My Naughty Ex-mas Treat with BBW Ex-girlfriend

It was the first time I had accompanied an ex girlfriend to a party. It was her Christmas works party and I got a rather special treat later that night! She was a big girl, a BBW, long dark hair dyed blond, plump with a lovely pair of large tits that were her best feature and wore tarty make up, curled hair, tight black dress showing her wonderful cleavage, black nylons beneath her skirt

The Party

The booze flowed and men were chatting her up and she got really flirty and asked me if I was sl**ping with anyone… Why? I told her about the girl I was shagging on my last holiday. She told me she was having an affair with a married man. We were d***k and she was sat on my lap and intently trying to excite me with those huge melons bursting from her low cut top and I tried to conceal a raging hard on that was happening in my tight pants.
She told me his missus Michelle wouldnt provide him with any sex so she was dating him.

I so wanted to put my hand up her skirt for a fondle and remembered what she was like in bed. She wriggled her big arse on my groin and was flaunting her immense buxom at me as she flirted, joked and teased, she was a real dick tease and she smirked at me knowing she was arousing me. Moment’s later I felt a tickly sensation inside my trousers and had to find a gents. she smirked at me, flicked her hair I think she knew what she’d done whilst wiggling and rubbing her poundage on me. I was feeling so loaded that night and getting sexually excited from her rubbing herself on me, my underpants were damp with pre-cum.

Back at her place

I was sl**ping at her flat with only one bed later that night so I was already lured. I watched her take off her dress, unfasten those straps of her high heels, peel off the sweaty tights from her chunky thighs which made her more sexually accessible leaving her tight bra that held her huge Double D’s and ready to burst from her large curves some tight lace panties that held some mans-pleasure and I thought… If only she was my missus for the night… I knew another man was getting it and my loins twitched and stirred just thinking about it.

I was single and really needed sex, one last night fling of stress relieving sex with her and I knew she was dating a man so I thought she was technically in everyman’s-land and sexually available. I heard a few stories of her shenanigans during our split and knew she’d had the odd adulterated liaison along with the odd unexpected abusive telephone call off the wife of a man that had been in her knickers!

The light was dimmed and she unfastened her tight bra strap and dropped it on the floor and gave me a kiss goodnight, her hands stroked my body and against my hard erection that was desperately straining in my underpants. “Waheyy!” she exclaimed in her dirty excited tone “you seem a bit excited darling! She knew she had got me, secretly delighting in the discomfort I was having knowing that I was lying there really needing a cum.

She became a tart and slipped her hand into my pants and started to wank my dick. Ohhhhh! It felt so f**cking good to have a woman’s touch; it had been about four months since I’d had a shag with a young woman. She knew the way I f**ked a woman and the things I did in bed, she knew I would give her a good time if she teased and seduced me with her tits and other treats. She knew I could not resist playing hide the sausage between her fat thighs. I split up with her a year before and not wanting to get back with her but all I wanted was to get in her knickers without the ties.

She pulled away at my foreskin and then she stopped... Oh please carry on! Please make me cum... Bring me off in my pants... I even had a condom she could toss me off into. She then felt my hairy balls… I seriously needed relief and was aching for sex, it wasn’t long before my hands were wondering and were hungrily groping those big double D’s, “Don’t squeeze so hard honey! She whispered as I fondled her bust, they felt superb! And actually bigger! I couldn’t keep my eyes off them all night and I then put my hand down her tight knickers

She told me Darren (her lover) wasn’t getting any sex off his wife so he dated her for some relieving extra marital fun. I snapped the frilly black elastic of her tight panties round her big hips and slyly peeled them down her chunky thighs to her ankles as my dick swelled and my heart pounded excitedly knowing what I was going to do to her. She pulled down my tight pants and my aching loins flopped out to give her a night she’d remember.
“But what about Darren“? I asked
“I’m not going out with him am I… he’s the one who’s cheating “She said smugly.
Under the covers her legs were spread, I felt my erection against her warm fat thigh…
“fuck me” she said. I poked around until I felt the welcoming warmth of her labia and pleasurably slowly slipped my manhood in and home.
“OHH YES!” I whispered, I was all the way up her and I wasn’t even wearing protection although she was ‘on the pill’ because of Darren her ‘married’ boyfriend and she make him wear condoms so I just got stuck in and thought this was definitely one for the lads. Her lipstick smile become an open mouthed look of sexual shock as I rammed her unexpectedly and then the sexually painful look on her face. “Oh Babe!” she yelped.

I was shagging my ex missus and it felt wicked. I buried my face into her buxom and squeezed them together celebrating sex with a podgy woman. “Did that last girl you shagged have tits like these?” she smugly asked and fluttered her eye lashes. My primitive urge to penetrate had taken over. She felt more womanly and mature than the last time I’d had some with her. Thrusting her with powerful fuelled sexual frustration and slow thrusts to hold back any premature un-necessities...
I wanted to make the most of having her for the night. I pulled her hair, squeezed her tits and fat arse, tonguing, biting, I even gave the tart a love bite on the hips as she struggled to stop me.“My god, I can tell you’ve been practicing with some tart!” she muttered in a mock angry voice. “That’s bang on!”.

She was still a noisy bitch in the sack, moaning and squealing. I was wet with sweat and she whined loudly as my sweaty balls slapped against her plumpness, “Oh darling… that’s bang on!” I pulled out and gave my tackle a rest moved to her feet and gave her the nibbles and biting from the ankles up the leg, between the thighs teasing her. (I couldn’t help think about if other men had done this when they bedded her) “Oh.. You’re teasing me darling!” …I then went down on her and paid her pussy some serious attention...
She panted to orgasm and after that I pinned her down, entered her f***efully (she loved that) she was helpless and I was lost in raptures and the sweet build up of orgasm as I gripped at her harder. Hearing her whimper in delight on every thrust I heard her moan “Don’t stop…don’t stop....Cum…inside! in the excitement there was no stopping me…
In an aggressive tone I muttered ”Oh my god... yes… yes… yes…… f**king yessss!!!

I moaned with triumph as I felt her bring me to a wonderful orgasm and felt myself ejaculate inside her, it felt so good, I pulled out, “Cum inside me please babe!” she winced clutching me. She wanted me to cum up her like I used to. It spurted from my dick until I was spent and could feel her thighs were wet from my cum.
“You must have really needed it darling” she said. It was one of the best shags I'd had with her and the next morning I left her flat with a smile on my face and a spring in my step, thinking of that night before and an alleviated feeling of tension down below.

I'll remember that special night with ex-girlfriend, Lisa for a long time to come!...
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