The Lake

On one hot late summers afternoon we're taking a long walk through the countryside hand in hand and I'm carrying a picnic basket. We come to a vast lake and decide to have a picnic next to it under a big tree. After eating our picnic you cuddle up in my arms against the tree looking out at the lake the sun setting on it. The field is completly emoty it's ony us here and the a****ls of the field and from the woods near by.

Fancy a lil swim

You look up at me biting your lip and start to undress completly, you then run and dive into the lake. I just sit there watching you swim as you start teasing me by rubbing your body. I get up and take off my shoes and socks and stand at the bank of the lake. You dive down in the water and come back up right next to me and pull me into the water. As I come back up you laugh at me and i look cross, you move towards me and we kiss. We stare into each others eyes and kiss again as you undo my shirt and my hand goes into the water and starts sqessing you arse. You swim to the bank and place my shirt on there, as you turn around i'm right by you and we kiss again. I lift you on the bank and start soflty rubbing your thighs moving into the middle and start rubbing your clit. As you become wet I start to lick your pussy tasting your jucies as the come out. You lie on your back, I lick your pussy fast and faster sticking my tounge in now and again, I start to rub your clit as I lick faster and suck on your pussy which is getting wetter and wetter. You look up and tell me to come closer. I get out from the lake and crawl towards as we passionitly kiss with me still rubbing you pussy.i undo my trousers and pull them down with my boxers an i get on top of you putting my hard cock into your wet pussy. We kiss again as you wrap your legs around my body as i softly and gentley start making love to you. Kissing your lips, your neck and chest, you then put your arms around me and hold me closer, so we can feel our skin together, our breath on each others face and my cock deeper inside you. I then pull out and you get on top of me looking away from me, facing the lake at sun which is all most set behind it. You slowly go up and down, whilst massagaing your breasts. You then lie back so we can kiss romanitcally and i massage your clit and gently keep my cock moving in and out of your pussy holding you tight to me not wanting to let go. After a while I pull out and we walk back to the tree and cuddle and kiss with my back against the tree. As we kiss our hands run down each others body, you then kiss down my body and up and down the shaft of my cock, gently sucking the the head of it, before putting more of it in your mouth, you then kiss up my body and kiss me passionitly, you then sit on my lap with my cock going into your pussy putting our arms around each other pulling each closer, as i kiss your neck and my arms run all over your back. We slowly stand up with my cock still inside you and place you against the tree with legs light around my waist, slowly at first but then gradually going fast as i kiss around your neck and squezzing your arse. We kiss rough and passionitly as i place you on your back on the blanket with you legs still wrapped around I'm fucking you hard and fast. We kiss hard as i cum deep inside you and slowly start slowing down, we kiss long with my cock still inside you, i feel both of our juices run down my cock and out of your pussy. We then cuddle up against the tree with the blanek wrapped around us we gaze out onto the lake which is reflecting the stars above. We get dressed as you pack away the picnic i carve a chip out of the tree so we'll always have something to remember us of our time in the country and we walk away hand in hand both smiling.
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2 years ago
Nice to know romance hasn't died.... lovely story hunni x
2 years ago
Good story. :)
2 years ago
How nice to read a sensual and passionate story on here, well done :) xx
2 years ago
very good