Granny Gameshow (My Fantasy)

A young 19 year old lad name Johnny is sitting on the couch searching through the want adds looking for ways to make some money. He comes across an add that reads:

How well do you know your Grandmother?
We are searching for men between 18 and 21 who have grandmothers
Over the age of 60+ that would like the chance to win Five Thousand Dollars

He ponders the thought for a moment, while scratching the side of his head,
picks up the phone and calls his grandmother. The phone rings a few times and her answering machine comes on. "Hi this is Beverly I'm not in but leave your message at the beep" Johnny leaves the message: Hey grandma it's me Johnny, call me back when you get this message.

Meanwhile, other young men in this area that are looking through this local news add see the same advertisement. Even some old ladies see the add and call their grandsons. The add catches the attention of a 72 year old lady named Maggie that lives with her grandson Adam. She shows Adam the add he says grandma let's check it out so we can get this money. She agreed.

Johnny's phone rings and it's his Grandmother Beverly. He picks up the phone and she immediately starts going off about the news add. Johnny goes, thats why I was calling you grandma to see if you were interested. The add didn't have many details, it has a phone number and address so I will come over your house and call so we can see how to become contestants. Johnny drives to his grannies house with the newspaper in hand ready to call. They use Beverly's speaker phone. Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring - Message comes on:

Please come to (gives an address) on Friday at 8:00 p.m. No other
attendance is allowed other than the participating contestants.
Each winning contestant will receive $5000.00 each. Contestants must
be willing to be remove all clothing if requested and also must sign
authorization that they are aware that sexual contact may happen during
the show.

The phone hangs up. Johnny is looking at his grandma Beverly and she's looking at him. Beverly says I guess It depends on how well we do on wether or not we end up taking off our clothes. And I wonder what exactly do they mean by sexual contact? Johnny says" I'll probably have to touch your boob or somcthing, what do you think grandma? She says, let's do it!

Adam makes the call but he doesn't share the information with is grandma Maggie. He just tells her to get ready to go down there on Friday and she agrees. Adam got really horny when he heard the details about the show and figured his granny is such an easy going person, that she would just go with the flow. He atarted fantasizing about fucking his grandma and was ready to see what this was all about.

The building was an old warehouse. There were about 40 people there. 20 Grandmas and 20 grandsons. They made 5 groups consisting of 4 men and four grannies. Each granny was asked 10 questions about themselves. Grannies will be placed in separate rooms with a bed and camara. Fully clothed each contestants grandmother will be waiting in her room to see how well their grandons know them. There will be 5 doors leading to each room. Each time the grandson is asked a question and he gets the answer right a door opens.

If the grandson can get all five doors open by answering all the questions correctly they win! Howver, each time a question is answered wrong granny has to take off an article of clothing, while she is on camara for the other 3 men to view. And if he gets six questions wrong and granny is stripped naked, the only way for them to get the prize is to have sex.

Maggie and Adam are the first constestants.
1st question: What year did your grandma and grandpa get married? Adam answered incorrctly. Maggie took off her shoes. 2nd question: What is your grandmas maiden name? Again, Adam answered incorrectly. Maggie took off her blouse. Third question: What is your grannies favorite cake? Adam said "RED VELVET" bing bing - a door open. Fourth question: How old was your grandma when you were born? Adam answered incorrectly. Maggie stood up and unzipped he skirt, wiggled it off and sat on the bed in her bra and panties. The other men were getting horny stroking their dicks backstage. Fifth question:
What is your grandma's favorite activity? Bingo! Bing bing a door opened.
Sixth question: If your granny had to take a plane, train, or bus which would she choose? Train! Bing Bing, another door opened. 2 doors to go! And only 4 questions left. Seventh question: What state was your granny born in? Adam answered incorrectly. Maggie took off her bra, her large sagging titts were hanging down as she sat there with her arms folded. Question eight:
Who was the President of the United States when your granny was born? AH! WRONG ANSWER AGAIN! Maggie took off her panties, so that meant the only way that Adam and Maggie can get the money is for Adam to fuck her. So they ask Maggie! Do you want the doors to open or send him back. Maggie laying their naked and horny as hell said, do we get the money and the annoucer say Absolutely! So she nodded her head up and down and the doors opened. Adam knew what he had to do. The announcer then said, if you let your grandson fuck you in the ass you get an additional $5000.00

Already naked, Maggie lays back and opens her legs, Adam pulls out his dick and goes right to the pussy. He pulls her legs wide open and he looks down at his dick going in and out of his grannies pussy. He locks Maggies legs under his arms and pins her down to the bed, while fucking her Adam sticks his tongue in Maggies mouth. Adem then reaches down and puts his finger up Maggies ass. The announcer then says, if you come inside her we will double your prizes. Adam flips his grandmother over and starts licking her asswhole,
get's up on his knees and puts his dick in Maggies ass. Adam laid on his back and put Maggie on top of him facing the camara. He put his dick up Maggies ass and pulled her legs all the way back. Her ass was dripping wet as the camara zoomed in. Then all of the sudden you saw thick white cum running out of Maggies Asshole and WINNER WINNER WINNER flashed across the screen.

Next was Johnny and Beverly's turn. The questios began for Johnny and he answered the first 4 correctly! He was at the fifth door when her started to think, If I get this right, I may never get a chance to fuck my grandma again. So he started getting them wrong, and Beverly started taking off her clothing has he continued to purposely give bad answers. Beverly was getting excited because she knew he was willingly giving the wrong answers so he could fuck his own grandmother. Johnny was on his tenth question, 1 door to open while Beverly laid on the bed and began to play with her pussy. The camara was focused on Beverly, laying their, legs cocked upon waiting to be fucked by her grandson. Tenth Question: Multiple choice - Beverly last had sex
a) 5 yrs ago, b) 10 yrs ago c) 15 yrs ago or d) 20 years ago

B was Johnny's answer and the door did not open! Answer was c Beverly hadn't been fucked in 15 years. The announcer asked if Beverly wanted the doors to open and she said yes, so Johnny came in and he too went straight to the pussy.

He put his face between his grannies legs and started licking her pussy, he put his finger up Beverly's ass while licking her clit. Beverly leaned down and started sucking her grandsons dick. They were in the 69 position going at it. Johnny flip his grandma on her back and started fucking her. He pulled his dick out and slowly started working it in Beverly's ass. While on top he ws fucking his granny in the ass, turned her back over and fucked her in the ass doggy style. Johnny flipped on his back and put his granny on top of him with her ass facing the camara, Johnny put his dick up Beverly's ass and started pounding it really hard, he too came in his grandma.

The End! Please show the love and give me your support with comments.
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12 days ago
I just started fucking my grandma. No joke. She is a fucking freak! Love the story!
10 months ago
Dude. Great story but I agree it should of been longer
4 years ago
a little more imagination would work better. the story itself is based on a great idea .i would have loved to see more about the people in the story than the game show .you didnt build up any sexual tension between the grannies and the sons ..maybe the grannies being a little more resistant,would have worked .then have them getting to turned on to stop.or perhaps having them tricked into having sex without knowing its their grandson .like being in a dark room and having to have sex to win the prize then the lights being turned on during ,and the only way they can win is to let the grandson cum in them.
4 years ago
hot story, wish it was longer.
4 years ago
Thanks for the support guys. I truly think this story could easily be turned into a nice granny movie. What do you think?
4 years ago
very good i sure would like to fuck some of the grannies that ive seen lately!!!!!
4 years ago
yes i would play with my granny she was hot at 60 & in good shape
4 years ago
Hot,, would love to fuck some grandma's out there
4 years ago
Come on guys! Use your imagination!