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Met her online

So I met her online, through a local ad site, it started with a few short emails back and forth, then she asked what I was doing that night. Well that moved onto us agreeing to meet at my place. It took her about a half hour to get there, I was straightening up when the buzzer rang, I nearly jumped out of my shoes I was so nervous. I went down to the front door to let her in, she was a good looking, bbw woman, she was in her early 30s, blonde hair rolling down her shoulders to a nice set of 38 dds, I greeted her with a hug, and welcomed her over. We took the elevator up, and walked down to my apt sharing small talk. We got inside and sat and talked a bit in the living room, just some quick get to know you, and what you're looking for. After about 20 mins, she asks if we can move on a bit, I stand and reach for her hand, and guide her to the bedroom. The lights are out, and there's a lamp near the bed, she bumps in behind me, her hand grabs around my waist and her hand lands in my crotch, she kisses my neck and I turn around and kiss her and we fall onto the bed in the dark, both half off, we continue or embrace and slide up the bed, her hand massaging my cock, and I begin grasping her breast in my hand, over her shirt. I then slide my hand down her side, and over to her thigh, my hand slides between her thighs, and I begin to encircle her wet box, she breaks from our kiss to whisper, "I'm not wearing any underwear." I slide my hand up and under her pants, and guide my hand to her lips, I begin working her clit over, while using my other hands to squeeze her lips together, she unzips my pants, and guides her hand in, using two fingers she grasps my cock and slides it out, and frees my manhood. She then breaks our lips and sits up, removing her shirt, and exposing her breasts, only covered by a red bra, I lean in and kiss her neck, and down her breast, my hand reaches up and unhooks the front clasp, and her exposed tits, pop to life, I begin licking and nibbling on her nipple, as it hardens in my mouth, she lies me back and slides down the bed and begins slowly licking down my shaft, blowing me in the dark, its amazing, this woman is taking gentle care of my uncut cock. Licking it like an ice cream cone on a warm day, until she rolls her head and her lips cover my head, and she slides me down her throat, bobbing up and down, her hand cups under my balls, and begins massaging me, and in perfect unison, she takes complete control of me, engulfing herself on my and working me rigid, when I start to near explosion I stop her, and bring her up to me, while she is over me, my hands slide down her side and I slide her pants down her ass and around her ankles, I move my hand to her warm mound, and begin finger fucking her, sliding two fingers deep inside, she leans down and begins kissing me, we roll over, and I move down to her breasts, just visiting as I continue down her stomach, and between her thighs, my fingers slide her lips apart exposing her pinkness to the night, I slide in and cover my mouth over her clit, and beging a slow sucking motion, she begins to slow her breathing, my finger slides insider, her pressing down with a slight curl to my finger, I begin to speed up my pace, and she begins to moan, I continue strongly as she builds to her first orgasm, and when it comes, I'm shocked as she squirts out onto my face, as I wipe her juices from my face, and look up at her, and she's as shocked as this was her first time squirting. She apologizes and seems a little embarased, but I just thank her for letting me witness that amazing site, and I drop back down to begin my assault again, she's still dripping and my tongue curls up catching her cum, and I begin tonguing her again. She rolls to her side, gripping my head between her thighs and then back, her legs release, and I hear a gentle buzzing, and look up to see her handing me a small vibrator, she turns it off and sticks it into her mouth and begins to wetten it, she then hands it down to me, I spread her legs apart, leaning on one gently to keep it from moving, and i turn the vibe on and start to tease her until I slide it deep inside her, I press it upwards slightly only halfway inside, and then start gentle thrusts inside, my other hand lies over her stomach and down circling her hood as I work her over with the toy. She begins building up again and I fuck her with vigor working every ounce of pleasure out of her until she explodes again, this time it shoots straight off the bed and on the floor, guess I need to remember to be in front of it to keep it on the bed. She comes down and rolls over I slide up the bed and she mounts over me immediately engulfing my cock in her mouth with a fever, I move my hand between her thighs and she lowers to my mouth, we lie here in 69, taking care of each other, until we work up to our combined orgasm, she grinds into my face as I'm deep down her throat, exploding in her mouth and she not missing an ounce, we both seem to cum for what seems like hours, and we colapse together onto the bed, we cuddle together for a bit, and she stands to go to the bathroom, when she comes back she leans in and thanks me with a kiss, and we both dress. I walk her to the front door, and she pulls me close for one last kiss as we part ways. I go back and collapse on the bed, the room still smells of sex, the bed is soaked from her juices, and I spent, I lie there and just relive the night, as I drift off to sl**p. I wake the next day to see I've got a message in my email, She's getting off work early today, and wants to know if I'll be around....well I do have an extra sick day to use. Lol.
Posted by letmedothework80 2 years ago
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2 years ago
I Like it !!!! , Lixx