Caught with friends underwear

It was a few months back, my friend Dave was feeling a bit bored and sent me a message on Facebook to invite me around to play Xbox with him, I had nothing better to do so I agreed to come around and hang out with him.

I went around his house not long later and his mom let me in and told me he was upstairs, she called him down and let me into the house.

My friend Dave is 20, 5'8 with short blonde hair and blue eyes, he was straight and had a girlfriend but I couldn't help but crush on him slightly, he was a good looking guy with a great personality.

Whilst playing Xbox I casually asked him how things were with his girlfriend, he told me that she wouldnt even let him touch her and it was making him depressed, but as he spoke I couldn't help but notice he had a large buldge in his jeans.

After a few games he said he needed to go piss, so I took this time to look around his room.

Next to his drawers I saw a laundry basket full of dirty laundry, I browsed through it and found a pair of black boxers with an obvious looking cum stain in the front, I raised it to my nose to absorb it's scent.

I heard the door of his toilet open and I quickly rushed! "What are you doing?" he shouted, I blanked for a moment and dropped the underwear, "Are you gay or something?!" he said, this time far quieter.

His mom called from the bottom of the stairs, "Is everything ok up there?", he shouted back that it was and I was cheating on the game.

I tried to apologize and explain I was bi, but he ignored me for a moment, before undoing his fly and whipping out his cock. I had no idea how to respond, but the thrill caught me and I went closer to him and gently touched it.
"Don't touch it with your hands, stick it in your mouth" he ordered, I didn't want to lose him as a friend but also found him very sexy, this was perfect I thought as I wrapped my mouth around the head of his shaft and started to suck.

After a few minutes of sucking and licking his shaft and head, he grabbed my head and f***ed me back down his cock until I gagged and my eyes started to water.

"Don't back out now, carry on!" he demanded, and once more I followed his command, moments later he came into the back of my mouth and I swallowed his hot juices whole, when I finished he removed his cock and let it just hang from his jeans, "Now get out." he said quietly.

I tried to convince him to let me stay but he refused to listen, I picked up my things and went down stairs, "See you again another time!" smiled his mom, "You are a great friend to my Dave.", I weakly smiled back and left.

He removed me from Facebook and hasn't returned my calls, we havent spoken since.
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4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
This was hot you need to have another go around please
4 years ago
its baad.
4 years ago
nice but its sad you guys haven't talked have you tried calling him or anything?
4 years ago
possibly embarresed by his own reaction,he will call on you again...
4 years ago
I got one to post about the "first time" Since then, I've been Bi with the wife's blessings. We would fuck this guy a few times alone and together. so be looking for it:]
4 years ago
Don't worry he will call!
4 years ago
=D great story every one has a little gay inside them
4 years ago