Secret Fantasy

My dominant girlfriend comes to my place to prepare me for a special evening. First she shaves me, and then I have to dress up. A corsage with stockings, sexy thong and high heel boots. Over that a sexy black dress and a sexy male up.
Then we start. A taxi brings us in a rich residential area. We stop in front of a castle like villa. As we walk to the door, it opens, however I can see nobody. We enter into to the entrance hall that is illuminated which is dimly lit. We pass the hall and stop in front of another door where my girlfriend knocks. After a few seconds the door opens. The room behind is totally dark, only in the middle is a bench on a stage lit by a spot light. I can see nothing but the stage, but I can feel that we are not alone. In background I hear some erotic music, while my girlfriend leads me to that stage. She takes of my dress and walks around the bench with me one time. Then she positions behind me and removes the corsage. She massages them and it feels like she is presenting them. We move to the other side of the bench. There I lose my thong and she fondles my pussy, which is becoming lightly wet.
I have to sit down on the bench and she gets on her knees and fixes my legs. Then I feel her tongue on my clit. I have to lie down, so my head lies on the other side of the bench. Now she fixes my arms at the side of the bench and two belts over my body fix me completely so I can’t make any move. She starts stimulating my nipples until they are hard, the she puts some nipple clamps on. Then she goes down to my legs again and suddenly something moves in a way that my legs are spread wide open. She stimulates my pussy again, until I am totally wet. Then she walks away.
After I while I can see a couple coming to me, both wearing masks. They stop right and left from my head. I can see that she wears nothing under her dress and he is just wearing a G-String.
They start kissing each other and he uncovers her breasts. Then he removes his G-string and his semi-hard cock hangs in front of my face. She blows him hard in front of my eyes. Then he moves between my legs and he inserts his cock in my pussy without circumlocutions. She sits on my face and I have to lick her cunt while he fucks me hard. It is so randy that I am about to get an orgasm. But just before they stop. They place their selves aside, and I see another couple coming to me. They start doing the same then the other couple, but when she blows him hard, I notice, that his cock is a bit bigger than the first. Again I have to lick her, while he fucks me, and again they stop before I cum. It goes on like this; cocks always get bigger, until I am surrounded by a lot of couples.
At least my girlfriend leads a big black man to me. As she removes his string the biggest cock I have ever seen slaps into my face. She tells me to open my mouth and I have to blow him hard. I notice that my girlfriend is now wearing a strap on. The big guy walks between my legs ant the tip of his cock is right in front of my pussy. My girlfriend steps behind him and inserts the strap-on into his anus. She starts fucking him, and with every stroke, he fucks me. The strokes are hard and deep and I feel a mixture of pain and pleasure. Around me all the man’s cocks point on me while the get them jerked by their girls. I feel now a wave of pleasure going to my center and as I come squirting and screaming loud, he pulls out his cock and shoots his load over my chest up to my breasts and face. Then all the other man cum and shower my body with their sperm loads. Twitching and trembling I lie there while the girls start licking the cum of my body. Meanwhile the fixtures were removed and my girlfriend is licking my pussy clean which brings me again, this time to a clitoral orgasm. Exhausted I lie there and suddenly I am alone with my girlfriend. After a while she leads me to a shower, and there I lick and please her until she has an orgasm, too

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27 days ago
Nice story, both erotic and sexy...
10 months ago
A vivid imagination. Hope you enjoy something like that one day in real life. Have fun here and in real.