Granny Surprise Part 2

I hadn't seen Ruby in a while and decided to give her a call. When she answered the phone she sounded like she was sl**ping. But once she realized it was me her young lover, her voice got a little more pep and she seemed pleased to hear from me. She told me she was not pleased that I hadn't called in a while and that she didn't want to continue seeing me. She said I just had my 64th Birthday and I thought you would call. I apologized and asked how I could redeam myself. She said "well" and paused. My yard is a mess since the last rain I could use some help pulling up weeds. So I agreed to come out that weekend and help her out.

When I got to her house a truck with gardening equipment was driving off. I rang the doorbell and she came to the door in her robe long gray hair down to her shoulders. Her yard was already done so I asked her, what do you need me to do? She took me into her bedroom and she dropped the robe and got in the bed. Looked at me and said, "what are you waiting for". I quickly took off my clothes and dived in. I open her legs to get to that big gray hairy bush,
spread the pussy lips and started sucking. She rotated her ass round and round and moaned and started talking dirty. She said, this is your pussy, make that pussy come and got louder..and louder... I was getting so excited I came on the bed while eating her pussy. That's never happened to me before, but it's something about knowing you're turning on a woman at least 22 years older then you are you! Boy!

We fucked for about an hour, then she got on top of me and started sucking my dick. My dick was still hard so I asked her if she could stand on the side of the bed. She is so short I had to have her put her knees on the bed and bend over so we could do doggy style. We were positioned so that we could see ourselves in the mirror. This really turned her on. She told me to put it in her ass. My heart started racing!!! I put some vaseline on her asshole and put my pinky up there. She clinched her teeth really tight and grabbed my arm.

I thought she wanted me to stop so I didn't move. She then started working my finger in and out of her asshole. After a minute or two, I then put vaseline on my dick and started working the head in. She said she hadn't been fucked in the ass in over 25 years, and that I was getting a treat! I was like and how! I slowly fucked that ass for 20 or 30 minutes, she had juice dripping from her ass and pussy. It was the best fuck of my life, my dick is hard now just thinking about it. I put her back on the bed and bussed my nut all over her face. She got a towel and cleaned us both up. Old ladies are nice like that. I kissed goodbye and am waiting for her to return from vacation so I can go have another fuck of a lifetime.
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