pushing the limits

Pushing the threshold!
I see a massage guy “James” regularly. I was str8 till I saw him and over the first few visits, I became aware I am open sexually. He told me during a meeting that he told another client about our get together and the client stated that must be hot to watch. I said “wow’ that would be hot. The next time I saw him I had noticed the lights down a little more than usual, but a lay face down and he began my massage. 40 or so minutes just like a normal massage then as normal he would begin rimming my ass and lubing up his fingers and start to open me up. After a while of this and my hole was relaxed, he gets a little more f***eful and climbs on the table spreads my legs and wraps 1 arm under my hips. I help to lift myself from the table, pushing my hips up and back. He easily slides in, and he is a thick 9”. A huge rush comes over me and with my head lifted I notice a guy in a chair in the corner beating off watching us.
Wow what excitement, my cock got hard and I felt my heart race. James gets very dominate and he is pinning my head down and pushing deep inside my ass. After a while he pulls me back and he lies back, and positions himself on his back on the table. I quickly slide back down on his cock, facing his feet, called (rev. cowboy). I feel the action building and my eyes are now adjusting to the room, I see the guy, but I also see a couple on the couch watching and playing with each other. Oh man the surge of adrenaline that hit me, I felt like the energizer bunny. Breathing fast and I am now hoping up and down fast on his cock. A numbness growing in my body tingles everywhere. MMMMMM then I felt James start to swell and grow harder. My breathing and heart are racing, a feeling of euphoria was taking over and then James let a load grunt/growl and I felt huge explosions of warmth inside. My cock exploded and I passed out from the intensity.
I was coming to and a little hazy when I notice the onlookers left. I was lying on the table and James was just slowly still sinking his cock in my ass. I just laid there for awhile covered and dripping cum. James had kind of cleaned up, but then was stroking blew another load across my face, with his hand pulling my hair opening my mouth.
I got cleaned up, and headed home. I arrived home and went to bed and after a couple hours I called him up, it was late and I begged him so I could come back over and do it all over again.
Not that night but the next time more of the same.
Not soon enough.

100% (8/0)
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4 years ago
that was so hot and sexy and all with the other people watching really a hard cum thanks