Gini's Retirement Party

Two weeks ago the ladies in the office planned a retirement / going away party for the receptionist. She had been with the company for 23 years and at 70 she was ready to call it quits. For an older gal, Gini was in good shape. In our office the cubes that we sit in are very low and close you so can hear everyone's conversations. I over heard 2 ladies Susan and Dee discuss the gifts they got for Gini. One lady said "it wasn't easy finding a wired bra for a size 46 double DD". All the guys in the office joke around about her sagging breast and say " if she was only 30 years younger they would screw her".

The Party was at a nearby restaurant that Gini enjoyed having lunch at all the time. She didn't drive at 70 she usually caught the bus or carpooled with someone, so I asked Gini if I could give her a ride to the restaurant. Gini said that would be wonderful and asked if it was alright to put the gifts in the car. Susan and Dee and myself gathered all the gifts and Gini's box of things from her desk and put them in my trunk and backseat of my car.

Everyone from the office showed up for Gini! The music was good and drinks were flowing! Gini was having a great time. She had on a long black dress with a slit down the leg with black fishnet stockings on. The dress was a little tight and fitted Gini's ass rather nicely! Her hips and breast really stood out and all the guys could not take their eyes off Gini while she danced. My friend Gary said, "man Gini might get fucked tonight if she keep shaking her ass like that with her old ass!". She did look good in that black dress and long grey hair down to her shoulders.

I asked Gini to dance. As we walked to the dance floor the music changed to a slow song. I put my arms around Gini's waist and pulled her up to me. Gini was only 5ft tall, but in her hills she was 5'6. She looked me in the eyes and smiled then put her head on my chest. Susan looked over at Dee and said Gini must be d***k. It's time to take her home.

Susan walked up to us while we were still dancing and asked Gini, "Are you alright?" Gini replied "Yes". Susan said I can take you when your ready!
Gini replied back, my things are already in his car so I'll let him drive me home if that's ok? I quickly replied, Absolutely! And told Susan, let me get her out of here now.

Susan and Dee walked Gini and I to the car. They both gave Gini a hug and told her good night. Gini gave me directions to her home and away were were.
I couldn't help but notice Gini's legs while she was in the passenger seat.
She had to pull the dress up over her knees to sit down and she had some nice thick thighs.

I pulled up in front of Gini's house and asked her if she wanted my help bringing in her things. When we got to her front door Gini told me to take everything to her bedroom. She said it's the last door down the hallway honey!

After I came out of Gini's room there she was laying on the couch, stretched out saying how d***k she was. Gini asked me to help her take off her shoes, so I did. Then she asked me to zip down her dress, so I stood up behind her and put my lips on her neck while I slowly zipped down her dress.

At that point my dick was hard as a rock! I started rubbing Gini's body and squeezing her big ass tittys. Gini leaned her head back on my and lifted up her arms so I could pull the dress off. She stood there in her bra and panties. I turned her around facing me, then I took a step back and sat on the couch. I wanted to admire her figure and it was so exciting seeing her in her bra and panties like that! I stood up and took Gini to her bedroom

I unsnapped her bra and she leaned back on the bed so I could pull off her panties. I took off my clothes and laid on top of Gini in her bed. I put my tongue in her mouth and was rubbing her pussy. I laid on my back and Gini got into the 69 position. I licked her pussy while she sucked on my dick, then I opened up her big ass cheeks and lick her asshole too!

Gini stopped sucking my dick and turned around facing me. She leaned over me putting her big super size tittys in my face. I sucked them and squeezed them as she groaned and licked her lips. She sat on my dick and moved her hips in a circular motion while still having her tits in my face. She rode my dick for 30 minutes or so, then she rolled over on her back. I got between her legs and put my dick in as deep as I could! I fucked Gini and had my tongue in her mouth at the same time, she was really giving it to me!

I turned her over and start riding that ass doggy style! Gini said put it in my ass! I took my fingers and started working that asshole. I spit on it and put my thumb up there. Then I took my dick and slowly popped it in Gini's ass!

Ooooooh!!!! Ahhhhh!! The ass was tight and good! I looked down to see my dick going in and out of Gini's Ass, Gini said HARDER! So I increased my pace.
She said, FASTER! So I went a little faster! I put my hands on Gini's shoulders and firmly gripped them. I then started to POUND that ass.

I fucked Gini in the ass for at least 20 minutes then she said she wanted to sit on my while I fuck her in the ass! She took me back into the living room and sat me down on the couch. She then opened up her ass cheeks and put my dick in her ass! She bounced up and down on my dick like a wild woman! And I WAS LOVING IT!!.

I came in Gini's ass. She lifted her ass off my dick and got on her knees to lick my nuts and suck my dick.

Gini and I became very close after that night and I have fucked her everyday since her party. Matter of fact I'm on my way to her house now to fuck her.

I'll let you know how that went!

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4 years ago
very hot story
4 years ago
great sharing your stories make me hard
4 years ago
4 years ago
hey now give us more and slow down
4 years ago
nice, look forward to hearing about your other encounters