My Bad Little Pantyhose Secret!

Since using the internet I've realised that there are other men like myself with an long undying love for women’s tights, pantyhose and hosiery.

I remember being fascinated when I was at school as young as 12, I borrowed some nylon tights from my mums friend to wear in a play set in medieval times and remember finding wearing them a lovely sensual feeling.
The nylons were sat in a draw for a long time until I realised they has been forgotten about so I took them and when alone I would slip them on for a strange but naughty little thrill.

One day I put them on and it felt so good I started to rub myself on the bed until I felt a sensation in my genitals I'd never felt before...was it pain? pleasure? ….I was wet and sticky from my first ladies tights!

At secondary school I remember stealing a pair of black sheer nylons from the lost property box, stuffing them down my pants and feeling really naughty for doing it. I got home tried them on and was so turned on. I thought about which girl had worn them and imagined her crotch snug inside them… I ejaculated in them within a minute and then threw them away feeling slightly ashamed, confused and promised myself I'd never find sexual gratification from wearing girly nylons again.I denied this for many years....

Many years past until I got my first girlfriend and often dabbled from time to time when she had accidently left her tights at mine or found myself in private with their underwear.

When I was older I lived with a woman that dressed quite extravagant at times and owned basques, stockings, suspenders, nylons tights etc. She used to let me fuck her senseless when she wore her nylons and she never wore knickers ever but I used to have an absolute ball on my own when she was at work.

When she was at work I often opened her underwear drawer slipped on some stockings or tights to masturbate in and even ended up cumming inside her workmates heeled work shoes once!

Years had passed but the fetish remained, I loved my girlfriends to wear nylon and for years it was only them wearing the nylon.

In my adult years I had a few internet dates and met one very sexy mature lady that knew about my fetish for nylon tights, she was a fantastic lover and one steamy afternoon in bed let me tear her nylon gusset away and ravish her.
After she said I could keep the torn cum stained black nylons for my bed post which I certainly did (Oh yes!) and with that I had a pair of nylons in my possession again…

The inevitable happened and once when I was masturbating over them I had a wild urge to put them on…I did, It felt wrong but felt so amazing and the thrill hadn’t gone away! I never told her though.

It led to me actually buying women’s worn and used nylon tights from the internet. One pair of nylons I received had come fresh from the woman’s laundry basket. Dirty I know, but an absolutely amazing turn on for me. I now had accumulated used fishnets, sheer nylons, stockings and even a cheeky pair of sexy white floral lace panties.

I would often feel a slight bit of jealousy when I would see a sexy woman in formal dress strutting along on her high heels and wearing some gorgeous looking pantyhose so on the odd occasion I’ll wear a pair of nylon tights under my trousers whilst shopping to feel a real sense of satisfaction…

My pantyhose purchasing continues to this day…healthy? Perverse? Gay?... I know I’m definitely not gay, I’m only attracted to women. I don’t know where it will lead next??.......dresses, heeled boots?? I would never disclose my dirty little pantyhose secret to anyone apart from everyone on xhamster…
And here I am currently typing this wearing some lovely thick cotton black tights with long girly over the knee socks over the top of them, and boy does It feels superb!!

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10 months ago
really hot story.
1 year ago
nice, I've been wearing pantyhose for years.
1 year ago
Great story!!
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
Just love the feeling wearing pantyhose and my wife just loves stroking me in them! I'm so lucky!
1 year ago
Good little brief! Luv hose too.
1 year ago
Love this story, and nylons!
1 year ago
Great story...My nylon fixation happened from watching too much Wonder Woman as a boy....I recall getting up early and going to grocery stores to buy pantyhose to masturbate in!
2 years ago
I wear them and panties all the time. My girlfriend and I shop for "pretty panties" together.
2 years ago
My scenario is exactly the same as yours!!
2 years ago
Oh Yeah!I have always loved wearing and stroking with womens worn pantyhose!
2 years ago
i love jerking off with ladies worn pantyhose
2 years ago
No women around! Mirrors and stocking... The next best thing! Worked for me!!! Thanks!
2 years ago
I have the same fetish and feelings about pantyhose and the girls that wear them.
2 years ago
Doesn't it feel great?! I'm hard just remembering the last time!