Friends girl and Me

It all started on my friends birthday.
James had been a good friend of mine for a few years and I had known his girlfriend, Felicia, for only a few weeks.

She was 19, about my height and had long brown hair with blue eyes, I thought she was attractive but never imagined anything could happen with her, she was my friends girlfriend.

The three of us met up at a pub for a few drinks and a meal, and eventually a few drinks led to hitting the town for a night of clubbing.
It was about 3am when Felicia said she was tired, so we all left and she and James caught a taxi together.

The next morning I woke up to find a text from Felicia, "James dumped me" it read, I rang her back and she asked me to come around to hers.

I thought it was a little strange she would call me, but agreed and went out to see her.

She filled me in on what happened, that night James asked her to have sex with him, she said she was tired and d***k and that she didn't want to lose her virginity like that.
She said he called her frigid and told her it was over, that he couldn't be with someone who refused to put out on his birthday.

I gave her a hug and told her I am sure he was just d***k, and that she should call him, but before I knew it her hand was rubbing my crotch.

"I am not frigid.." she muttered, "I will proove it."

I was still in a state of shock, I should have fought it but I couldn't bring myself to make her stop, I too was a virgin and I couldn't miss this opportunity. She undone my zip and pulled my now semi cock out of my jeans.

She kissed the head, and slowly kissed down to the base while she held it with her left hand, she pulled back my foreskin and licked the tip before taking the head into her mouth and closing her eyes.

She slowly started bobbing her head up and down on my cock, taking more in each time, until her gag reflex kicked in and she pulled it out.

She hitched up her skirt revealing her wet pussy, and then she lay down on the floor. I was amazed by her pussy, and went down to taste it.
It was a strange taste, sweeter than I imagined. I slowly licked her clit in circles, and dived into her waiting cunt with my tongue.

After a few minutes I stopped, and she took off her clothes and I took off mine. I moved into position and pushed my erect cock into her. She grabbed my arm tightly and moaned in pain, I started beating into her in a rhythm, her breasts jumping each time I pounded her. We continued for a few minutes until she asked me to pull out and lay down. She climbed ontop of my and started riding my ready to explode cock as I fondled her breasts with my hands. She moaned in excitement, "I am coming!" I told her, "Let it all out!" she exclaimed in passion, as my meat ruptured inside of her.

She collapsed on top of my while panting, she composed herself and climbed off me, "Sorry." she apologized, I was about to respond when I saw James walk in through the door and throw me a towel, I grabbed it and rushed to cover myself, "James I-" I tried to speak, but he raised a hand.

"Felicia told me she wasn't ready to sl**p with me, she was worried she wouldn't be good enough, she was a virgin and I have been with many more girls. I told her to seduce you." he informed me calmly, I was still in shock and was confused, I couldn't be angry at him, "So I was just practise?" I asked my friend and he nodded, "She wanted to lose her virginity, to another virgin, it was my idea to pick you. What are friends for?" he asked jokingly.

He let me put my clothes back on before filling me in on the fact he watched everything through a hidden webcam, he even thanked me for "helping" him.

I went home and tried to act as if nothing happened, but it would be a few more days before James would call back, asking for further help with Felicia. Only this time, he wouldn't only be watching. (To be continued)
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4 years ago
good story a few more details to fill it out some