Room Service

James was gorgeous, i don't just mean typically good-looking i mean the whole package, tall, dark and handsome with a personality to match the looks and a mind as filthy as mine.

We had been talking online for a while and had never met, but became good friends and discussed eachothers fantasies, exchanged photos etc i felt like i knew exactly what turned him on and he knew EXACTLY what i wanted.

James was working away for two days, i sneakily asked all the right questions pretending i was just interested in the location etc.. But secretly writing down the details as i knew what i had planned.

I got the name of the hotel he was staying at, pretending id stayed there myself cunningly trying to find out the room number i said id stayed there a year ago and joked "not room 234 is it?" no he replied 134. With the location and room number written down i had decided to surprise James and meet him at the hotel.

We'd never met before so when the day came to meet him my stomach was doing overtime especially as i had no idea whether he was travelling alone or with his girlfriend.

Id dressed smart for the occasion, a clean crisp white fitted shirt, a long dark pencil skirt, underneath my lingerie of choice was a matching black bra with stockings and suspenders, they were silky with a faint baby pink pinstripe running through them, my stockings were fishnet fitted me like a glove combined with a pair of black killer heels. My hair was in a loose ponytail ready to be unravelled at any chosen moment.

Id picked up a bottle of champagne on the way and travelled an hour or so to reach the hotel.

I walked through the lobby and into the lift... As the doors opened my heart was pumping, i could feel my panties moistening a little with excitement, i arrived at door 134, looking i nervously bit my bottom lip and knocked on the door.

James answered wearing a gorgeous suit it was 5pm i was hoping that he had just got back and wasn't just about to leave.

His sexy blue eyes met mine as he smiled "Kate?" he asked.. pushing him inside the room i whispered "Room service" closing it behind me i dropped my bag and untied my hair, my dark long hair flowed over my shoulders as i ran my fingers through his..

"I wondered why you were asking questions" he asked... "Shh" i said placing my finger over his lips.. He had me so excited my panties were tightening around my moist slit almost as if they were disappearing inside me. He grabbed hold of me and kissed me, almost a****l like we grabbed eachother hungrily un-buttoning eachothers clothes, eager to taste what was underneath i un-zipped his trousers noticing the bulge and licking my lips.. "Mmm im thirsty.. may i?" i asked.

Pulling his trousers down i released his beautiful cock so thick, and so hard just how i imagined, i couldn't wait to have him inside me but i must be patient i thought, i want to taste him more than anything, as dropped to my knees by this time only wearing my lingerie id so carefully chosen earlier and my heels, i took James into my mouth, as my red lips sunk further down his shaft i looked him straight in the eye, slowly licking down to the base and up again whilst my hand gently massaged his balls. James tasted amazing, and i wanted more.

My tongue gently fluttered over his nicely shaven balls sucking each one in turn before devouring his whole cock in my mouth, he let out a sigh of pleasure, if only he'd known how long id been dreaming of this moment i thought. Sucking on him harder i felt a little pre-cum flow out, mmm i moaned... my head moving back and forward as i took him further in my mouth i felt James hand grabbing my head and pulling me down on him harder, that was it my pussy was dripping with excitement!

James pulled me up, took off my panties and pushed me back onto the bed, my legs my bare shaven pussy was there ready for the taking.

Spreading my legs like a good girl James kissed the inside of my thighs, it was almost too much to take, teasing me he smelt my juicy slit before parting my moist pussy lips with his tongue. I could hear how wet i was, James gave me a long hard lick from my arse to my clitoris, "Ohhh god" i moaned parting my lips with his fingers he delved in deeper sucking my clit and gently easing his finger inside me, i could hear my pussy almost squelching with how wet it was and how i needed fucking right now.

Sticking his tongue inside me and teasingly sweeping over my arsehole i knew i was in for a real treat. Grabbing James's head i pushed his lips harder against mine feeling the wave of an orgasm approaching i moaned, he was going at my pussy so hard and so fast i was ready to surrender there and then.

Rubbing my clitoris with his fingers he began to lick my arsehole, prodding my tight little hole with his tongue i arched my back and bucked my hips offering myself to him.

My dripping wet pussy was at his mercy, sucking my pussy as his fingers filled both my holes i moaned deeper "Mmmmmmmm James".

Feeling the intense rush of orgasm approaching i gave in, totally let myself go James was making me cum harder than any other man ever had feeling my pussy spasm out of control James kept licking harder, faster, his finger in pussy going deeper, the other finger in my arse sliding in and out of me. I came in his mouth as he lapped up my juices.... it seemed to last for eternity and im pretty sure that was more than once i came.

As i laid back almost blind at how amazing that was James looked up at me and smiled, pulling him up towards me we kissed, i could taste my juices on him as we passionately kissed.

James was still rock hard, i moved my legs over his shoulders as i pulled him towards me, his cock felt so hot and eager to be inside me.

Pushing inside me he filled me whole, we smiled as it felt so good hungrily kissing his neck with my legs wrapped around him James grabbed my hips pulling himself deeper inside me, his balls were slamming against my arse my pussy tightening around him. Scratching down his back, pulling him closer, his cock slipped deeper and harder inside me stretching my tight wet little pussy with his thick cock.

James and i kept eye contact knowing how much we had wanted this and for so long and this was our time.

"Save some for my mouth" i whispered... "Don't you worry" James said "I will"

Turning me over my face pressed into the pillow he took full control, my arse was in the air as his cock filled my pussy for the second time, his cock felt incredible and i needed to taste him...

Just as James started to cum i rolled over, both on the bed i was on my knees and taking his cock in my mouth, closing my lips around him his load filled my mouth, he tasted sweet, amazing, i could of drank him allday.

Grabbing my head hard against his cock he emptied himself inside me. Filling my throat with his creamy goodness.


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3 years ago
great story writing
3 years ago
very good story
3 years ago
excellent story very hot
3 years ago
Wow, great storu and you tell it so well
Anna xxx
3 years ago
mmmmm very hot, sensual story!
3 years ago
I absolutely love this, you describe the scene so well. This is how a first meeting should be, I'm literally on my knees praying for this to happen. Am I turned on by this, I'm more than that I'm a gibbering wreck. You have captivated me, I am yours to command! Xx