Scott and his Stepmom

Scott's had recently turned 18, for his birthday his father and his stepmom decided to get his own laptop so he didn't have to share the f****y computer no longer. Scott resented his stepmom, he hated the way she made him address as her as Mom or Mommy. Scott's real Mom ran out on him when he was little boy, so now he lives with his father (40), stepmom (52) and two half s****rs both younger.

Scott was a total nerd, top of all his classed, member of the chess team, and the AV club. He had never even kissed a girl let alone fucked one. The only time he ever saw a girl with no clothes on was either with porn or when he webcammed with a girl from europe. After he set up his laptop he grabbed all his files from the f****y computer, he also discovered a folder with the title MHNB, curious Scott copied that folder and put it onto his laptop.

One night he knew he had the house to himself, his father was taking his s****rs clothes shopping and his stepmom was at work. He opened the mysterious folder only to discover it was full of naked photos of someone's body but he didn't know who as it they didn't show the person's face. But he didn't care the photos made him hard.

He opened the a few of the photos, sat up in bed, covers down by his knees, he pulled down his boxers so his hard cock whipped out. He started to stroke whilst looking at the photos, imagining he was sucking on those delicious nipples, licking that sweet pussy and fucking that tight ass. His strokes getting harder and harder.

The front door opens, his stepmom has come home early from work. She sees his backpack on the floor. She picks it and storms upstairs and flings open his bedroom door, "Scott how many times have I told you not to leave your."

The door opens Scott quickly pulls back the covers to hide his erection placing his hand over it and closes the laptop. "What are you doing Scott?" Asks the stepmother. "Just talking to the guys."Replied Scott.

The stepmom walks towards Scott, "you hiding something from me?"
"No, never" he replies

She grasps the covers from the bottom and whisks them off, reveling Scott's erection. Impressed, she sat on the edge of his bed. "Were you looking at porn?" Scott holds onto the laptop tighter, hoping she doesn't open it. "No."

She removes his hand and opens the laptop and sees all the photos he's been looking at. "Where did you get these?" She asked.
"I found them on the computer downstairs." stumbled Scott.
"Do you know that is in those photos?" She asked. Scott shakes his head. She takes off her shirt and bra, "look familiar?" Scott stunned, speechless, not sure where to look. "You can look Scott, you cock seems to like it, it's precummed at the sight." She grabs and rubs the end of his shaft feeling his precum in her fingers, but the instant she grabbed his cock he cummed all over her hand. "We have to do a thing about that, if you can't last that long."

She licks off the cum and sucks her fingers clean. Scott breathing heavily, body shaking, eyes starring forward. She stepmom grabs his head pushes it into her breasts. "Suck them." She said, Scott does nothing, to afraid to move. "Suck them or I'll your father that you've been looking at porn." In fear Scott starts sucking softly on his stepmom's nipples. "Like you mean it," bellowed his stepmom, she grabbed on of his hands and placed it on the her other breast, "Now squezze hard, and suck hard too, bite on it." Scott follows every command. "There you go, you're getting the hang of it. You're even making mommy wet." She tells him, "Do you know what that means?" Scott shakes his head,

She stands up and takes off her skirt and panties, she sits in the middle of the bed and orders Scott to to lie head between her legs. Scott lies where he is told but his eyes are shut tight. "Open your eyes Scott' Scott slowly opens his eyes, in awe he can't believe he is seeing pussy in the flesh for the first time. "Pussies are special places." She tells him. She takes his hands and puts the on her labia and tells him to spread them and put his tongue in. Scott does as he is told, "Now suck clit! got that" she demanded of him.
"Yes' he replied,
"Yes, what?"
"Yes Mom"
"That's better."

"mmmm" she moans and arches her back, loving the feel of her stepson's mouth on her clit and pussy. "Now come up here Scott" Scott comes closer to his stepmom so they are face to face. "What I want you to now to me Scott is slide your hard penis into mommy's wet vagina." "But I'm still a virgin mommy, I'm too nervous." he stuttered.

"Well we're taking care of that right now." She replied. She rolls him onto his back and straddles him. "If you wont do it, I will" she grabs Scott's cock and guides it into her pussy. Pinning him down by the shoulders she begins to ride his virgin cock, slowly at first but starts to get faster and faster. "How does that feel Scott?"
'It feels great Mom." He holds on to her hips, he's closing his eyes, trying his best not to cum. "I'm going to cum." cries Scott.
"Not in my pussy you don't, not yet" Scott's stepmom quickly gets off Scott in the nick of time as he shoots is load into the air, landing both on Scott and on her. She wipes of the cum that landed on her breasts and suck her fingers clean before she licks the cum off Scott's body. "That's lesson one" she quickly gets dressed and leaves Scott's room.

During the next few months Scott got more and more lessons and sex off his Stepmom, his father and s****rs completely unaware of what has been going on.

Scott has grown tired of his father belittling all the time, making him feel small, making fun of him for being a nerd and not into sports, saying he'll never find a girl or have sex, but little does he know. Scott wanted this to stop, he wanted to get his own back so devised a plan.

He waited till it was just himself and his stepmom in the house. One day he decided to follow her into the shower. They passionately kiss as the hot water runs down their naked bodies. He kisses her neck as he starts to rub her pussy. She pushes him by shoulders he falls to his knees, and starts to eat her out.

Lapping at her clit, sliding his tongue in and out. Scott sucks on her clit as he slides his fingers in and out of stepmom. She pulls his hair tilting his head back, she removes his fingers and holds her pussy over Scott's face. She lets out a stream of hot piss. Scott strokes his cock as it splashes on his face and runs down his body. He opens his mouth so he can taste his stepmom's golden nectar. After the flow has stopped Scott kisses back up her body and paying close attention to her breasts. He lifts her up, she wraps her legs around his waist and he slides his big hard cock into her wet pussy.

She digs her nails into his weedy shoulders. His young thick cock fills her mature pussy pressing on her fleshy vaginal walls. She arches her back and moans loud as he penetrates her deeply. The sound of his wet balls is all she she hears as the smack off her ass. Her head starts to spin.

Scott pulls out of his stepmom's pussy, lowering her to her knees so she can taste her juices of his throbbing cock. He brings her back to her feet and turns her round pressing her against the shower wall. Scott sucks on his fingers before he rubs it around her anus and slides them in. As he fingers her ass he whispers into her ear "I'm going to take my cock and slide it deep into your ass, I'm going to fuck it hard and I'm going to fuck it rough, because it belongs to me." and after the last word spoke Scott rams his cock deep into his stepmom's rectum.

"Oh yes" she screamed, her nipples going hard against the wall, she can barely stand as his cock plunges deep into her very tight asshole. "Scott please, you're tearing up my hole, your cock is too big." she cries.

"No, crying." Ordered Scott. "Every time you make a noise I will fuck you harder and harder." Scott reaches down and rubs her clit fast as he continues to use her ass. Scott kisses hard into her neck. Her ass loosens the more and more he fucks it. His balls bouncing off her. He grabs her by the hair, "who does your ass belong to?" he asks her.

"Mommy's ass belongs to Scott." She says as Scott fucks her deep, trying her best not to scream. Scott wipes away the tears that run down her face, "that's right belong to me." Scott places his fingers on his stepmother's mouth, "as does this" he then places his hand on her pussy squeezing it hard "and so does this" Scott lets go of her pussy and grabs her hair again, "and whenever I need to use them, any of them you better have them ready for me, I will no longer use my hands to masturbate, from now on I will use my mom's willing mouth, her wet pussy or her tight ass." He pushes her face against the wall as he fucks her harder and harder getting ready to unload his cum. Her body quivering "yes my son, my body belongs to you now. You have taken my every hole and have made it yours."

Scott cums deep in her dirty ass, "take my cum you dirty slut" he pulls out of her ass and orders her to clean it. She takes the whole cock in her mouth. "can you taste your ass on my cock?" asks Scott, a muffled agreement comes out of her mouth. "Tell me how much you love the taste." "I love the taste, I love the taste of my ass mixed the my son's cum and I want to taste it again tomorrow and the day after that." "Don't worry you will."

Scott raises his stepmom to her feet, they passionately kiss. She pushes him against the wall "Now its Mommy's turn." She puts him to his knees and gets Scott to suck out the cum from her ass. Scott places his tongue on her ass, he sucks out all of the cum. She brings Scott to his knees. "Don't swallow a drop and feed mommy your man milk." They kiss again taking half of the cum from Scott's mouth, they swallow the cum load at the same time. She licks her lips loving the taste of Scott's hot young cum. "Wait here, I've got a surprise for you."

Scott waits in the shower. He is ordered out of the shower. He steps out of the shower to see his stepmother wearing a 7 inch strapon. She bends Scott over the sink and lubes up her dildo and Scott's ass. "Now Scott seeing as your such a good boy for Mommy, I'm going to treat you, but this may hurt." She tells him. "Yes mommy, I'm always a good boy." He replies. "I know you you are."

Scott's knees buckle as the dildo is eased in his ass halfway before jamming it in f***efully. He begins to wince in pain and pleasure. He bites his lip hard trying not to let out any noise. He feels his ass loosening and giving into his stepmom's strapon.

She continues to fuck his tight little asshole, fucking him with deep plunges, watching his hole pucker and contract. "That's it mommy, fuck my hole, make me your bitch." Scott starts to rub his cock with each thrust going in him.

She holds onto his hips for leverage as she pulls out the strapon only to penetrate his hole over and over. With each entry Scott tenses up and contracts his rectal muscles, his nerve endings are highly sensitive. Scott pants heavily and moans with pleasure, he can feel his ass gapping a new experience which he is loving. "I'm going to cum mommy." he cries.

She quickly pulls out and slides between his legs and wraps her mouth around his cock, taking his sweet young cum in the back of her throat licking her lips in satisfaction, "mmmm my favorite." Scott looks down at his stepmom on the floor her eyes looking back at him, "want some golden nectar to wash that down with?" he asks? She bites her lips and nods, grabbing his cock and aiming it into his stepmother's mouth he releases his hot piss into it, she swallows every drop and sucks his cock clean.

Scott picks his stepmom off the floor and leads her to his bedroom, he sits her down on the bed, "now I've got a surprise for you." he chuckles and walks off, returning with a tattoo kit. "No Scott." she tells him.

"Yes mom," Scott replies, "your body is mine now, free to do whatever I shall with it, I'm going to brand you as mine, so every time my father is at your pussy he will know that you really belong to his son." Scott tattoos "Property of Scott" above her pussy forever marking her as his.

She never thought that teaching her stepson to make love to a woman and how to have sex would ever lead this far but she glad it did and did Scott he is more confident and enjoys using his father's wife behind is back on a daily basis, sometimes more. He has gotten back at his father after all the years of belittling him, knowing his father has to have sex with a woman that no longer belongs to him but to his son, Scott really likes cumming in her pussy and knowing that later on that night his father will be eating his stepmom knowing he had cummed in there not long before.
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Great,,I wonder what this will lead to
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Very very hot.