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[Story] The Day I Was Diagnosed With Silicosis

Anyone who has worked in mining will recognize the risks of such a job, and as a result every one is tested on a six monthly bases. But due to my age (23) being one of the youngest expats on the mine, after only three months, I was dispatched to Kitwe, there I meet Dr Helga.

Sitting in the waiting room, for some reason, from the receptionist and watching the smiles on the nursing staff’s faces, I began to wonder what they know I didn’t. After what seemed a very long time my name was called and I was shown into a treatment room, told to disrobe and put on one of those hated surgi... Continue»
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[Story] sister incest part 3

The next day, at school, I was horny as a goat. All the girls
just seemed to look terrific and I fantasized about fucking all of
them or eating their pussies. I couldn't wait to get home to
relieve my sexual desire with Ellen.
When I got home, Ellen was already there. Her friend Kathy was
with her and they were working on some class project. I sat in the
living room and watched them work at the dining room table.
Ellen was wearing a short skirt that really enhanced her young
figure. Her top buttoned and she had one too many unbuttoned so
I could see flashes of her breast... Continue»
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[Story] Sister incest story part 2

I got to my knees, breathing loudly from my sexual excitement,
my face wet from my sister's pussy and my rigid pole jerking and
standing up in front of me.
Ellen's eyes seemed to go two sizes wider and she sat up and
looked at my dick with an odd, fearful stare for a moment.
I started to crawl on top of her but she scampered back from me
and then got off the bed quickly, running out and shutting my door
behind her.
What the ? I wondered.
I jumped up and went to her bedroom door but it was locked again.
No answer.
"Ellen, I'm pretty... Continue»
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[Story] Sister incest story part 1

It all started when I was nineteen (flunked 1st grade).
I was an alright guy. I didn't get great grades at school but I
was passing. I didn't have girls falling all over me but I had a
girlfriend. Her name was Linda and she was okay looking. I used
to take her out to movies and a concert or something.
It was just the sex thing that was driving me crazy.
You see, I had never gotten any. Any pussy. Not from Linda.
Not from anyone before her either. And I was revved up for it. I
really wanted it bad. My hormones were running away with me at
that age.
It was always th... Continue»
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[Story] Hardonis Academy P-4

New Student's Second Day Part 1
By Victor Lavay & J.F.

Sandra woke up and for a moment had no idea where she was. She looked around the small room. It was easily recognized as a school dorm room, neat and tidy with a minimum of furniture and nearly no personal stuff s**ttered around. She noticed that the bed opposite her was empty; she was alone in the room. The next thing she noticed was that she was naked under the covers. This realization brought flooding back all the memories of her first day at Hardonis Academy.

Sandra blushed, the memory of the “... Continue»
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[Story] Hardonis Academy P-3

New Student's First Day Part 3
By Victor Lavay

Sandra relaxed after the wild spasms of her orgasm dwindled away. Her limbs went limp, no longer able to struggle against the bonds that held her half naked body in place. Felling dreamy and happy she no longer wanted to struggle. The young student was really starting to enjoy the first day at her new school. So she didn=t even think about protesting as Principle Lazlow knelt beside the chair she was tied to and started licking her breasts.

The man=s tongue skilfully worked at the young girl=s puffy little breasts. He lick... Continue»
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[Story] Hardonis Academy P-2

New Student's First Day Part 2
By Victor Lavay

It sounded reasonable when Principle Lazlow said it, he had that kind of a voice. But a few moments later, when he was actually unbuttoning her blouse, Sandra started to have second thoughts. She struggled against the leather straps that held her arms behind the chair. This time she was trying to more calmly work her hands free, instead of wildly tugging at the bonds.

Lazlow noticed what the girl was doing, but was confident she would not escape. His assistant Violet had lots of experience tying boys and girls up. So he cont... Continue»
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[Story] Adventures at Hardonis Academy

New Student=s First Day Part 1
By Victor Lavay

"Welcome to Hardonis Academy." The distinguished looking Principal said from behind his desk as Sandra walked into his office. "Have a seat." He pointed the young girl to a big comfortable chair in the centre of the room. She quickly took her place as ordered. Her parents had told her that the school could be a lot of fun, but it would be strict on discipline. They assured her, the punishments were not something she would ever forget. So Sandra was on her best behaviour.

"As you know, Hardonis is a privet... Continue»
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