C is for Christine

Christine was adopted from China when she was four years old. She was a "banana," yellow outside but white inside. She only had white boyfriends ever. She married a white man. Now she was almost 40 and having dinner with her husband in a Chinese restaurant. As usual, the waiter tried to talk to her in Mandarin and she shook her head. Her husband had an Asian fetish, naturally. He was checking out the Chinese hostess and some of the other Asian girls eating there.

"What is it with Asian people?" he asked. He was on his third Tsing Tao.

"Huh?" Christine asked. She was eating her rice with a fork.

"I mean," her husband said, a little too loud, "Asian women are just the hottest things on the planet, erotic perfect beauty and Asian men are just . . . small and hilarious!"

"Your gentleman friend needs to keep his opinion to himself," a man at the table next to them said. He was an Asian man, maybe older than Christine. Hard to tell. Christine apologized. Her husband ignored him but he was quiet for the rest of the dinner.

Christine's husband didn't want to go home, he wanted a night cap. They went to a bar in China Town where he ogled more women and had a few more drinks. Christine endured the embarrassment as he flirted with several Asian women and was shot down spectacularly. Someone sat on the bar stool next to Christine and she recognized the man from the restaurant. She offered to buy him a drink. He accepted and they talked about nothing for a while, trying to ignore her husband who had just interfered with a game of pool and was offering to teach a girl half his age how to shoot pool. Eventually he wandered over and sat down next to Christine, smelling like stale beer, eyes barely focused. "Do you like my wife?" he asked the man. With embarrassment Christine realized her husband was talking in a fake Chinese accent. "Very pretty, yes," the man said politely. "See," her husband continued, "I always thought it would be a cool experiment to see a real Asian guy if he would like my wife." "She seems very pretty," the man said, "and now I think it's time for me to go home." "Fuck it," Christine thought to herself. "Well maybe I'd like to go home with you," Christine said. "Yeah, great idea" her husband said, "fuck her and I'll do video." Christine whispered something in the man's ear and he nodded.

They went out to the parking lot. "We can ride in my car," her husband said, fumbling for the keys. "I'll ride with him," Christine said, taking the stranger's arm. "You're d***k, I shouldn't ride with you." This made sense to her husband because he was d***k, and he didn't want to argue, since he was about to see something awesome. Christine got in the car with the Asian man and said "Lose him." He backed out, made three quick turns and her husband was nowhere in site. "You want me to drive you home now?" the man said politely. "Do you want to drive me home now?" Christine asked. "Maybe let's go to my place for a while."

They got inside his apartment and he made her real Chinese tea. He looked offended at how she drank it. "It's been so long since I did this," Christine said after a while, "how do we start?"

"It was 12 years since I left my wife in Hong Kong," the man said, "so we will both learn. How about I help you with that?" He helped her unzip her black dress and it fell to the floor. Christine was wearing black stockings, matching black bra and panties.

"How do I look?" she asked.

"You smell funny," he said, "you eat too much fat, you are a little too fat for what a Chinese girl should be, but . . . to me you still look very beautiful." They made it over to his couch and she undressed him.

"Your cock is a bit small," she said, mostly to get revenge on him for what he said about her being fat and smelling funny, "but if it can stay hard, then it's okay with me."

He came inside her almost right away, but Christine was ready to fuck by that point and straddled him, started rubbing his cock back hard and then slipped it inside her and rode him for almost an hour until they were both covered in sweat and she fell against him, cumming harder than she had in a long time.

When Christine got home the next morning he was passed out on the couch. "So did you fuck that Chinese guy?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, sure I did. We fucked all night." Christine said, in her most sarcastic voice.

"I bet he had a micro dick," her husband said.

"Oh yeah," Christine said, "teeny tiny."
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