Asian and African American

Well...where do I start. She has been my cute asian princess for more than 12 years we've done everything together, cried, laughed, joked, and even caressed, but we never made love to one another even though we both saw the desire to be with each other a long time ago.
Well I've always wanted to be with an asian woman but just never thought they felt attracted to black men, I asked my asian friend why is it that your culture doesn't like black men she told me "we don't think black men find us attractive!" I said that is not true at all we love you but I'm glad you brought that up. I told her I've always wanted to be with you and she said we are together a lot, I said "no" I want to be with you physically and she was blush in the face when I told her that. She said she had never been with anyone other than her husband, who I knew very well, but she would love to make love to me. So we chose a day and I got a hotel, I was so excited to be with her because shew was petite, and had the perfect, tits, and ass, they you would ever see. She was beautiful as well, and she was always so clean, well the first time we made love, I asked her how many times had she come when making love to her husband, she said normally "one" I set my mind to making sure she came as many times as she could that night. We made love for more than three hours and she came more than six times. I hit that sweet pussy so hard and so soft at times she could not even walk to the bathroom. She would ask me "why am I so dizzy." I caressed her and made her feel like a Goddess everytime I drove my man stick into her. I tried every position I could always keeping in my mind that could be the only and last time we made love since she was married and I was too. I wanted her not to forget me and I told her everytime you walk or move throughout your days I want you to remember me between your legs and not forget I was inside of you making you wet and making you come all night. Needless to say I'm 255lbs and she is only 101lbs, of course I had the most leverage between her but I made every thrust count. Now don't forget this is my best friend, who I love dearly, but I wanted every bit of her. Well if you want to know what happened after that, I will tell you, I've made love to her for more than 10 years now, I lost count how many times we've been together but it's more than 200, she told me "you can have me anytime you want. I guess it's true wants you have black you never go back, and wants you've had asian yor are of a different persuasion. I just got off the phone with her we talk everyday, she loves the manstick and I love her.
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3 years ago
Great story, those tiny Korean chick are the best in the world!
4 years ago
Do you cum inside her too?
4 years ago
I bet she is so tight. Damm I would love some Asian pussy.