with one hand whilst caressing his hair with the other. His bulge was obvious now, calling out for attention. I pushed him back in the chair and rubbed my hands seductively up and down his thighs, kissing him some more. His mouth was moist from going down on me and I loved the feeling of his stubble on my chin. Most of the fellas I had gotten off with weren't old enough to have any hint of a beard so it was a bit of a novelty. He put his hands behind his head as I made my way down towards his cock, still trapped in his overalls. 'This is so fucking wrong', he said with a cheeky grin as I yanked at them, desperate to see his cock for the first time. He lifted his arse of the seat enough for me to get his overalls down and around his ankles and work boots. I was surprised to see he was wearing y fronts, perfectly framing his raging hardon. I looked up at him letting him know that I was impressed at his size. 'Have you sucked cock before?', he asked. I nodded yeah, with a cheeky grin of my own and let my lips brush against his helmet, straining at the waistband. I ran my mouth down his shaft, still through his underwear and could tell he was dying to be sucked which was just as well as I was dying to take him in my mouth. I lifted the band of his underwear finally releasing his throbbing manhood. These too were soon around his ankles as I admired his cock. Standing straight up with no curve it was a good 7/8 inches at least and so thick I could barely get my hand around the base of his shaft. I wanked him for a bit, enjoying how he was enjoying this and vowed to give him the best head of his life. I had sucked off fellas before but not a real man and nothing near his size or girth. He was oozing pre cum too and it made his cock look irresistible. I used one hand, running up and down his shaft and rubbed my thumb over his helmet, teasing his foreskin whilst my other hand played with his balls. I sank down to my knees. He told me to get a towel to save them hurting on the tile floor. So considerate! Finally, I was ready to start the blow job properly. I started at the base of his cock running my tongue up his entire length. I covered every bit of his huge tool with this technique so he (along with the precum) was slicker than ever. After a few minutes teasing him like this, I grabbed the base hard and brought my head down over him, tasting him properly for the first time. Sweet, yet sweaty from a days work in tight underwear. Just a perfect man taste. His bulbous nob filled my mouth as my tongue swirled around his foreskin and over his slit. More moans from him let me know I was doing a good job. I bobbed on his cock a while taking him a little further each time. His hands were on the back of my head now, encouraging me to take him deeper. I managed to get most of his shaft down my throat but I was by no means an expert and gagged a couple of times. 'You ok?' he asked. I took my mouth off him to answer yeah but he leaned in and kissed me deep before I had a chance to speak. 'You're good at that' he said, breaking our embrace. 'Will you suck my balls now? I don't wanna cum too soon'. I like being told what to do, especially in that accent of his so I went back down to his crotch taking his balls in my mouth one at a time. They were easily a mouthful each and lightly covered with jet dark hair. They were loose low hangers too which I loved: getting to play with his ball bag with my tongue, driving him crazy. My head was right by his thigh with his hand on the back of it pulling me in closer to him, inhaling his man smell. 'Fucking hell Lexi that's so good...I wish I had a condom' he gasped, breathless. 'I'm on the pill', I lied, almost immediately. I was desperate to feel him inside me. That was all the cue he needed as he rose to his feet and pulled me up, our mouths meeting again. 'And you're sure you want this?', he asked sweetly. I nodded yes and let his hand wander down my smooth body til he found my hairless minge. He wanted to go to the bedroom but I reminded him that Dad would be home soon and probably better to not go upstairs. He laughed in agreement and continued stroking my lips with his fingers pushing inside me on occasion. Time had gotten away from us so we needed to be quick to avoid getting caught.

He looked around but there was nowhere in the bathroom to fuck comfortably. He sat back down on the chair and I straddled him, my arms around his neck. He guided himself into me and I gasped as he pushed into my cunt. I knew straight way that this was the biggest cock I'd had in me and I was discovering new heights of pleasure. I rode him like that a while with him lifting me up and down onto his entire shaft, gripping my arse firmly. He lifted me in his strong arms and began fucking himself into me standing up. The feeling of him balls deep in me was immense and with a couple more thrusts with his swollen helmet punching my clit causing me to orgasm like never before. He pulled me close to him as I shuddered and gasped with him nibbling and whispering into my ear telling me I was the best ride he's ever had and that he knew I'd love his cock. This talk turned me on so much and I could have cum again right there and then if he'd kept going with it. As it was he was keen to cum himself now so he sat me down on the bathroom counter before sticking his cock back into my aching sloppy cunt. I leaned back on my elbows as he thrust into me, grunting or swearing under his breath each time his swinging balls slammed into me. I was moaning with pleasure but trying to be quiet just in case my parents came home. He could see I was struggling to not scream the house down so began thrusting quicker and quicker, his orgasm building. He grabbed a tit with one hand and slipped a couple of fingers of his other into my mouth. This helped me to keep the volume down and having his fingers sucked was a big turn on for him I found out later. I loved it too and instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him down tighter to me. Now it was his turn to shudder and when he rose to his tip toes I knew he was close. With one final deep grunt I almost felt the veins in his cock throbbing as he shot his load deep into my teen cunt. 4 gasps from him into my neck meant 4 spurts of his creamy man juice filling me up. One last gasp from me as he pulled his still hard cock out and rubbed the head up and down my swollen vag with that horny smile on his sweaty, satisfied face..

'I need to shower', he said, bringing me back to the reality that my parents would be home any minute. He leaned in to kiss me once more as I stood up to get dressed and compose myself. Meanwhile he sat down on the chair, untied his boots and pulled off his overalls before stepping into the bath and turning on the shower just as he normally would after his haircut only normally I wouldn't be there to witness it :) I took my time getting dressed so I could watch him shower for a bit. He was stood facing away from me so I took the hint and with one last longing look at his round, firm arse I slipped out the door hoping we'd get to do that and more every month from now on.

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9 months ago
Wow,,sure wish u cold cut my hair...I have a hot lady do it now,but she won't do anything sexy....thanks and don't ever stop...
9 months ago
hopefully by the next hair cut u werent "late" lol