Asain Flower On Her Anniversary

Just goes to show how once you've been made love to and fucked so hard you will always come back for more. My asian flower called me on Monday, and I know she had been out of town for the weekend with f****y, as soon as she got home she picked up the phone to tell me she was back. I know she didn't want to go on this trip with her f****y but had anticipated being at home by herself until I came over, but that didn't work out. I knew she would be horny as hell over the weekend, so I planted thoughts in her head about me and how it would feel for me to fuck her while everyone was out of town. She thought about my long dick inside of her the whole weekend, and couldn't wait to get home, she even got away to call me, sharing her experience and wanting to see me while she was on her anniversary weekend was very important to her. I went to her house on Thursday of the same week and I could see she was so ready for me, she dresses in very tiny shorts and dresses just so I can see her pussy when she lifts her legs in the chair. Whenever she walks up the stairs and I trail behind her I can see all of her parts, the long glistening hair of her pussy, and the tight thighs that seem to go on forever. We talk for a moments and she puts her hand on my chest just to make contact, but I know she wants me, I start to massage her feet because I know this is a turn-on to her, she leans back in the chair and exposes her camel toe (pussy) to me and it's so inviting.... She asks "r u ok" because she knows I'm so horny, and I want that pussy now. I say "I'm fine" as I continue to massage her feet and legs she asks me can I lay down on the floor" and I say of course, now I have full access to her whole body to massage. I know she is getting hotter because I can feel the heat of her pussy as I massage her inner thighs, I stroke and massage every bit of her body with a warm oil she keeps in the house, she tells me "do you know my anniversary is in a few days, of course I do I went to the marriage 10 years ago. (This should tell you how long I've been fucking her). I began to massage the inside of her pussy with my finger showing her where the g-spot is and how I can make her dance off the wall, after 30 or 40 minutes of massaging her pussy she is so intense she wants me inside of her. I want this time to be so special because it's her anniversary. So I remove all of her clothes and mine too, just so there is nothing between us, and I slam my huge BBC inside of her body, as hard as I can. I slammed my cock in her so hard we started fucking near the bedroom window and I had pushed and slammed the pussy across the floor all the way to the bathroom on the other side of the room. She looked up and wondered how did we get over here, only reason she didn't go any further was because we ran into the wall. I was slamming, pushing and sticking that pussy so hard her eyes just rolled back in her head. For a few moments I would stop and move pretty slow, then I would start again, slamming it hard as I could,, I did this for more than three hours. I don't think I have ever fucked her that hard before, I wanted her to remember me on her anniversary, my asian flower was taking that dick and loving it. After I finished fucking her, we both took baths and fucked some more, she was so tired and I was so horny because it takes me a little while to come after the first time so I can go a while before I come again. She called me every minute of the day for the next week just to talk about nothing, but I knew she was feeling my cock in her mind and between her legs, (she just called me while I was typing this and asked me to come over) got to go!!! Her anniversary is today, I need to congratulate her again! Asian women love BBC, don't you know! She said next time she wants to drink my juices, I told her that's not a problem, drink as much as you want, there is more where that came from, do you think her husband realizes that I've been fucking his wife this long???
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