the secretary, part 1

It was her first day. She had joined the temping agency with a view of finding a permanent job. She dreamed of finding the perfect one, rich and good looking someone to marry. So she would always be perfectly dressed. Today she had got up early and preened and groomed herself. Everything was perfect. She had on black underwear and stockings. Black knee length tight pencil skirt, And a long line striped shirt and black belt. As she slipped on her her black stiletto shoes a heel breaks, she swears under her breath. She has to put on the red ones, not as high or sexy, but never mind. She calls the office to get the address. She is informed that today she has been asked to work at someone's home. Seems they have an office there. Well paid job, so that what counts she is told to get a taxi and charge it to them. She writes down the address and calls a taxi. As she steps out of the taxi the driver looks her up and down and tells her she is looking good. She smiles to herself, she loved to be told that. She walks up to the gate confidently feeling that today was gonna be a good day.

He had got up that morning, already feeling excited about what he had planned. His firm was doing very well money was no longer a problem. So he decided to take a little time off, just a few days.
It took a little preparation but he had done it, time to fulfill a fantasy. He had had lots of women and had no trouble getting them. But he wanted something a little different. So he had purchased supplies and some extras he knew he would need. Some handcuffs, also a set that chained ankles wrists and the neck, he got hard thinking of her helpless kneeling there naked. he had seen a picture of her from the agency. He had also ordered a rabbit he heard that the girls loved it, a glass but plug and a double dildo and plenty of lubes. The house was clean and tidy, plenty of snacks and wine. There was a note book and pencils for to use in dictation. There where also cameras set up in various places. This was going to be fun.
He checked his watch, she should be arriving soon. He looked out of the window and saw her step out of the taxi, and walk confidently to his gate. for one moment he thought about what he was about to do. He smiled inwardly knowing he had come too far not to carry it through...

She rang the bell on the gate, suddenly a little nervous, she adjusted her skirt and hair and reapplied her lipstick while she waited. There was no reply but the gate opened, pushing it further open she went in and made her way to the front door. As she went to knock the door opened. Stood before her was a vision he was straight out of a novel. Tall dark hair moody eyes. he was dressed in a suit and tie and looked very formal. She told him who she was and couldn't help herself but stuttered over it. She was so annoyed with herself.
He had watched her adjust her skirt and apply her lipstick before opening the gate, it looked so erotic. He had dressed formally and knew he looked striking. He waited behind the front door and opened it before she had a chance to knock. As he looked down on her he saw the look that crossed her face, she was impressed and the stutter proved she felt a little intimidated, perfect. From the moment he allowed her through the door the fantasy would begin and it would all be about his and not her pleasure.

As she stepped over the threshold of the door she took everything in. There was money here, could she be lucky and find the one on her first job.
He noted the look on her face and the way she seemed to take her surroundings in. He told her to come through to his office. he asked her to sit and that he would be right back with a drink, he would give her coffee, but would put something in to relax her, nothing to bad, just make her feel warm and safe for now.
She got up and had a look around the office when he left to get the coffee, how nice of him she thought. The room was very plush, the desk was a sturdy oak one. It was a little different though there seemed to be odd hooks in various places and it was very clear of anything.
He returned with the coffee watching her through the door. He could see her puzzled face at the hooks he had placed on his desk. If she had seen the smile on his face she would have been more than a little worried. He walked in with the coffees and asked her to sit and drink.
Her coffee was very sweet but she drank it anyway not wishing to offend.
He watched her drink with a pleasing smile.
She suddenly felt quite strange, smiling at her new boss she felt somehow at ease and safe.
He noticed that the d**g had taken effect. Come he asked her to take dictation, telling her that he would have to check for mistakes and that they would not be tolerated under any circumstances.
She sat up, crossing her legs and concentrated on his words, it seemed a little of a blur what she was writing and she felt warm and nervous at getting it wrong.
He deliberately spoke fast to unnerve her watching her delighting in her willing the mistakes he could see she was making Oh how she would be surprised at the punishments he had planned for her.
She looked up smiling as he stopped speaking, hoping she had not made mistakes, and any she had made would not be noticed.
He asked her to read back what he had dictated.
She started to read, before the end of the first paragraph she knew she had cocked it up, she looked up at him trying to smile, willing him not to notice.
But noticed he had, and he stood up and came around to her, he took her by the hand and led her over to a hard chair at the side of the room.
Unsure of what he wanted from her she took his hand and followed where he led. She saw the hard chair and wondered why something so plain looking would be in this room.
He sat down , bringing her around to the side he told her to bend over his lap.
She laughed, he had to be k**ding didn't he, it looked like he intended to spank her like a naughty school girl, she pulled away and said that maybe she should leave.
He held her wrist tightly and and laughed and told that she was not going anywhere. He pulled her over his knee holding her down with his left arm across her back. he swiftly brought his hand down hard onto her skirted bottom, again and again, feeling more excited with each stroke
She screamed out and struggled but to no avail he was strong and held her down skillfully. Each pass of his hand became harder. Thank god her bottom was covered.
He stood her up and told her to read the next paragraph.
She walked over to the desk her bottom stinging, she looked across at the door thinking of making a run for it. One glance back at her boss told her that it would be useless, in his hand he was toying with a key. He had locked the door. She walked back over to him and began, again the mistakes, she quivered and tears sprang unwanted in her eyes, she pleaded with him, that she would do better.
He had seen the glance at the door, and chuckled toying visibly with the key. Watching her walk back over to him, he couldn't help notice the curve of her hip and the heaving of her ample breasts under her shirt. He couldn't wait to see them exposed. The mistakes where obvious and he found her pleading and tears pleasing. he told her then that he had warned her of the consequences of mistakes. He told her to remove her skirt and blouse.
She didn't want to but could see no way out. The feeling of being safe was truly gone now. She removed her skirt and blouse, not realizing that the slowness of removal was turning him on more and more. She stood there in her underwear, regretting now wearing something so sexy.
He drank in her vulnerability enjoying the striptease that he could tell she had no idea she was performing. Again he Put her over his knee, pulling her panties down he gently stroked her buttocks before sharply spanking it hard, each time his hand connected with her flesh he gently rubbed watching the redness grow deeper. he could feel her shudder between each stroke.
She sobbed she was embarrassed and felt vulnerable and violated and it hurt, she could feel the redness growing. She had not been spanked since she was a little girl. And that was by her uncle. Funny she seemed to remember the hardness that she felt now growing harder with each passing of his hand.
He stood her up watching her panties slip to the floor. He told her to take of the bra, and to step closer.
Standing there in front of him her breasts heaving her nipples hard she felt strangely aroused but scared too.
He nipples where perfect hard and standing out, he reached up and flicked each one watching the flinch, he pinched them both at the same time, oh this was heaven. He also noticed that her pussy was smooth, he had to feel it he stood up and went behind her one arm over her shoulder squeezing the breast hard underneath it. The other hand reached down to her smooth pussy and cupped it, Oh it felt good to him. He wanted more. He placed a foot in-between her legs and f***ed her legs open. His fingers felt further into her damp place, the smell of her hair intoxicating He would have her very soon for the first but not the last time.
She felt his hand exploring her bareness he seemed excited it was obvious he was going to fuck her, why didn't he just do it and get it over with, she was ashamed that her juiced had started to flow and that he and felt how wet she was. She felt the hardness of his manhood, it felt big already encased in his trousers.
He felt how wet she was he was almost exploding in his trousers, he had to have her now it wouldn't take long. She was a slut and wanted and needed a hard fuck. He would show no gentleness this first time. He pushed her forward, feeling her pussy lips part under his probing hand. He pushed two finger into her. Holding her down with one hand he undid his trousers, his large cock sprang forward slapping her arse. It found her love hole with out help. He grabbed each side of her hips and pulled her backwards hard. Forcing all of him inside her pulling back he did it again and again ignoring the cries from her beneath him. It didn't take long as he knew it wouldn't. He came hard gushing hot cum into her deep wet cunt. He held her there till he felt the pulsing subside. When he released her she slipped to the floor, his cum flowing from her onto the Persian carpet.
She realized that it was about to happen, She felt the slap of his cock on her arse felt the tip find the right place, felt his hands on her hips. She was unprepared for the sharp pain as he thrust into her. It felt like he was going to go to far in, he just kept pounding her till she felt him cum. Holding her there, sobbing and pleading him to stop. He let her go and she collapsed to the floor, unaware that the sight of her cum filled pussy was making him hard again...
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3 years ago
wonderful story
4 years ago
stunning story !!!
gets me very horny :P
more please x
5 years ago
excellent keep it up