My Favorite Place

My asian flower always knew I liked to make love to her. We both had the kind of jobs that we had the freedom to be gone from our desk for many hrs. and no one cared. One day I called her and said I want to spend sometime with her uninterrupted, "she knows that means, strong,sweaty sex." Because she works in an upscale part of town, most of the hotels are very costly, but that doesn't matter because I usually chose the same one each time, we go in the side door and we can get on the elevator right next to the room. Well one day I could tell my asian flower needed her garden watered, she doesn't like to come right out and tell me this because she is married and I'm sure doesn't want to admit her husband doesn't satisfy her. Well this day I get a text on my cell that says "do you want to go to your favorite place.?"
Yes I do, was my reply so I picked her up from her office for lunch which always turned into us making wild hot steamy love with a few g****s and water to hold us over. I asked her how long can you be gone from your desk, she said "I'm yours for however long you can stay!" Let me tell you we don't waste time when we get to the room, its already understood, take off your clothes and let's fuck, so we got out of our clothes, and you should understand I'm applying forplay the whole time we are driving to the hotel, giving her metaphors on size and speed, how deep things can be, slow moving objests and the thrust capacity when digging into deep areas. See you need to understand women are very turned on by the words we say, so be careful in how you talk before making love. I jumped between her legs all 12 inches of my man pipe, because she is already wet, she grabs around my mid-section as best as possible but I'm a large man 6'3 255lbs of straight man and muscle. With each thrust into vagina I"m trying to reach the bottom of her throat, I'm thrusting so hard the pictures on the wall are shaking, the bed is creaking, and the microwave in the room has almost slid off the counter. She is moaning and groaning, and I'm listening for the sounds of orgasm because I don't want to come before she has the big orgasm. Now my asain flower doesn't like to talk much she says "just enjoy it, don't say anything" but the black men love to talk while we are dominating the pussy, we are the mandingo's everyone talks about and wants to be! I'm telling her, tell me how it feels, do you like it, how do you want it, is that the right spot, do you want it hard, slow or smooth, I wasn't shocked when she started speaking in chinese, I didn't know what she was saying, but I guess I was hitting it right, because she never talked chinese when we made love before. So I'm banging it hard, I turned her to the left, I flipped her to the right, I pinned her legs so far back to expose that pussy so well she could almost see the back of her knee caps. I heard a few words of english, oh yeah, baby, oh yeah baby, ooh yeah, ooh yeah, take that pussy. I said who's pussy is that, she said it's yours, I said does it belong to your husband, she said know it belongs to you, I asked her again, who's pussy is that, she said it's yours," when can I have it, she said anytime you want. My asian flower was concerned she hadn't gotten her period yet and I told her don't worry I will check it for you while I'm adjusting your vaginal muscles, she was glad to hear that her cycle had come, once I took my measuring stick out of her I must have losened the inner lining of her walls because she started her periond at that moment. I didn't want her to be embarrassed so I stopped all thrusting motions, held her tight and caressed every part of her body. I gently massaged her shoulders, kissed under her breast where most men don't think about, I laid on her back to give her the impression of what it was like to be watched over, she then got in the shower where I washed her so carefully, so her hair wouldn't get wet before she went back to work. I dried her off from head to toe and caried her back to the bed I didn't want her feet to touch the floor, she put her clothes on and I dropped her off at work, since I was responsible for picking her up later to go home......when I picked her up later that evening, she said that lunch earlier was wonderful, I was dizzy with excatsy "what did you do to me?" I said, just took care of your needs because I love you. She said I want to feel that way again, I said "no problem, I drove right back to "My favorite place" after we left her job to finish before I took her home to her husband....a place where excasty doesn't exist! I love asian women, any women out there ever have that kind of lov'n?!
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