My grandmother was so excited when she heard her younger cousin Sharon was coming to town. Grandma hadn't seen Sharon in years so she planned a big dinner for Sharon and wanted all of the f****y to be there.

Grannies house is only a two bedroom and my grandparent have their own rooms so my Grandma volunteered my house for Sharon to stay during her 5 day visit.

When Sharon arrived all the f****y came over with some kind of dish and we all gathered in my kitchen to eat and play cards and just catch up on old times.
My b*****r popped open a bottle of rum and Sharon asked for a drink. My grandmother said "Sharon, are you going to be ok"? Sharon replied, " I'll be fine, I'm not driving and I'm in for the night". So we played cards, and drank, and laughed and talked. Hours went by and most of the food was gone.

It was getting late and my b*****r had to drive my grandparents home. My parents and rest of the f****y said there goodbyes and made there way out the door. That left Sharon and myself home alone. Sharon asked "so where am I sl**ping?". I showed her the guest room and she didn't like the bed. Said she had to be on a special matress which happened to be the exact one I have in my bedroom. I took Sharon into my bedroom and told her to try my bed.

Sharon sat on the bed and said, "this will work". I look at Sharon and said "I too have to sl**p on a special mattress So I guess we'll be sharing a bed". Sharon look up at me and said, "just don't tell your grandmother we slept in the same bed, she'll never understand it."

I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Sharon asked "is that for me?" I said sure, and Sharon just started taking off he clothes right in front of me. She was wearing a yellow sun dress which was already on the floor. She stood there in front of me in her black panties and white bra with her hands on those wide as hips and asked me "can I get a towel?" I was stunned for a moment, my cock was getting hard as I had my eyes on Sharons enormous sagging breasts. I quickly got her a towel and off to the bathroom she went.

I decided to follow into the bathroom :)

Sharon pulled off her panties and said "I didn't know I'd be staying with you during my visit, but it's gotten a whole lot better! I was pleased to hear that and pulled off my clothes. I told her to get in the shower and I was going to wash her back. My cock was hard as nails! I stood behind Sharon with soap lathered up in my hands and began to rub her shoulders. I rubbed Sharons back and put soap all over her big sagging titts. My cock was hard and she felt it touch her ass. Sharon turned around facing me and just laid it right on me! SMACK! Big Ol kiss. I started kissing her back and started rubbing Sharons big juicy ass. We lathered each other up really good and hugged and kissed under the hot shower water.

I turned the water off and grabbed the towel for Sharon. I dried her off, then dried off myself. I didn't want the moment to lapse, so I took Sharons hand and led her into my bedroom. I laid her on the bed and went straight to the pussy. I put my mouth downtown and sucked her pussy nice and slow.
Sharon pulled her legs all the way back. I went lower and started licking her asswhole. Sharon started shaking and her legs locked up on me. She started screaing my name and was breathing hard and heavy. She said she hadn't cum like that in 6 years. I said get ready to come again as I put my dick inside of her. My cock rocked Sharons pussy for hours. I just laid in the pussy and rocked side to side. The pussy was so wet there was a puddle in my bed.

After laying in the pussy for so long, I then began to push my cock all the way in s l o w l y then pull it all the way out.
We fucked all night. Just think this was night number 1 of fucking a 68 year old lady. What a night!

82% (46/10)
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Great story!
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Love it keep fucking 'em.
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hot story i love sexy older ladies,mmm they get you so hard and k now how to take care of you all night1
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Nice story..