A Secret Meeting with my Long Legged Slut, Bree

I left work early and drove as fast as I dared to. My goal was to get to the hotel early and scope out the landscape. This was a very exciting and important meeting and I wanted to be certain that I had the best possible view when my sexy Bree entered the room.

When I arrived at the hotel and found my way to the bar (our intended meeting spot), I realized that this was a well lit, open bar area, rather than a dark, typical hotel bar. Both good and bad. Good, because I will have a wonderful view of my horny mate. Bad, perhaps because everyone in the bar has the potential to see what we might do, IF we ‘play’ in pubic. Time will tell.

I found my way to the bar, itself and took a seat two stools down from the only other patron there. The barmaid was a pleasant looking lady and she and the other patron seemed to be engaged in conversation about the latest news stories on the TV that was positioned above the bar near the entrance. I ordered a ginger ale and barely got the lay of the land when she came in.

WOW….that about sums it up. She lived up to my expectations in many ways…and most certainly when it comes to first impressions. She stepped into the bar and my eyes went immediately to those shapely long legs of hers. They were exactly as I imaged…and I felt a tremor go thru my body before we even embraced. After all…she was a leg man’s dream come true….mmmm

She moved immediately to me, embraced me and pressed her body and lips against mine as if we were long lost friends. Indeed, it was what we both wanted and had chatted about…but this was even better than expected. I was immediately dizzy with all my senses on overdrive �" feeling her hard, body pressed against me…her lips and tongue searching for mine and her scent �" all combined for a spectacular first experience. The kiss �" no the KISSES (plural) that ran in succession the first 10 minutes we were together turned my legs to rubber and my cock to steel. I wanted her sooo much. I was literally hungry for her and the look in her eyes told me she was equally interested.

We ordered a drink for her, as well and we sat an chatted. We sat on bar stools facing each other. Our legs were intertwined and she was rubbing her nylon clad legs against mine which sent electric pulses through my body. She knew exactly was she was doing and I loved every minute of it. I love to be teased and she is a master.

I reached around her waist and pulled her to me for a kiss �" and as we devoured each other, my hand ran down her back to her ass and I could feel lacy panties beneath the suit she wore. Her stockings were thigh high, near-black, which accentuated the curves of her legs. She wore heels that helped give them even more shape. She also wore a two piece suit �" jacket and skirt. As she moved, it appeared obvious that she had nothing but a bra on under her jacket, which further stimulated my senses.

As my hand found her ass and I gave it a slight squeeze, I heard a gentle moan leave her, during our kiss. Mmm…good, she likes that, I thought. And I ran my hand further down the back of her thigh and under the stool, where I found her stocking top exposed. I caressed her leg and slid my hand further up her leg and past the stockings to her bare flesh…which brought a whimper from her and her kiss became even more hungry. With her left leg, she rubbed against the inside of my right thigh as we faced each other and I could feel my cock twitch with excitement.

I pulled back from our kiss and looked into her eyes as my hand ran further up the back of her legs and found the inside of her thigh and the edge of her panties, where they hugged her tender pussy. I ran my fingers along the edge of her panties and could feel the heat of her sex. Her legs opened a bit and she turned back to me for another kiss, as her hand fell to my lap and found my hardened cock. Now it was ME who returned the kiss with more hunger and aggression.

When we ended that kiss, I looked at the patron and barmaid. Both had their eyes glued to the TV. It was obvious they realized that ours was not a casual meeting and they were noticeably uncomfortable. I wondered how much they saw �" and that, alone, was exciting for me.

I also took that moment to get a better look at my sexy friend. I drank in her entire length, from her short, stylish hair and beautiful eyes to her tender lips, tight body and incredible legs. Was this real? Was I really with this fabulous lady? I instinctively reached down and rolled my cock between my thumb and fingers and she glanced down at me when I did so �" and then turned back to me for another kiss.

My hand left my cock and slid between her legs. She had slid further forward on her stool and her stocking tops were not totally revealed to me �" and most likely, if he bothered to look, to the patron seated behind her, as well. She gave me a deep kiss, then guided my hand to her pussy, pushing her panties aside for me and urging me, without a word, to slide my finger inside her. As I did, she moaned somewhat louder than the last time and I glanced briefly at the barmaid to see if she had noticed. Indeed, she shook her head from side to side, as if to say, ‘get a room, you two’. But I ignored her silent displeasure and moved my thumb to my sexy friend’s clit as my finger slid deep inside her very wet pussy. Gawd, I thought…she’s DRENCHED! That thought alone gave me a rush…wet for ME! For THIS! Damn, she’s as excited as I am by all this…and, in fact, I felt her body shake as I rubbed the fingertip of my right index finger against the ridged lining of her pretty, smooth, very wet pussy…..mmmm. gawd, what a lovely kitty this woman has.

One of the major turn ons for me with Bree is her vocal nature. I love that she knows what she wants and tells me. Whether she’s writing her desires in a horny email or purring them during phone sex…she knows what she wants and she expresses herself. I also love that she is an audible lover. Her moans, coos, groans and quick breathing are like a natural aphrodisiac for me. And while I fingered that wet pussy and nibbled on her ear, she said, “I want to fuck you right here, right now”. I laughed…a kind of evil laugh. I loved teasing her as much as did teasing me. But I also laughed because I realize she really meant it. Somehow, if she could, she would fuck me right here on the barstool in front of the barmaid and her only patron!

I whispered back, “well, that’s not going to happen…yet.” And she replied, “I could suck your cock right here, tho!” Again �" I knew she was dead serious, but we would definitely be tossed out of the bar, I was sure. “Patience, my horny slut,” I told her. And she laughed and pressed her mouth hard against mine, pressing her pussy harder against my hand and forcing my finger deeper insider her as she gave a slight groan that filled my mouth with her tongue, as well.

We continued our chat and play �" whispering to each other the things we planned to do when we met next week. This was, after all, intended to be a ‘meet and greet’. A chance to size each other up and prepare for our secret meeting the following week.

“Will you fuck me next week?” she asked. “Oh yes, Bree….without a doubt”, was my reply. “Where. Where will you fuck me, hmmm?”, she asked again �" between kisses and gropes. “I’m torn. I want those pretty lips on my cock, for sure. I want to explode in your mouth..but I love your ass, too.” “You’d fuck my ass for me? Hmm? Good and hard?” I smiled, “oh yesss…yes I will.” Our next kiss was even more hungry as we both pondered that opportunity.

At one point, I paused to sip my drink and I could feel her watching me. I looked back at her, only to feel her reach out for my cock…which caused me to purr a bit and press myself back against her, wrapping my arms around her waist for another hungry kiss, our tongues dancing with each other….and our teeth nibbling on each others lips, intermittently. Then I paused and whispered into her ear, “put your fingers inside yourself, right now.”

She never even hesitated. Looking me right in the eye, she moved forward on her bar stool, raised up slightly as she reached the edge….and lowered her pussy onto her hand, her fingers disappearing inside herself as a whimper left her lips. OMG…I thought I was going to cum on the spot…my cock twitching with excitement at was I was seeing. Such a good little slut my Bree was…doing exactly as she was told! Then after several strokes �" she presented her soaked fingers, first for my eyes…to show how wet she was, then for my mouth..which devoured her slender fingers, licking her juices �" only to be joined by her own mouth, seeming to challenge me for every drop….

We sat there, playing and teasing until we were both worked up into an incredible frenzy. Neither of us knew what would happen next �" or if it would all end with the hotel security coming into the bar to ask us to leave. We paused from time to time just to be polite to the other patrons, I guess. By now, three more had gathered in the bar. One behind me �" who might have had a perfect view of Bree’s thighs and stocking tops…and a couple at the end of the bar, beyond our first friend, who couldn’t see, but certainly knew we were being naughty.

We even engaged them in conversation �" all the while rubbing each other, pressing ourselves against each other and generally making each other crazy. Finally, I said, “come on, let’s take a walk.” I paid the tab and we wandered out into the hotel lobby. I was absolutely bursting out of my pants and had to find a way to play more with my horny little whore.

I lead us down a hallway on the first floor and Bree asked, “so…tell me.” “Tell you what?” I asked. “Precum??” I laughed….”ohhh yesss”…to which she replied with a whimper, a squeeze of my hand and stopped me dead in the hallway for a deep kiss and a probe of my cock to see if she could feel the moisture through my slacks. We laughed, nervously, again…and I wondered if those poor folks in the lobby had seen our latest display.

The next 60 seconds was a blur. I was on a mission and we seemed to nearly run down the hall looking for someplace �" any place for some privacy.

Finally I spotted a hallway that lead to the outdoor swimming pool. It was the vending area and just past the ice machine…a small alcove gave us a tiny corner to ourselves �" literally under the stairs.

We spun ourselves directly into it and kissed feverishly �" groping each other like high schoolers at a drive in. My hand went under her skirt, finding her wet, willing pussy…and I slid two fingers easily insider her, slowly sliding them in/out as we kissed. Then I slid one of my fingers out….and rubbed her very hard clit with my thumb…whispering “cum for me, Bree…I want to feel you cum for me”…and, as if on command, she uttered a much louder ‘ohhhhhh’ and her legs shook, which made me feel wonderful �" and anxious at the same time. “Careful baby…not too loud,” I told her. She said nothing but kissed me harder and reached for my cock, rubbing it through my slacks.

Bree said, “I want to get naked” and I laughed because I figured it was impossible and a huge risk…but before I could even protest (as if I would??), her jacket was unbuttoned, as was her skirt…her skirt was at her ankles and she was lifting her breasts above the scalloped edge of her cranberry color demi-bra. Her nipples were at full attention and she gasped as I first pinched them, then lowered my mouth to them, one by one. Her own hand had found her pussy while I nibbled on her tits and she was literally moaning with pleasure which simply spurred my on more. I whispered, “Fuck yourself for me, Bree…cum for me �" and she shook a bit, stared me straight in the eye…and finger fucked herself as I stepped back to watch. Admittedly, I was torn �" I wanted to watch this…take it all in…in fact, take PICTURES of it….but another part of me wanted her body against mine again, and I pressed myself to her again…reaching behind her, grabbing her ass and teasing her tender asshole with my finger, which brought another whimper from my pretty little slut. I could actually HEAR her fucking herself with her fingers. Her sweet pussy was so wet, the slurping sound it made when she rammed her fingers inside it was a major turn on for me. And as I stepped forward to kiss her, she pulled her fingers out �" offering them to my mouth and lips and as I tasted her, she joined me �" kissing me and licking her fingers, as well..our tongues lapping up every drop of her sweet juices, for the second time tonight.

“I want to fuck you, right now”, she demanded �" staring straight into my eyes. I smiled back and said nothing. “You’re not going to fuck me today, are you?” I laughed, “no �" we’re saving that for next week. Remember, you wanted me to be a gentleman today.” She reached for my cock…rubbing it faster, then said, “take it out”. Wondering what she would do if I didn’t was not a very long query. She tugged at my belt, grabbed my zipper and pulled it down, reaching inside my silk boxers and wrapped her hand around my stiff cock…pulling it out the opening. In one quick move, she dropped to her knees and my dick was deep in her mouth to the hilt in a matter of seconds, which brought an instant moan from MY lips, this time. NOW who was in control???? No question �" my talented cum-slut, Bree!

Well, I could lie and tell you I enjoyed her oral skills for a long time, but the truth is, the combination of her cock-sucking skills, the excitement of our boldness and the vision of her with her lovely long legs, clad in thigh high stockings, cranberry lace panties almost covering her wet pussy…her ruby red, very hard nipples poking above the top of her demi-bra, and her mouth bulging with my cock was about all I could handle. Add the hungry sounds my expert cock-sucker was making and I was a goner far faster than I would have liked. I held her shoulders and announced, “oh my gawd….i’m gonna cum!!!” which brought a hungry whimper from her and was followed by a heavy splash of cum against the back of her throat, followed by a number of others that resulted in a very HOT gagging sound of my whore swallowing every ounce of my sweet load.

Then she slowly cleaned me…licking up and down the shaft, flicking droplets of cum from the tip…and stroking me to milk the last of it…just like a good little cum slut. She definitely seemed to enjoy herself �" a smile of contentment on her face as she looked up at me �" and, once I regained some semblance of composure….i simply said, “oh my gawd…..that was hot”, as my entire body shuddered and I leaned my hand against the wall behind Bree to steady myself. She continued her cock cleaning and I moaned a bit. She asked if it hurt and I told her no…it was just sensitive. Always one with compliments, my horny little slut said, “your cock is sooo beautiful”. How does one respond to that? “Thank you” was all I could manage, as I stepped back, slid my cock back into my pants and zipped up.

Bree stood and we kissed again and that seemed to please her. In fact, I remember how she had asked me if I had ever tasted my own cum…and I had told her yes, which seemed to please and excite her. Kissing her after this fabulous blow-job was a slight affirmation of that…and yes, I could taste remnants of my seed in our kiss.

After a few minutes, we both composed ourselves. Bree put her clothes back on and I chuckled to myself thinking I had actually blown a perfect opportunity. Not the fucking �" but the photo opportunity. I had brought along my digital camera with every intent of taking some teasing photos of her…upskirts, perhaps…or more, if I was lucky. And here we were, putting ourselves back together and my camera was still in my suit pocket �" unused. there will be a wonderful opportunity next time, I’m sure, I reassured myself….and was already planning in my head what that meeting was going to be like…and what boundaries I would cross with my pretty, long-legged slut, Bree.
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great story. cant wait for next week.