B is for Bae

Bae grew up in a rural village. She was just 18 when an American missionary came through and said he loved her. He converted her and they went back to the States and got married, and now at age 28 her life was fully involved with the church and nothing else. Not much had changed except she lived in rural America, which was a pretty good improvement. After 10 years she had very little sex -- three c***dren, but very little sex, all only, appropriately, missionary position, and her husband always insisted that they pray to the Lord both before and after sex that their acts be godly. To Bae it was a bit of a turnoff. She had only had an orgasm once and her husband panicked and asked her if she was okay. She secretly suspected that he was afraid she had been possessed by an evil spirit.

Bae started volunteering in the church's d**g program, going down to the center to minister to addicts. There was a tall lanky white guy named Dave who used to be in a fairly successful band but Heroine had wrecked his guitar chops. He got thrown out of the band, then became homeless, and finally got arrested. He was now in this halfway house. He was only 28. One night after choir practice Bae stopped by the halfway house to drop off some donations. She ran into Dave in the lobby, he seemed down. She asked if he was okay. "Not really man, I need to get a ride, I want to see one of my old band mates but I can't get downtown." Bae said she would drive him. They got into her car. Dave looked down at her legs -- Bae always had to wear long skirts but she hiked them up when she drove. He said "you got some nice-ass legs." Bae looked sheepishly ahead but a secret thrill shot through her. So unusual to be admired. "Yeah," Dave said, "one time me and the band got a four-night deal in Singapore. We got these whores in the room, two for each one of us, and they took turns sucking our cocks and stuff."

"You should not talk about such things," Bae said. Dave apologized. But the image was taboo to her and made her feel strangely excited. Bae had never sucked a cock before. They got downtown and Dave was a gentleman, he opened the door for her and they were in a dive bar. Dave immediately ordered a beer and asked Bae what she wanted. "No thank you," Bae said, "liquor is bad."

"Yeah," Dave said, "but I have to seem put together. If I don't get something in me I'll want to start using and I can't do that. Have something with me." Bae nodded okay and he ordered her something. It was sweet with a hint of something strange, new and powerful under it. A bit like Dave, Bae thought, as she sipped it, then gulped it. Then bought another one for herself and another beer for Dave. "Hey, slow down s****r Christian," Dave said. His friend came on and played a set. Bae liked it, the feel of the live music and how it both physically and emotionally shook her, even though she suspected that some of the lyrics and song meanings were not strictly religious.

At the break Dave went to talk to his friend. He came back ecstatic. His friend had an opening for a rhythm guitarist. When his parole was up he could go back on the road with them in the summer. He ordered them another drink. Bae could only get through half of hers. "Hey," Dave said, "I want to go see somebody else, a friend." Somehow Bae knew this wasn't good. "No Dave, you try to have d**gs again, right?" "Just a little bit, that's all," Dave said, "can I borrow your phone?"

She had to do something. "No!" Bae said. "Okay," Dave said, "I gotta take a piss." He got up and left, and when he came back he seemed happy. After a few minutes he waved to someone. "Payphone, babe, can't stop a junkie." Bae grabbed his arm and pulled. "No, please!" she begged. "I have to," Dave said, "you don't understand." "I think you don't understand," Bae said. "Please stop, just . . . let's . . . let's go some place." "Where?" Dave said. Bae said the first thing that popped into her mind. "A hotel." He looked at her. "You. . . ?" Bae said: "I will. . . suck your cock!"

The next morning Dave woke up next to her and he kissed her. "Thank you," he said, "you saved me."

Bae said: "I think you also saved me."
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