My wifes job scheduled her for an out of state training seminar the weekend of our anniversary. I had already taken the week off because we were planning a trip before Judy got the news, but since her trip was manidtory I decided to relax at home while she was away. Judy told me that her Aunt Gladys was still coming to town to spend some time with her mom Lillian. She said, "you know my momma didn't want to just be here alone while we were on our trip". The two s****rs hadn't seen each other in 5 years and thought it would be a good time to catch up.

Judy said, "Aunt Gladys and my momma will take good care of you while I'm gone. My flight leaves at 7 am tomorrow and Aunt Glady's will be here Sunday morning so you and Lillian can go pick her up." "Your gonna fuck me real good tonight and be horny and ready for me when I get back Thursday".

After we had sex we were laying in bed talking and I asked Judy who was the oldest out of her mom Lillian and her Aunt Gladys? She said her mom was the oldest. "Mom is now 71 and Aunt Gladys is 66, they're close in age and were always competing for men back in the day is what I heard". I laid in the bed thinking of how Lillian and I were going to fuck after Judy left in the morning. Then I started thinking what it would be like to fuck her Aunt Gladys. I fell asl**p with a nice hard one that night.

The next morning my wife and I are at the Airport 5 a.m. got her bags checked in and she's all set to go. I'm driving back home with a hard dick thinking I'm off work alone with Lillian until Aunt Glady's arrives. This is going to be good! When I got home Lillian was still in her bed asl**p. I cracked the door to peep in and gently shut it and went to my room. I took off my clothes and walked back to Lillians door. I opened and shut it quietly and walked over to her bed. She was wrapped up in the covers, so I pulled the covers back slowly and got in the bed hehind her then put my arm around her waist.
I started kissing on her neck and rubbing her breast, she took a deep breath and turned over and said, "Judy is gone right?" I said yep! and we began kissing. I unzipped her flannel night gown and pulled her panties off then started sucking on her titties and rubbing her pussy. Her hairy pussy was wet and juicy, I stuck my finger in it and started finger fucking her. Lillian was biting her lip and her eyes were rolling back. I got down between her legs and started eating her pussy. This time I licked my middle finger and slowly started working it into her asshole. I kept eating the pussy, but would also keep licking that finger keeping it wet and up in Lillians ass.

I was able to work my whole middle finger up Lillians ass when she shouted
"FUCK ME IN MY ASS! NOW!!!" Got up and turner her over. Told her to get on her knees. I stood up in the bed and mounted that ass like as saddle.
I wet her asshole with my mouth then slowly put the head of my dick in her ass.
She moaned and clinched her teeth while grabbing the covers, I eased my dick all the way in her ass. Slowly pulling out and easing it back in, her ass soon got juicy and loosened up for me. I started pounding the ass like it was not tomorrow. Lillian was loving it, her ass was flapping and smacking and plopping packa, packa, packa was the sound it was making. I fucked her about 20 minutes that way, she was taking the dick up the ass like a champ. I pulled my dick out and turned over on my back. I had her sit on my dick and ride cowgirl style. First she had my dick in her pussy and she rode it good.
I laid her back on my chest and then took my hand and put my dick back up in her ass. She said, " I don't know if I can do it this way". I said sure you can so I had her on top of me facing the TV with my dick up her ass holding her legs by her ankle wide open fucking the shit out of her and loving it.

We fucked from the time I got back from the Airport until 12:30p.m. that afternoon. Lillian got up to start making dinner and I went to the gym to work out. After I came back from the gym I was ready for some more Lillian. I walked into the kitchen and started grabbing on her. She told me her ass was sore and she would need a day or two for it to be better. Lillian said you can fuck my s****r when she gets here. Glady's can take it up the ass better then I can, she's been doing that kind of stuff for years. I was like "oh really!".


I'll be finishing this story later.
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2 years ago
great stories...i have a fav ...but all are good
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good story Lillian sounds fun give her one for me check out my stories
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hot stories, please write some more.
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Dude,you gotta give us more,you can't leave us hanging
4 years ago
I hope you all checked out part 1 of this story. I have new stories to write just not a lot of time. Peace
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good story!
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very good start to what sounds like a fan-fucking-tasic week lucky guy & yes please tell us all the sorid details
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Dude! Lillian is a great fuck. Just wait until you hear what I did with her sister later
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just because her ass's is sore doesn't mean she can't do other stuff with your cock , she could at least give you a BJ . do write more can't wait to be fucking the aunt
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just doooit fuck her hard
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do it.