My body moves forward into the hotel like a machine that decides it’s tired of being bossed around. It somehow knows what I need better than my “rational” brain and for once it’s not going to tolerate any other command but “forward ahead”. Perhaps, though, it’s my brain all along that won’t allow itself a second thought. After all, this feeling..this intensely delicious feeling of excitement and desire..this feeling like I’m walking head first into carnal fantasy where mind and body seamlessly melt into one another and turn into a steeping pot of liquid sexual energy.. This feeling renders me helpless. Not helpless. Help is the last thing I would seek right now. I’m all too willing to submit to this feeling.

This will be my first time. It’s been years since the seed was planted and first began to germinate. Once the rain hit the first tender leaves, however, the vine hungrily wrapped itself around my self. As I walk through the lobby my heart pounds the perfect, deep rhythm of excitement. I’m not turning back. I’m going to do it tonight.

I see them in the booth by the bar. I’ve seen pictures of them and talked to them on the phone three times for about a half an hour each. Yesterday it was as if they came through the phone and into my room. Their voices entered my ear and raced to my toes. I still feel the sensation of their energy inside me. He is 30 years old, 5 years older than me, and his name is Scott. She is 45 but has eyes and an air of calm, soothing confidence that are age-old. Her name is Madame Lisa and she is who I’m here for. Scott is also here for her, but he is married to her.

As I approach their table, Madame stands up, smiling at me warmly, lovingly, as if I’ve just come home to her after a trip. I walk to her, almost numb with excitement, and she holds her arms out and embraces me strongly. She is wearing a very thin, soft, top and her soft ample breasts calm the patter of my heart. She smells of light, floral perfume and her hair is medium length, straight and black. She is stunning. Sensing that I am borderline overwhelmed, she touches my back with her left hand and gestures toward Scott with her right. In a tone of voice that would be patronizing if it wasn’t so understanding and hungry in its own right, she says “Pet Josh, here is Pet Scott. Pet Scott, will you please go to the room and prepare? I’m going to spend some time down here with Pet Josh alone. I think he needs a drink.”

As Scott leaves, Madame gestures for me to sit across her in the booth and the looks at me, smiling very big.

“You make me very happy Josh. Not only did you drive an hour and a half to see me, but you are so nervous and excited. I bet that feels wonderful.”

I can barely contain myself.

“Y-Yes Madame. I’m very excited. I feel...crazy..”

She chuckles and cocks her head at me adoringly. I do feel crazy. I feel her attention hitting me like pins and needles. She is consumed in me right now, I truly make her happy but I feel like I’m losing control of myself. I feel like I’m on auto-pilot. No, not auto-pilot, more like a f***e outside of me is leading me along. This is what I want. This is what I’ve wanted for so long.

“Are you ready for this my Pet Josh? Do you want me to show you the things that I know? Do you want to please me?”

“Yes Madame. More than anything.”

At this she walks over to me and reaches for my hand. I hand it to her and with a gentle tug she beckons me to stand and then we are walking hand in hand to the elevator. I’m calmer now, but only because I’ve forgotten about all the reservations I had when coming into the hotel. This is right. This is what I need.

Once in the elevator Madam hits the button to close the door. Then she turns to me and pushes me back a couple feet. She looks me up and down, smiling, and then stops at my crotch. She can see the horizontal outline of my half-hard penis. She then looks up at my face and peering effortlessly gives me an unmistakable command. In one second she looks back downward to see the movement of my cock in my pants, rising smoothly against my right leg and bulging outward for her. The door opens and she turns toward it, looking back at me approvingly before walking out.

I follow her down the hall as she slows to open the door to the room. We walk in and there is low music playing. The comforter is removed from the king-sized bed and folded nicely on the desk, leaving nothing but very nice looking sheets. Scott is standing by the foot of the bed, naked, smiling. Scott has an athletic physique with creamy, defined muscles. His large cock hangs downward to his left side.

“Pet Scott, we are going to have a wonderful evening with Pet Josh tonight. As you know, Pet Josh is sweet, smart, cute and has some very strong needs and desires that just so happen to match ours perfectly. I think we know exactly what he needs and we are going to give him what he has been waiting for. Even if he doesn’t know what exactly it is that he wants.”

“My Pet Josh, we are going to treat you very well tonight. Undress for me so I can see that young body of yours.”

At her orders I raise my shirt over my head. I’m shivering like I’m cold, but I know it’s not cold in here. My body is warm and my mind is liquid. I am full of energy but have an overwhelming sense of docility as if I have nothing to worry about. I kick my shoes and socks off and remove my boxers and pants at the same time. The air cools my cock as it spring forward. I have large low hanging balls and a 7-8 inch circumcised cock.

“Mmmm Pet Josh, you make me very happy.”

Madame walks around me, taking in every inch with her eyes as she tilts her head up and down. She steps in behind me and puts her arms around me. She presses her mid section against my ass and I lean my head back on her shoulder. She strokes my chest and stomach with the palms of her hand and whispers in my ear sternly

“Get on the bed. On your hands and knees.”

I seemingly float to the bed and crawl up on it. I am on my hands and knees with my round, white, virgin ass in the air. I have never felt so vulnerable. I’ve never felt so exposed. I’ve never felt so good. I can feel a breeze against the inside of my thighs and my long, big balls hang freely in the air between them. My cock is absolutely rock hard, pushing straight forward with the top grazing my stomach as I instinctively arch my back. Instinctively, yes, because somewhere deep down I am a natural slut. I’ve never been a slut for anyone but that is what I’ve always wanted. Only now do I truly grasp this; as my body works on it’s own to please and entice Madame Lisa in any way that it can.

“You look absolutely delicious Josh. You have such a fit body and such a nice, slutty, round, white ass. I love how slutty you are. Pet Scott, get the camera out and take pictures of my new little Slut Josh. I want you to take pictures from every angle because I’m going to show them to Josh later and remind him how slutty he was for me tonight and how turned on he was while he gave every inch of his body to me.”

Do you all like? Want more???

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wow... what a great hot story... MORE!!!!
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