This is a short story about an X co-worker of mine Carol. She's 64 and I became her friend at work. I'd take breaks and short walks with her when she got stressed out. On one of those walks she was telling me about some work she was doing to the house. She was adding a porch to the back of her home. She was telling me how nice it was and all the things she wanted to do in the yard, but her age would hender her. So guess what I did? That's right! Volunteered to help her with her yard. I said, you should let me come see your porch! She was very delighted. Said, she doesn't get very much company cause she just recently moved here from California. I went over her house and she showed me the porch and we talked. She asked if I were hungry and fed me, then she offered me a drink. Old lady was drinking Vodka and Squirt. After her third drink I mentioned to her how nice her figure was for and older gal! She stood up and said thank you and turn around for me then pushed her breast up and said "my tits ain't so bad for an old lady" and started to shimmy them side to side.

I told her to let me see them. She told me to come unbutton her shirt, and sure enough I went for it. She told me to hold on as she went to shut her curtains and lock the door.
She walked back over to me unbuttoning her top. I stood up and just reached out with both hands and grabbed her tittys I turned her around to undo her bra. Snap, off with the bra. She turns around and I put my mouth on her huge pink nipple. I take my fingers and pinch the other while sucking. She reaches down and starts rubbing my dick, so I reach behind her and unzip her pants, then pull down her panties. She tells me she has only fucked 3 men in her life. Her first boyfriend in High School and deceased husband and her X husband. So I was in for a treat. Her pussy was very bushy with red and grey hairs. I licked my finger and started playing with her pussy. She sat the couch and I pulled down my pants and pulled my dick out. She sat up, opened her mouth and began to suck my dick. I kicked off my shoes and pulled my pants all the way off. Told her "lets go to your bedroom". Naked, we went into her bedroom. She pulled back he covers and fixed the pillows then she laid down and opened her legs. I got down there and started licking her pussy. It tasted a bit sour and salty so I wet it really good then I started rubbing the head of my dick on her pussy. She wiggled and moaned and huffed and puffed and I had even put it in yet. I held my dick with my hand and slowly started working it in her pussy, it started to open up for me so I let it go, then worked it all the way in. We began to kiss tongue to tongue ass I just held that position with my dick deep in her. I started sucking on her tits again, and then started to work my dick in and out of her pussy. I have a technique that I use on all my woman to make them come. It's hard to describe but I saw it in the KAMA SUTRA book. It's like as I have my dick in them I try to skoot up on them as high as I can, with there legs open and cocked back, I'm all on top of the pussy. She was loving it! Her pussy got real gushy and wet. She was climaxing over and over. I just kept on fucking her. I told her to get on top of me, she moved really slow but she got there. She put my dick back inside of her and began to rid it!

I try to focus on my breathing and my heartbeat to distract me and make me last longer. That way I get to fuck the grannies really good. So with Carol, I may see her once a month. She is very cool and likes to get her drink on and fuck. I'll tell you about the others later.
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1 year ago
older folks like fucking too!
2 years ago
I need to meet Carol!! Good story!
3 years ago
Very nice, and why not; women get horny whatever their age.
4 years ago
great i have a Carol too her story in my stories
4 years ago
all ur post are great
4 years ago
I want to fuck a granny
4 years ago
Come on guys I need your support!
4 years ago
good story thank you for sharing wish it was longer tho
4 years ago
very nice