D is for Deira

When Deira was 18 her f****y introduced her to her distant cousins, the oldest boy she was going to be engaged to marry when she got out of college. She thought he was cute, but she thought she was too young to be thinking of marriage. Her fiancée's younger b*****r never looked up from playing video games.

They went on a few dates after that. He took her to the mall, to a movie, and twice he kissed her, putting his tongue in her mouth, not very good at it yet she thought.

Deira would sometimes wake up hot and sweating, chest heaving with dreams that she was being fucked by her fiancée. It was just a matter of time, she knew, before they would do that, and it would be her first time. After a few of these dreams, Deira decided to shave her pussy. She imagined her fiancée's cock inside her and fingered herself to orgasm.

The next day she got a belly ring.

After a few months of this her fiancée called and said his parents were out of town, did she want to "come hang for a few days." Deira thought about it and then told her parents she was going to go camping with a friend and her parents. Her friend covered for her.

Deira got to her fiancée's house Friday night. No one was there except her fiancée and his little b*****r, who was on the PC, playing video games. They "hung out" for a while, meaning they did nothing, waiting for one or the other to make a move. Her fiancée started showing her his new phone, it had like 8 billion megapixels or something. After a few minutes he had her posing for him. She could sense he was getting more interested in her, and that made her excited. "Can you take that sweater off?" her fiancée asked. She did and posed for more pictures. "Hey," her fiancée said, "I've never even seen your legs, I wanna see your legs." Deira looked down at the tight jeans she wore. She thought for a minute, grabbed the comforter off his bed and went in the bathroom, stripped down to panties and bra. She came out and looked over, the little b*****r was still there. "Can he go somewhere else?" Deira asked. "Nah, he's okay," her fiancée said, "he won't even look up for two days when mom and dad come back. Don't worry!!!" She shrugged out of the comforter and he snapped some pictures of her in just the bra and panties, commenting favorably on her body. After a minute or two of this she wrapped back up in the comforter, uncomfortable with the situation. Her fiancée said "Hello Baby, c'mon, don't worry!!!"

"What?!" Deira said as her fiancée pushed down his sweat pants. He wasn't wearing underwear so she saw his cock, it was huge and hard, the first real, live one she had seen. She hid her face for a second, then looked up and giggled to hide her nervousness. She had to either go with it or get out of the situation at this point. She made her decision. She mimicked the porn she had watched on the internet. She grabbed his cock and before she could hesitate she put the tip in her mouth. That should win her some points with her future husband. He started stroking her head and . . . he was filming! She kept going, giggling on the tip of his cock to hide her nervousness. She kept going. He said something and she answered, but she was focused. She was a natural. After only a minute he stopped her. "What?" she said, mouth full of cock. "Take off your shirt," he said. "I only got one hand." Because he was filming it. She stayed casual, sat up, started shrugging out of her shirt. She was in the moment, not even nervous anymore, though she knew this was her first time. She didn't do it gracefully enough, she guessed, because he said "whoa" and she said "worst day ever" but later she wondered did he say whoa because she was hot? Maybe, but he was such a dick, she realized later, that he probably took the entire experience for granted. Oh well. She started to suck her fiancée's cock again, shrugging her hair out of her face.

Just then there was a loud ringing. She had forgotten all about the little b*****r! She looked over, but thankfully he was gone. It was the phone. She jumped to answer it. In retrospect she wondered why they bothered, but he was ordering her to push the red button and she was saying sorry and they were laughing and he called her a weirdo. She realized she liked sucking cock. He said "take off your bra" and she did it. He stared at her, smiling with shark eyes, joking "who are you? what are you doing?" and she went back to sucking his cock, topless now. She attacked his cock as he filmed it and her nearly naked young body. "No way anyone will ever see this," Deira thought to herself, "that would be cosmically unfair." She started sucking faster. Maybe he would cum and they could order a pizza and watch a movie. Instead, he said "turn around. . . .get down" and she gave up to fate. This was, after all, her future husband. "Hello baby!" he said as he started pulling at her panties. He turned off the phone long enough to get her panties down to her ankles. Deira stayed on all fours looking back at him. He burst her hymen and got his cock fully inside her. This wasn't so bad. He pulled out, got the phone again, he was going to record the whole thing! He pushed his cock back inside her as she laughed nervously. What else could she do? "Back up," he said. At least it felt pretty nice. He knew what he was doing a little. She wondered how many other girls he had done this with to take her for granted so much. Now her pussy was getting fucked steadily, and getting recorded. She panted more and more, turned on. "Good," he said, "get on your back." She turned over and pulled her panties the rest of the way off, over her long young legs. She lay on her back, feet on his chest as he took her again and she let out a soft moan, then both laughing. She turned her head to the side . . . the little b*****r was back! She moaned out a question, about what he was doing, and he answered her, in video game terms, without looking up. Amazing. Crazy. But a little exciting. She started to moan, and then almost to cum. "We gotta stop!" he said, and he took a break. She huddled under the comforter as he ran to the kitchen to get them a drink. Stark naked she watched the little b*****r play a computer game, never looking up. They sat around for a while, her fiancée fiddling with his phone, Deira feeling unsatisfied. He was talking to his little b*****r now, giving him game advice. Deira took matters into her own hands, started sucking his cock again. "C'mon get me hard!" he demanded. "It's like all bendy." She was sucking, two feet from the little b*****r as he sipped his drink and played on. "You like that?" Deira asked, and went back to sucking his cock. He continued watching his b*****r play games. "I can't do it if you're going to laugh!" Deira said. "You're ruining your own moment," his b*****r said, showing he knew what was going on but didn't care. He tried to argue it was little b*****r's moment and failed, then in his ADD he turned to Deira: "Show me your booby!" Deira realized this was her chance to keep his attention and said "no!" She was having a good time but just wanted his attention now.

She sucked balls for the first time and said "This great."

He said "I know it's great" and shoved the camera almost in her cunt. He hummed a tune as Deira kept sucking his cock, and pretty soon he was back to watching his b*****r's game. She joined in and they were all laughing for a minute and then her fiancée said "get back to sucking" He figured out the light on his phone and took close ups of her snatch and belly ring while she kept sucking his cock. Deira wondered if their married life would be like this, sucking his cock while he took pictures of his pussy and talked to his little b*****r. They stopped to look at something on the computer screen. "What is that?" Deira said, and little b*****r turned to look at her, full-frontal, just answered and continued the game. "You love me babe?" he asked her. "I love you!" she said "I love your penis. I love your pee pee!" "Just put it in your mouth," he said.

He turned off the phone and came in her mouth. Deira jumped up, put on her glasses, stark naked, inches from the little b*****r, she took his tea and drank from it. She was thirsty, she didn't care. And the little b*****r obviously didn't care if she was naked. She sat down cross-legged on the bed. Little b*****r was talking about the video game again but her fiancée interrupted and pointed to Deira, specifically to her pussy: "Look at that, it looks like a vagina within a vagina," and he pinched it. The b*****r glanced and then glanced back at the computer.

And that was her first time.

You can't make shit like this up: http://xhamster.com/movies/2087428/chan.html

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