Weekend camping

So, Jen and I had been chatting online for a while now, originally meeting from a Craigslist ad, we got to know each other and enjoy some hot times, I'm surprised that my keyboard didn't melt a few times. We had tried meeting a few times, but something always came up, well we were talking one night, and I mentioned that I was going to go camping that weekend, just outside the Twin Cities, and she was also planning to getaway that weekend, and was looking for something to do. That was when we finally planned out meeting. She was going to have her k**s with, so we'd have to keep it on the low, so we agreed to meet at night, at my camp once they had gone to bed. So it was finally on, I was so excited to finally enjoy some time with this amazing woman. Now Jen wasn't a super model or anything, but she had this beautiful curvy body, with these amazing breast, with half dollar size nipples, and soon it would all be mine.
I took off towards the campground after work on Friday, my car was already packed and I was on my way. I got there just after 6, and went and checked in, got my place, and hopped back in the car, and took off to my weekend home. It was a nice spot just off the water about halfways back in the camp grounds, while I drove I took notice of who else was camping out there as well. I had two open spots on either side of mine, one was an older couple in an RV, and the other was a younger couple. I decided to just make a quick loop around the site, before making my way back just to see what it had to offer, there was a playground as usual, the docks, with a couple of boats tied up, a few more groups of campers but pretty quiet for how nice it was. I passed the bathrooms, and started to make my way back, when off to the side there she was, unpacking her car, she looked up and caught my glance, and a smile spread across her face. She gave a quick wave, and watched me as I drove around the corner and pulled into my site.
As we unpacked our respective cars and started setting up camp, we continued to make playful smiles and looks. She blew me a kiss, and gave me an amazing view of her ass as she picked up her tent and went to set it up.
I set up my tent, and a canopy over the top, with a couple of tarps covering the sides as it was supposed to rain. Once that was done, I went and got out a couple of chairs set them around the fire, cracked open a beer, and got onto making fire, and getting some supper.
It started getting dark around 9, the fireflies were glowing as the sun dropped behind the trees. I looked over to see Jen just cleaning up after supper and her k**s sitting around the fire, I see her grab a water jug and start walking down the path, I grab my water bottle, and head the same way.
We meet in the path and walk together.
"Hi, sorry this is the first time I could get away for a second," She says.
"That's no problem," I say," I know you've been busy, but its so great to finally meet you, you're more beautiful in person."
"You're more than I expected as well," she replies.
We started walking and talking down to get water, which was a bit in the woods. Once we were out of site, I grabbed her, and pulled her in, our lips met, and it was amazing. Her tongue curled in my mouth, wrestling with mine, my hand begins gripping her breast, massaging as we kiss. Her hand slides down over my jeans, feeling my rock hard state. Our breath quickens, and we begin to maul each other. Her lips so full, press hard against mine, I step her back pressing her against a tree, she grunts as we slam our bodies together. Her legs slides up my side and our hands explore, until we hear a some talking, and we break our embrace, and still in the moment, our bodies warm and electric, we continue our trip. Once we get down there we see it was just some k**s getting water balloons, and we both fill our bottles and walk back from where we came. She went and sat back at her fire, and I at mine. I was still hard as a rock from our quick encounter, and went and grabbed a cold beer, which I just held between my legs and kicked back and just watched the night begin, the stars started to appear the moon was making it's rise across the sky.
I was onto my next drink when I noticed Jen was putting the k**s to sl**p, I knew our true fun was just about here. She sat around for a while, to make sure the k**s were asl**p in their tent, and she went and slipped into her tent, only to reappear in a few moments, in some, running pants, and a tshirt. She made her way over, I watch as her body dances in the night, as she crosses the park. She walks back into my spot, and greets me and walks right up, bends over and plants a wet passionate kiss on my lips, her hand on my thigh, and moves up to my crotch, and begins massaging me to life. She sits in the chair next to me, her hand never leaving my lap. She grabs a beer with the other hand and never loosing attention on me, she cracks open her beer, tilts back and takes a large swig down.
My hand reaches over and she spreads her legs, my hand runs over her twat, I can feel the warmth, she is obviously very ready. My two middle fingers begin pressing against her, massaging her, she lets out a small moan. Her fingers work their way to my zipper and slide down slowly, she guides her hand in my jeans and into my boxers, two fingers loop around my cock, and she frees it to the night air. Now her whole hands starts to grip my shaft, and slide up and down. I ease my hand down the front of her, pants and feel the wetness inside, shes not wearing any panties, and is dripping wet already. She kisses me and instructs me to lie back, and then goes to her knees in front of me.
She looks at me with those beautiful hazel eyes, and smiles and then opens her mouth and engulfs my cock in her mouth. She then slowly pulls her head back and her lips pop, as my saliva covered cock jumps as the cool air hits it. she then begins to work my head over, while undoing my pants. She guides them to the ground, I look around and no one in site, I can hear the couple having a few drinks other than that we're all alone.
Jen's mouth and hands have me standing at salute, full strength, she begins to take me all in, I've never had my balls licked during a deep throat before, but tonight this incredible woman was doing just that, her mouth spread wide open as her tongue darted between my balls. She'd come up for a moment of air and slide right back down my cock again. I was in heaven, and soon felt that urge in my balls, and before I could say anything, she slide off, and gripped her fingers around my cock tightly, "I don't want you cumming yet, we're gonna make sure this is a good load spent."
I hold her hands and help her up, hand in hand, I lead her over to a cluster of trees, where I've hung up a hammock, I stand her in front of it, each of my hands run up her legs, and my fingers slide into her waistband, and slide her pants to the floor, helping her step out of them, and sit her in the hammock. I begin by lying my palm over her wet lips, and massaging her in circles, my middle finger drops between her lips and starts rubbing her clit, then that finger makes it's way into her warm pussy. I lean in and begin tonguing her clit, as I massage her from the inside, I work another finger in, and start working slow finger 8s inside of her, my tongue lashing away, her hands go to her head as her breath quickens, my free hand slides up her shirt cupping her right breast, we begin to sway from our movements as she grinds against me, her legs over my shoulders gripping my head. I pinch her nipple, and a small yelp comes from her, and I quicken my spead, I can tell she close, and I release her breast and use my hand to spread her lips as i tongue and finger her to her first orgasm of the night. As she comes down, I lay gentle kisses and licks to her inner thigh.
Still slightly out of breath, she says she wants me inside of her. I stand up, and using the hammock I swing her to me, my cock rubbing her, until, slid just the head inside her, her legs are pressed against my chest, and I slide deeper inside, and then using the hammock I sway her, sliding my cock in and out of her, as I stand there, letting the sway do the work, as we concentrate on the feeling, her tight pussy, gripping my cock as she swings to me, releasing just to do it again. I begin thrusting back against her, slamming our bodies together, my hands gripping her breasts, and working her nipples as they harden in the night. I begin to her her breath slow, her pussy clench and I can tell shes close, I quicken my pace, pounding her pussy, she is barely able to tell me she's about to cum, when I slide out of her and she has an amazing powerful orgasm, squirting, the stream arcs and splashes against my chest, her body quivers in the swing, and I ease myself back inside her, slowly thrusting again, my thumb working over her clit. My balls beging to ache, and I can tell it's coming close, I quicken my pace, we both are ready to cum, just as I near so does she, I pull out as she explodes a third time, she slides to her knees and engulfs my cock as she fingers herself. She got me balls deep when I begin to cum, the first load, goes deep down her throat, she slides off my cock, to take the next one across her lips and cheek, the third, splatters against her forehead and into her hair, and she bobs back onto my cock to let the remaining go back in her mouth, she continues to suck on my head, getting every last drop out, and releases my cock, and opening her mouth for a moment to show me my load, she then swallows it all down. We're both naked and sweating, the fires died down. We both gather our things, and curl up on the side of the dying fire, on a sl**ping bag just holding each other til the fire was out. She ended up making her way back to her camp, I into mine.
I lie there, naked and spent, reliving the night as my eyes close and begin to drift off to sl**p still remembering this is only the first night...
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2 years ago
Wishing it was me... ;-)
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
so nice i wished it's true