Trip to Gay Sauna

Hi, this is a true story that happened to me a few months back.

I had just finished college early for the day and was feeling quite horny, I had found out about a nearby Gay Sauna on the internet and decided to check it out in the hopes of losing my virginity.

Behind a shopping mall in my city centre was a small sauna hidden away on the top floor of a discreet looking building, I buzzed my way in and headed upstairs.

I was greated by a guy who appeared to be in his 30's, he asked me if I had ever visited before and I told him I hadn't, he was telling me about the prices and the features of the Sauna and I said "Yeah, I will look around" as my hands trembled to get money out of my pockets to pay.
The guy told took my money, told me the rules and gave me a towel.

I walked in through the door and was stunned, sitting on the opposite end of the room was a man who looked exactly like my teacher watching gay porn on a big TV, he starred at me, also stunned.

I quickly moved into the changing rooms to escape his view, I decided to get changed and just try to avoid him, if he was my teacher he had already seen me.
As I stripped my clothes off, "Nice cock" called a stranger, I blushed and proceeded to put on my towel.

I found a small sauna room at the back of the changing room, I opened the door and stood in amazement as I watched a young black guy with a large cock being sucked off by an old man, I didn't want to get involved so I left and tried to sneak back into the main room where I saw my teacher, he was gone, or so I thought.

As I sat down on the seat he was previously in my eyes were drawn to a man slowly rubbing up and down his long shaft in the darkness of a small private room. I could just make out it was him, he was looking at me and I felt my cock twitch under my towel. "What should I do?" I thought to myself, this man was my teacher, I was sure of it, "What if he reveals my secret to classmates?", it was unlikely as he was supposedly dating a woman, but I knew he sometimes went out drinking with others in my class!
The teacher was a guy in his 30's, he was well toned and I would sometimes find myself watching him in class, the thought of him was making me start leaking precum.

Foolishly I stood up and moved to another room, another sauna room, but this one empty, I decided to pluck up the courage and find my teacher.

I went back to the private room but he was gone, I sat down and watched the porn on the tv, my cock was quite hard and clearly poking into the towel so I took it off and sat there whilst playing with myself, I left the door wide open hoping the man would come back into the room.

But he didnt, I caught the gaze of an older man in his early 50's, with a large potbelly, bad teeth and a lack of hair.
He walked in and shut the door before walking closer to me and grabbing my penis.

He started furiously tugging on me, his hands felt cold and alien to my own, I was stuck between hating it and trying to enjoy it, the guy was not my type, while I like some older men this guy was everything I found repulsive and I was worried where it would lead after.

I closed my eyes and imagined it as my teacher who was pleasuring my shaft, his blue eyes starring into my own, finding myself longing to see more of his penis and the desire to take him into my mouth, and before I knew it I blew a hot load all over the mans hand, snapping back to reality I saw the man who had just jerked me off, and I felt a little bit sick.

He cleaned it up with a tissue, smiled at me and left.
I proceeded to head to the changing rooms, put my clothes on and leave, feeling guilty and dirty.

I never did find out if it was my teacher, despite seeing him regularly he never mentioned anything, I can't be sure if it was him or a lookalike which my nervous paranoid mind made me believe was him, but after that, he became my ultimate jerkoff fantasy.
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2 years ago
Pot bellied older guys are my type! Wish I could have intervened on your behalf! Good luck next time at the sauna if you go back - don't be afraid to say "I'm just taking a rest" if you don't want to play.
4 years ago
4 years ago
wish i was in that sauna too....*dreaming*
4 years ago
4 years ago