Asian and African American (2)

Well I've wanted to spend more time with my asian friend but it's been hard since her in-laws are in town for a while she told me it's going to be a little difficult to spend some quality time together. Understand not being with her intimately for a few days sends me into a tizzy. It's hard to concentrate and just going through the regular routine of life makes one weary. Since we can't meet as often as we would like of course we talk everyday on the phone, now understand asian women are not very open when it comes to talking about things sexually...they are very shy, which I love this part of our relationship because it causes me to always be attentive to her words and body motions. I can tell very quickly when she is wanting my man stick, she will usually sit in front of me with her legs spread so I can see her juicy pussy. Even though she wears nice clothing she will always have on something she knows will get my attention. One night I was just tossing and turning and couldn't sl**p, so I had to find a way to leave my house without arousing suspicion, (a run to Walmart) is good for that. She knew I wanted to fuck her real bad and I knew she wanted the same from me so she told her husband she needed to take me and get something special from the market because I wouldn't understand the chinese spelling. Of course this wasn't a problem since she and I have done many things together in the past and her husband has never cared (he once told me she "only listens to you") little does he know it's because of the man stick I give her to ride every chance I get. Well this night we had to go to the market just to make it look good, but on the way back we stopped in her neighborhood next to the clubhouse which has a huge olympic pool, I wanted to get in the water with her but she couldn't explain the wet clothes. I was so hard that my man stick could blow the horn from the back sit of the truck. She looked at me and said "you want me bad don't you, of course I do" but she said if we make love here someone will see us (we were sitting in her truck) I said no they won't, there was a party going on in the clubhouse, so many people but I wanted that pussy bad, it's something about an asian woman her pussy doesn't seem to have a bottom. No matter what direction I turn her I can't seem to reach the bottom and believe me I'm large enough to do so. She said if you want me you can have me, I took off my pants in that truck, and i told her just pull one leg out of your pants and she said no I want to take off all of my clothes (remember she is shy) when she did that, her titties stood up like they were saluting the american flag, she straddled me like a jockey on a horse and rode me up and down. I know the truck was rocking back and forth, becuase I could feel it. My man stick was so far inside of her, the juices pouring from her sweet pussy, were streaming down so much her fluid filled up my belly button hole. Everytime I tried to thank her while she was riding me, she pumped harder...I never could get out a full sentence. She rode my man stick like she owned it, because she does! I came twice and she came numerous times. Several times I saw people walk by but no one stopped I'm sure they were wondering why the vehicle was shaking and there wasn't anyone in there. After our hot session I took her home thinking everyone was asl**p, but her husband was awake and asked if we had a good time...of course we did I explained with a big grin on my face. He asked if I wanted to come in for a while I told him I was tired and needed to go home and get some rest but I would be back later. After we make love she always call me to hear my voice, I guess she is wondering how her black stallion is doing. I love my friend she is the best!!
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3 years ago
I think the husbands knows...she had to smell like dick when she came home
4 years ago
blasian kiddo in the makin? preggers?? lol ;)?
4 years ago
Oh wow, you've got a good thing going.