First time So Much Cum

Im 22 years old and go to Ohio State. I really enjoy going out to bars with a couple of my guy friends when the girls are not around. This night was no different than any other friday. Me and Tim had left the bar early to get home in time to watch the start of the walking dead marathon, leaving the other 2 back at the bar to catch up with us back at the apartment. Anyway about 2 and a half hours late the other 2 guys come back and we all went to bed. Tim and I in tims room and Bernie and Mike in the other room. I slept in a sl**ping bag on the floor in Tims room every time i stayed there but this time was different. As im laying in my sl**ping bag i heard a page turn and another. It was Tim reading a porn mag and he was touching himself. I could hear his soft moans and before you knew it i found my self rock hard and found my hand griping my 7 inch shaft. Im not sure why this was turning me on so much but i could feel the hot sticky pre cum on my fingers. Some how Tim figured out i was awake then apologized for masturbating that close to me. I said its fine we all gotta do it sometime, plus we had been drinking so our levels of horniness were very high :) I asked him if i could see it once he was done and his response was you can see it now if you want. I stood up to see the mag but instead got a full view of his hard thick cock. The pre cum shined in the light given off by the alarm clock. I stood there in my boxers trying to hide my raging hard on when all of a sudden my penis came untucked from my waistband and you could see the huge bump in my briefs.
We both started laughing. He turned the page and the picture was of a teen girl giving head to an older guy. This photo turned me on so much i climbed up onto the bed and asked if i could go under the covers. He asked why and i said, i dont want to just let it all out. at this time he was completely naked laying on top of the covers and said hell no. You can be on top just like me. I was super horny so i guess i didn't have any other choice. Now both hard as a rock completely naked looking at this girl with a mouth full of cock we both ly in bed jerking off. We wernt to close but our elbows did sometimes touch as we ran our hands up and down our own shafts. He caught me looking at his dick and said you like what you see? My response was to say what. He said, its ok you can touch if you want, ive always been a little curious myself. I then thought that i always had been curious also, so i grabbed his thick hard cock with my right hand. he then grabbed mine and asked if that was fine.
He said, Fuck this and got his laptop and put on porn. On the homepage there was a video of a teen giving a blowjob to several guys at once. We both decided we liked it and continued, both of our hands on each others cocks. I jokingly said when the girl gagged, sucking dick cant be that hard. We then said ok big shot give it a try. I then told him to stand. I got down on my knees. I was completly naked. My cock hard as a rock a dripping precum and my body was shaking. I then began to suck just the head. then slowly moved my mouth down his hard penis. With his moans i stared sucking faster and faster. He then pulled out and said he was about to cum... I then took his dick and inserted it back into my mouth. This time grabbing each of his ass checks and pulling his body closer to me. I began to feel his penis throb. I was getting so excited. Then as i tried to deep throat, without warning 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. spirts of hot silky creamy cum hit the back of my throat and i swallowed it all.
To this day the room mates still dont know so shhh.
91% (30/3)
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1 year ago
Very good. What do you think the other roommates are doing?!
1 year ago
1 year ago
nice! Thanks!
1 year ago
Always fun.