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My shadow is licking his cock

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My husband fucking me with his big cock

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Wearing the bra

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At work

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[Story] me nd my mom

Hai frnds i am suresh. Age 15. I am a studant. Ithu 2011 varudathil nadantha unmai kathai. My f****y dad, mom and me. En appa contractions manager. Amma janaki age 36. 5' tall. Size 34 32 38. Nala sivapu niram. Amma Ladies club member. Appa companyki unmaia work panraru. So epavum busy. Engalidam ore oru car than irunthathu. Athai appa use seithar. Appa epothum vetileye irukamatar. Mor 8am ponal nt 11pm than vetirku varuvar. Athanal ammavirku velie poga siramaka irunthathu. Athanal appa puthithaka car onru vankinar. Ammavirku car ota theriathathal driver oruvarai velaiki serthar. Avar peyar ra... Continue»
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[Story] Periyamma kalla uravu

Yen lifela nadatha vishayatha share panathan intha blog open panen,just padinga ..

Yen name siva (name changed) na college 2nd year padikum pothu ithu nadanthathu.. na enga periyamma vetuku ponen mathiyam 2.30 irukum,na epayume door thatalam maten sudden ah!! poiruven apdiye annaikum poiten sudden ah!! room kulla yen periyamma pavadaya matum katti irunthanga na vanthathum kaiya mela vachutanga na veliya vanthuten,apram sagachama peasitu irunthom na anga oru letter kuduka ponen kuduthutu vanthuten apram enaku night thonuchu intha sambavam yen periyamma vayasu apo 37 irukum but nalla white ah... Continue»
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my fuck by vaasu369369

thanks vaasu369369

if u lik sucking on your clit.....pushing my tongue deeeper inside your PUSSY....

When juice drip out of your PUSSY,

I will lick every drop of it with my hot tongue....

I will make your whole body shake.
My cock wants your t... Continue»
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[Story] Why Does The Cuckold Get Turned On By Cuckolding?

Why Does The Cuckold Get Turned On By Cuckolding?

History of the term Cuckold
"Cuckold" is derived from the Old French for the Cuckoo bird"Cocu" with the pejorative suffix -ald. The earliest written use of the Middle English derivation, "cockwold" occurs in 1250. The females of certain varieties of Cuckoo lay their eggs in other bird's nests, freeing themselves from the need to nurture the eggs to hatching. In medieval Europe, the law, custom, and the church all defined married women as a category of property held by their husbands. Although Christian marriage vows strictly enjoined sexu... Continue»
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[Story] The dirtiest sex story ever

'So what, I am a girl and I talk dirty, I let men look at me, and yes I am always in a state of readiness, I have always been, that's what happens when you grow up watching your mum and dad fuck each other, as part of your home education regarding sex'.

Even my opening lines to you men reading this, are a challenge. I am a real person and I am challenging you to meet me and find out for yourself just how perverted a girl I am.

I love sex and full on intercourse, I am a liberated soul, blessed with a body men just dream about entering and freely seeding, backdoor and front, your choice.
... Continue»
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[Story] Mother in law pt 2

My cock was bulging at this point, she turned away from me and bend down to get some plates out the bottom of the cupboard, this time displaying her full arse to me, I could see her pussy dripping, my cock stood on end, was this my opportunity to penetrate her, her pussy was open practically begging to be pounded, inviting me in. I looked down my cock had broken free from the robe. The tip of my cock was shining with pre-cum, it was ready to slide in.

At that point she dropped to all fours, and tuned towards me, like a wild cat, ready to eat her pray. She crawled right up to me reached up a... Continue»
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[Story] Witches Taboo Spell

Wanda the Witch. That was what they called her at Bradford High School. Not because she was ugly or anything like that. In fact, quite the opposite was true as she was one of the prettiest girls in school. She couldn't remember exactly when she got the nickname. It just began when one of the girls at school joked that she must be a witch as every time anybody got on her bad side, weird things would begin to happen to them.

And, unfortunately today was one of those days for Daphne Cones. Daphne was Wanda's boyfriend, Norris's mother. Wanda and Norris had been planning on spending the weekend... Continue»
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Neighbors Panty Drawer

Lately, I had the opportunity to sneak a peek at my neighbors panty drawer. I took a few photos, which I posted.
Just the other day, I happened to bump into my neighbor and we started talking...I couldn't help notice that she was wearing the bra that I took a picture of.

It was showing thru her tight white t-shirt...and I could make out the rippled lace that runs down the center of the cups....I got an instant hard-on...I'm not sure if she noticed the bulge that was growing in my pants, but I excused myself, and w... Continue»
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[Story] Mom becomes a whore

Gladys Ham couldn't believe her eyes. Her son had called her to his room and had turned on the computer to a porn site. There, for all the world to see, was herself in a number of nude and sexual poses. It was obvious that Michael had set up cameras throughout the house to catch her.

There were pictures of her in the shower, or changing clothes. These weren't so harmful, and she actually found it erotic to know that strangers, thousands of strangers, might be masturbating to her image.

The picture that rocked her was one of her in her bedroom, nude, sucking the cock of the dark black... Continue»
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[Story] My Mother, My Wife

A love story between a mother and son. Please critique my story not

grammatically but for content and if you like the story line.

My dad died when I was still in my mother’s belly and she lived as a single parent.

She had kept her maiden name but I took my father’s surname which became so

convenient to me when the time came.

It all started when I was 7 years old and I saw my mother naked in the shower. She

saw me looking at her and I could tell that she did not mind the audience. She

washed and focused on her supple breasts and furry pussy, but at age 7 I did ... Continue»
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[Story] Cheating with my Neighbor

Remembering the night I had taken my neighbor by surprise and how that night introduced me to the life of cheating and fucking other men while I was married.

My ex and I would fantasize about us having a threesome or foursomes with other men while we had sex. He would dare me to find a man or men and bring them home.

Jeff moved across the street from us with his f****y. I wasted no time in asking my husband to invite them to a welcome to the neighborhood get together on the weekend.

We were drinking and all having a good time and getting along. Jeff’s wife was tall, 5’6” or 5’7”, l... Continue»
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[Story] Raj & His Mom Spend Their Vacation In Goa

Raj & His Mom Spend Their Vacation In Goa

A work of fiction. Raj was a 18 year old boy. He was living with his mom Nalini in Lucknow. She was a widow. Raj’s dad died 8 years ago, when he was 10 years old. Initially, when her husband died, Nalini was very depressed for almost a year after his death. But she slowly turned her attention towards her son. She was very affectionate with him and took good care of him. She made sure that Raj was not affected by the loss of his dad and her only attention was to bring him up and educate him.

Raj was her world and she took care of him with a... Continue»
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[Story] Nancy Friday Forbidden Flowers MORE WOMEN’S

This book belongs to the
women whose letters fill it. Many
wrote to question their own
sexuality, others to confirm it.
From them all, I have learned
about my own.
– N . F.
“Your book My Secret Garden reduces women
to men's sexual level.”
– Dr. Theodore I. Rubin, to
Nancy Friday, in NBC
radio interview, 1973
“Aren't women entitled to a little lust too?”
– Nancy Friday's reply
AN INTRODUCTION ...................................................... 1
CHAPTER ONE............................................................. Continue»
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Fatima is an Egyptian Muslim married mother in her thirties, She is a buxom woman, lived in 6th of October City, in Giza, Egypt. She was originally from Fayyom. Her face features are pure Egyptian, like ancient Egyptian queens, women, and naked Pharoahnic dancers. Beautiful like Nagwa Fouad, and Sohair Zaky, the famous belly dancers. Her vulva is very delicious and honey-sweet like none of European or American women can do.

Her husband Hussein is alive and they had three c***dren, their elder son Ahmad is in the final year of secondary school. She was always and still very beautiful in Ahma... Continue»
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[Story] vasantha aunty

சந்தா எங்கள் வீட்டின் அருகிலிருக்கும் ஆண்டியின் பெயர். குழந்தையில்லை. புருஷன் அரசாங்க பணியில். வயது 35 குள்ளமான உருவம் ஆனால் கும்மென்றிருக்கும் வடிவம். நல்ல பணம் படைத்தவர்கள். ஆனால் குழந்தையில்லாதது தான் குறை. அதை வெளிபடுத்திகொள்வதில்லை.அவர்கள் வீட்டில் இல்லாத பொருட்களேயில்லை. எல்லாம் நிறைந்திருக்கும். நான் மணி சமயற்கலை படிப்பு என் அப்பா தன் ஏழ்மை வரும்படியிலும் என்னை என் விருப்பத்திற்கு ஏற்ப படிக்கவைக்கிறார். எனக்கு 19 வயது இரண்டாமாண்டு படித்துக்கொண்டிருக்கிறேன். விடுமுறையில் வந்திருந்தேன்.எங்கள் வீட்டில் பிரிட்ஜ் இல்லாததால் வசந்தா வீட்டில் பிரிட்ஜில் சில நேரம் மாவு காய்கறி போன்ற பொருட்களை
க... Continue»
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[Story] my first fuck with mom

The night I first fucked my mother was undoubtedly the happiest time in
my life, although it has been nearly equaled many times since in our
torrid love life.
It happened in her father's house way back in the hills of Kentucky. We
got word that my grandfather was in very poor health, and Mom wanted to
go see him right away. Since it was early in the week, Dad couldn't get
off work, and my b*****r and s****r and I were in school, but Mom didn't
want to travel alone, so she asked me, the oldest c***d still at home, to
go along with her on this overnight visit. Grandpa lived so far ba... Continue»
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I had never been so pissed. I really thought that tonight was the night I was going to score. Her name was Tami Johnson. She was a cheerleader with long legs and probably the biggest breasts at our school. We had plans to go to the drive-in, where I was sure to be balls deep in her sweet little pussy, but she stood me up. That bitch!!! I arrived back home and entered the house with my head hung low. I had just turned 18 and it looked like I was gonna be the worlds oldest virgin. Mom and Dad were watching tv in the livingroom. I passed them without a word and started upstairs.

"Sweetie, what... Continue»
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[Story] A f****y Affair

To say that my s****r & I were close is an understatement. Our mother, who never throws anything away showed us the earliest picture she had of us, an ultrasound, which clearly shows me spooning my twin s****r, months before we were even born, what can I say, I love doggy style even to this very day.

25 years ago I entered this world through a very tight warm 16 year old vagina, mum was a very young mother, probably one of the first yummy mummies. Then 5 minites after I arrived I saw my s****r naked for the first, but not the last time. I dont actually remember my twin s****r being born but... Continue»
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[Story] After School On the Crowded Bus

It was pouring rain, I huddled under the bus shelter to try & stay dry, my hair was already damp & my white school blouse was more than a little see through, the cold air made my nipples stand to attention & it seemed my breasts were all the boys at the bus shelter could lear at & giggle about. I just wanted to get on the bus, go home, get out of these wet clothes & take a shower & cuddle up in bed with my pj's & a hot chocolate.

The bus finally arrived but it was way overcrowded, the bus driver told us it was standing room only today as a train had broken down & a lot of the office workers... Continue»
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[Story] The Adult Cinema

I had never been in this city before, my girlfriend was off shopping so I decided to visit some local adult bookstores. One looked very upmarket so I decided to enter & have a look around. It was very clean, well lit & very couple friendly, lots of neon lights, flouro colours & plenty of novelty toys as well as a great range of hardcore magazines & dvd's. Towards the back of the store were coin operated video booths & a door to an adult cinema. I had at least a hour to kill so I paid the entry fee to the cinema & enetered via a door at the rear of the store. The door led down 2 flights of diml... Continue»
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[Story] Fucked In a Sex Theatre

My older lover, Jeff had educated me in many ways in his world of sexual deviance. But one memory that lingres in my mind is the following.

I was old enough to have sex at s*******n but not old enough to visit an adult sex shop. Jeff told me to just stay with him & be quite as he took me into the adult shop just a few blocks from the city cente.

He held my hand as we looked through the endless display of erotic dvd'd, sex toys lotions & clothes, the shop was so tasetful, colourful & fun, I felt safe yet mildly aroused.

Jeff told me to look at some of toys, maybe pick out something we ... Continue»
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[Story] MY MOM AND I

I am 48. I have never married. I am 6' tall and in pretty good shape and I am sure some people may think I am gay because I am unmarried and live at home. My friends from work and c***dhood buddies know and believe that I have been engaged in a love affair with a married woman with two c***dren who refuses to divorce her husband. That is almost the truth and I lead them to believe it. What no one knows is that my mother is the woman I have been intimate with for the last 30 years. I was 18 and she was 45 when it began. She is now 75, still beautiful, slightly overweight, a few wrinkles but her... Continue»
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[Story] Power Granny meets She Hulk

Power Granny Meets She Hulk
By lilguy lilguy4174@yahoo.com
Power Granny meets She Hulk on a beach..smut and muscle follows.

Note- This was a commission I did

Power Granny meets She Hulk
There was a beach that every now and then was rented out where Super heroes, could relax privately after battle. It was an Inland that floated between dimensions, floating in and out of reality. This way character from multiple realities could go there to relax. It had a f***e field around it to protect it. There were several beach houses on the beach so people ... Continue»
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[Story] I Love My Hairy Mom: Chapter 1

I Love My Hairy Mom: Chapter I


I guess my interest in my mother started by seeing my mom naked in her room while she was getting changed or in the bathroom while she was taking a bath or shower. You see, my mom raised me and my siblings to see that nudity is natural and not anything to be weirded out about or taken so seriously, which meant that I saw my mom naked a lot. I guess you can say that these experiences also led to my absolute love of the most erotic, hot, and sexy thing I could ever think of; hairy bush.

Now I know many people these days think a hairy pussy is a... Continue»
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xxx HQ Password

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Posted by sheenamaster 1 year ago

Dating Tips For Men.

Dating Tips For Men/Things to watch out for with women:

-Never co-sign or mix any finances with a woman.

-Choose free or low cost places to meet women instead of restaurants and movies. (Meet up at bookstores, libraries, parks during the day, cafe's)

-Avoid dating or marrying any i*****l immigrants. Most of them just want a green card and have no intention of being with you forever. Google Marriage Fraud!

-Avoid long distance relationships. Choose women that live closer to make life easier on yourself.

-Avoid dating profiles from women that contain looking for real man, g... Continue»
Posted by toesuckinggirl 2 years ago