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[Story] Film Script - Porn Noir (Work in progress, needs f

Hey guys, just received this script from a young & talented lady film maker. Can you help me and her out by reviewing this script? You'll get early access to the film. Thanks,
Cathy x


Establishing shots.


A gentlemen’s club in the heart of the town is lit
low key with an ambiance of blue and white spotlights
on the stage.

It’s ISOBEL’S night, as the music begins to play
‘SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THESE’, she appears on stage
from out of the darkness with her feather boa. She
begins to dance teasing the audience.... Continue»
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[Story] Script

This is what I came up with for my hypnosis video thus far. Just the text. I don't know how to incorporate images and such into the mix let alone have a program for someone speaking the words.

You love femininity
You adore femininity
When you see femininity it turns you on
You want to be feminine
You have strong desires to be feminine
You are feminine
Say I want to be feminine


You love lingerie
You adore lingerie
When you see lingerie it turns you on
You want to wear lingerie
You have strong desires to wear lingerie
You will wear lingerie
S... Continue»
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Credits goes to original authur,i enjoyed it and thought of sharing....any girls interested email me zeero69@live.co.uk

Bang! There was a bang on the door that suddenly brought Neelu out of her thoughts. She saw towards the window. It was morning and the news paper wallah had thrown the bundled Paper on the balcony. She got up and dressed her gown and came on the balcony to take the news paper. She tried to read it but she didn’t feel like she was not feeling like doing anything. She was still feeling an itch between her legs she tried to clasp her thighs and felt a kind of wetness there.
... Continue»
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[Story] Cinema

Credits goes to original authur,i enjoyed it and thought of sharing....any girls interested email me zeero69@live.co.uk

Bang! There was a bang on the door that suddenly brought Neelu out of her thoughts. She saw towards the window. It was morning and the news paper wallah had thrown the bundled Paper on the balcony. She got up and dressed her gown and came on the balcony to take the news paper. She tried to read it but she didn’t feel like she was not feeling like doing anything. She was still feeling an itch between her legs she tried to clasp her thighs and felt a kind of wetness there.
... Continue»
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[Story] m*****ed By a Tailor

This happened first time when i was 12. I used to go this tailor's shop to stitch my school uniforms every year. But it was in the 7th grade that he started doing these dirty things to me. When he was taking my measurements, his hand accidentally(i think so) pressed against my crotch region. I felt somewhat embarrassed, but unintentionally i got erect. It was my mistake, i know, but i just couldn't do a thing because it was an autonomous reaction. His hand again hit on my crotch while taking the measurements of my trousers. This time, he spotted that i was erect and confirmed it in a flash of ... Continue»
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[Story] Confessions of an Exhibitionist.

All credit belongs to Seahawk76©


Hello. My name is Melissa and I'm an exhibitionist.

I didn't actually say those words out loud; I just imagined standing up and saying them to the twenty or so people sitting in this community center meeting room. I was also fantasizing about stripping off all of my clothes as I spoke, which probably helps explain why I ended up at an AA meeting in the first place. You see, my addiction has nothing to do with d**gs or alcohol, although it can be as potentially career damaging as battling either of those demons. That's why I came here ... Continue»
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[Story] Confessions of a lonely mother

It all started when i was 14 and became pregnant with my son Andrew, on one hand becoming a mother at 15 change my life forever, all my plans were ruined, on the other hand he was in his way and there were nothing that I could do, nothing but bear that situation, his father ran away scared to hell and I never knew about him anymore, when Andrew was born I still was a c***d, at the beginning it was really hard but time passed by and when he was 3 it wasn’t as hard as in the beginning , I was 18 and had no partner at all, could you imagine their expressions when they found out that I was a moth... Continue»
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Suggestions of Pushing a Submissive Man

Keeping the Marriage Interesting
From the Locked Cock for Tiffany's Tumblr blog, I swear each one makes me tingle 'down there':

Here are suggestions for some less intense ways of pushing a submissive man’s buttons. Most of these undoubtedly are not original as there’s really nothing new under the sun, and FemDom is no exception. Some of these may work for some folks and not for others. All personalities, likes and dislikes vary.

1. Send him emails in which you mention his submissive behavior or address him as your sub, slave, knight, servant, boytoy or whatever. Or send text mess... Continue»
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training to be a good sissy

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[Story] Two ‘moms’ tell this true story2

My son Ken was 18 now, and soon got his own apt. and a room mate….Jen.
Lynn and I still have visits from them and we stop by their place. Our husbands who had lost interest in sex, got use to Lynn and I, (Julie), spending the night together a lot. My husband and I have a guest house and Lynn I used that to have our ‘sl**p over’s in. Her husband was always gone hunting or fishing and was never there on weekends. Our story telling continued and we kept going further with our mutual masturbation.
We both knew what was next and talked about it and how exciting it might be for us. Ken and Jen... Continue»
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[Story] My son Ramesh

My son Ramesh

I never thought I can give this kind of present for my son from me on the new millenium. My son Ramesh is working in US and returned home for the millenium. As usual I was very excited to see him. He has been living in US for 5 years now and he comes home every 2 years. He arrived on the Christmas day as myself and his dad went to the airport to pick him. Ramesh was very excited to see us both despite his jetlag and just kept talking. Since we picked him up in the middle of the night we went to bed soon even though Ramesh wasn’t keen. In the morning after the br... Continue»
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[Story] Nancy Friday My Secret Garden Women’s Sexual

My Secret
Women’s Sexual Fantasies
who believed in this book
when it was just fantasy
FOREWORD by "J," ......................................................... 1
THINKING ABOUT,” HE SAID.............................................5
FRUSTRATION.................................................................... 17
Madge, Dot
INSUFFICIENCY.................................................................. 21
Louella, Irene, Annette, Maria
SEX ENHANCEMENT..... Continue»
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[Story] My first cock

My friend Eric and I used to go out and play pool or something every Monday than afterwards we would go back to his place catch a small buzz watch a porno and jackoff. Well one Monday night ended differently. Everything was the same except while watching the porno I was suddenly aware that he was lightly rubbing my crotch and when he knew I was aware of it he than admitted that he had been curious what sucking a dick was like and asked if I would let him suck mine. I was buzzed and horny as all fuck so I quickly agreed. So we both got undressed and went to his bedroom and laid down on his bed.... Continue»
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[Story] Use and abuse me

OK, I've had this fantasy for a while and I still haven't lived it out yet :( ...

I'm on my back, tied to the headboard by my wrists - my legs are tied so they're up in the air. My arsehole is exposed and I have a ring gag in my mouth.

I can just about reach through the gag with my tongue so you mount me and rub your pussy into my face. Occasionally you switch directions, smothering me, really pushing back into my mouth and nose - I can smell your holes and I clean your arsehole out before you switch back.

Once I've flicked your clit for a while and lapped up ... Continue»
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[Story] My Indian fantasy with Shobah

I had been living in my town now for a little over ten years. It is a small town with allot of open space and farms. I noticed that as of the past 2-3 years there has been an influx of Indian families to my town. I was glad to see that as I have always found Indian culture to be interesting and Indian women to be very pretty.

I had dated an Indian girl when I was in my twenties. Her name was Susanne. I thought she was the most beautiful woman I've ever had the pleasure of dating. She was a petite girl with a slight build, big deep brown eyes that made me feel warm and turned my legs to... Continue»
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[Story] Mother & Son india

Rajiv was only 19 years old. Rajiv's father name was Dipak and rich businessman in city. His mother Rupa was the house wife. Rupa was 39 years old now. She was a modern up-to-date free lady, regularly visit to clubs and gim. Rupa like to dress very conservatively. She understood the modern concept of sex and liked it better. Her husband Dipak was busy most of the time with his business, cannot give much time to his wife. Rupa was happy, but her sexual life was far from what she desires.

As a mother of a grown up son, Rupa hardly let her sexual urge to surface. She maintains a regular happy ... Continue»
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[Story] My Sex Fantasy With My Mommy

Hi to all. this is sidhu. I am going to share my sex experience with my mom. My mom and dad were love marriage and married during their college days itself. When I was 5years old my dad died due to an disease. All my relatives blamed my mom for my dad’s dead. So my took me out of the town from Tamilnadu to Kerala. Then days gone and i become 18year old boy. As been a boy I had the habit of drinking and smoking. So my track was changing path.

The next year I entered the college. I had many friends and one of them was ver
... Continue»
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My shadow is licking his cock

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My husband fucking me with his big cock

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Wearing the bra

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At work

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[Story] me nd my mom

Hai frnds i am suresh. Age 15. I am a studant. Ithu 2011 varudathil nadantha unmai kathai. My f****y dad, mom and me. En appa contractions manager. Amma janaki age 36. 5' tall. Size 34 32 38. Nala sivapu niram. Amma Ladies club member. Appa companyki unmaia work panraru. So epavum busy. Engalidam ore oru car than irunthathu. Athai appa use seithar. Appa epothum vetileye irukamatar. Mor 8am ponal nt 11pm than vetirku varuvar. Athanal ammavirku velie poga siramaka irunthathu. Athanal appa puthithaka car onru vankinar. Ammavirku car ota theriathathal driver oruvarai velaiki serthar. Avar peyar ra... Continue»
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[Story] Periyamma kalla uravu

Yen lifela nadatha vishayatha share panathan intha blog open panen,just padinga ..

Yen name siva (name changed) na college 2nd year padikum pothu ithu nadanthathu.. na enga periyamma vetuku ponen mathiyam 2.30 irukum,na epayume door thatalam maten sudden ah!! poiruven apdiye annaikum poiten sudden ah!! room kulla yen periyamma pavadaya matum katti irunthanga na vanthathum kaiya mela vachutanga na veliya vanthuten,apram sagachama peasitu irunthom na anga oru letter kuduka ponen kuduthutu vanthuten apram enaku night thonuchu intha sambavam yen periyamma vayasu apo 37 irukum but nalla white ah... Continue»
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my fuck by vaasu369369

thanks vaasu369369

if u lik sucking on your clit.....pushing my tongue deeeper inside your PUSSY....

When juice drip out of your PUSSY,

I will lick every drop of it with my hot tongue....

I will make your whole body shake.
My cock wants your t... Continue»
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[Story] Why Does The Cuckold Get Turned On By Cuckolding?

Why Does The Cuckold Get Turned On By Cuckolding?

History of the term Cuckold
"Cuckold" is derived from the Old French for the Cuckoo bird"Cocu" with the pejorative suffix -ald. The earliest written use of the Middle English derivation, "cockwold" occurs in 1250. The females of certain varieties of Cuckoo lay their eggs in other bird's nests, freeing themselves from the need to nurture the eggs to hatching. In medieval Europe, the law, custom, and the church all defined married women as a category of property held by their husbands. Although Christian marriage vows strictly enjoined sexu... Continue»
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[Story] The dirtiest sex story ever

'So what, I am a girl and I talk dirty, I let men look at me, and yes I am always in a state of readiness, I have always been, that's what happens when you grow up watching your mum and dad fuck each other, as part of your home education regarding sex'.

Even my opening lines to you men reading this, are a challenge. I am a real person and I am challenging you to meet me and find out for yourself just how perverted a girl I am.

I love sex and full on intercourse, I am a liberated soul, blessed with a body men just dream about entering and freely seeding, backdoor and front, your choice.
... Continue»
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[Story] Mother in law pt 2

My cock was bulging at this point, she turned away from me and bend down to get some plates out the bottom of the cupboard, this time displaying her full arse to me, I could see her pussy dripping, my cock stood on end, was this my opportunity to penetrate her, her pussy was open practically begging to be pounded, inviting me in. I looked down my cock had broken free from the robe. The tip of my cock was shining with pre-cum, it was ready to slide in.

At that point she dropped to all fours, and tuned towards me, like a wild cat, ready to eat her pray. She crawled right up to me reached up a... Continue»
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[Story] Witches Taboo Spell

Wanda the Witch. That was what they called her at Bradford High School. Not because she was ugly or anything like that. In fact, quite the opposite was true as she was one of the prettiest girls in school. She couldn't remember exactly when she got the nickname. It just began when one of the girls at school joked that she must be a witch as every time anybody got on her bad side, weird things would begin to happen to them.

And, unfortunately today was one of those days for Daphne Cones. Daphne was Wanda's boyfriend, Norris's mother. Wanda and Norris had been planning on spending the weekend... Continue»
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Neighbors Panty Drawer

Lately, I had the opportunity to sneak a peek at my neighbors panty drawer. I took a few photos, which I posted.
Just the other day, I happened to bump into my neighbor and we started talking...I couldn't help notice that she was wearing the bra that I took a picture of.

It was showing thru her tight white t-shirt...and I could make out the rippled lace that runs down the center of the cups....I got an instant hard-on...I'm not sure if she noticed the bulge that was growing in my pants, but I excused myself, and w... Continue»
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[Story] Mom becomes a whore

Gladys Ham couldn't believe her eyes. Her son had called her to his room and had turned on the computer to a porn site. There, for all the world to see, was herself in a number of nude and sexual poses. It was obvious that Michael had set up cameras throughout the house to catch her.

There were pictures of her in the shower, or changing clothes. These weren't so harmful, and she actually found it erotic to know that strangers, thousands of strangers, might be masturbating to her image.

The picture that rocked her was one of her in her bedroom, nude, sucking the cock of the dark black... Continue»
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