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Why is it?

Why is it I enjoy having a woman, grind her wet lips onto mine, why is it I enjoy her juices flowing down my cheeks, as she cums, why is it that I seek a woman to use me for my tongue, and leave me blue balled afterwards, why is it that every time I pass a older woman, all I can think about is what does she sound like during an orgasm, and why is it that you aren't here?
Posted by letmedothework80 2 years ago
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2 years ago
I need some of that action, though I would never leave you unfinished.
2 years ago
I would NEVER leave you with blue balls!
2 years ago
I can help you with the answer to that, First of all my smell when I'm excited is so very intoxicating you can't help yourself. Try as you might you just cannot resist wanting to taste my sweet nectar,you just have to taste for yourself what you already know. You've had others but nothing in your life has prepared you for my pouting lips . They are so swollen with excitement and can even see my clit beginning to swell and pertrude from its hood. The beginning of a tinge of rose color now is beginning to emerge throughout my perfect kitty lips.You tell yourself that you have seen anything so sexy and inticing .You dip your finger along my lips to gather some of my moist dew , you raise it to your lips to confirm what you already know. Sweeter than honey with a fullness that cannot be described . You can't help your self you just have to ................ well........you know.......mmmmmmmmm..Yummmm. Lixx
2 years ago
Why hasnt someone snagged you for their own.