How to fill a big pussy--part 1

My wife's pussy has gotten bigger over the years. Whether it's from having k**s or age or gravity, it's just gotten bigger. That means it takes longer to satisfy each other, which isn't always a bad thing.

One night we were going at it and it was taking longer than usual. She asked what was taking so long and I said something about her being so big down there. "Well if your dick was big enough to satisfy me..." she started.

"Baby," I said, "my dick is the same size it's always been, your snatch has just gotten bigger. Here, I'll show you." And with that I went to the kitchen. A minute later I was back with a bunch of bananas.

"I'll bet you I can get at least three of these into that beautiful big cunt of yours." I said. So I took the first one and slid it slowly up her cootch. It almost disappeared.

"That's one." I said. Then I pushed the second one in and her pussy practically swallowed it whole. "Two." I had to do a little adjusting, but the third one went in pretty easy as well.

"See, I told you I could get three of them in there," I said.

"How many more did you bring?" She asked.

"I have two more." "Put 'em up there," she nearly begged.

The fourth was a little tighter. "You sure you want this last one in there?" I asked.

"Yes," she whimpered. I hadn't noticed, I was working so hard to get the bananas into her cunt, but she was starting to quiver and her pussy was dripping wet. As I wiggled and slid the last one in there she started playing with her clit, something she'd never done in front of me before. "There," I said, "That's five bananas in that huge cunt of yours. I told you it had gotten bigger."

"Move them around," she said.

"What, does it hurt?" I asked.

"No. I want you to fuck me with those bananas," she answered. So I grabbed the end of the last one I'd pushed into her and started moving it in and out, rubbing the curved end against her clit. Then I shoved the first two into her so far that they were entirely inside of her.

"Faster, harder, fuck that pussy with those big yellow bananas," she yelled. I took two of them by the ends and slid them almost all the way out and then back in, deeper and deeper while she rubbed her clit faster and faster with one hand and yanked on one of her nipples with the other. She pulled on that nipple so far I thought for a second it was going snap right off her tit.

"Wait," she said, and she rolled over and got on her hands and knees. "OK, now shove those bananas into me so far that you can't see 'em anymore and fuck me in the ass," she said. She'd never asked for anal before. So I pushed the fruit up into her snatch so far that I thought I'd never get it out of there, and at the same time I slid my throbbing dick into her asshole, which was soaked from her dripping pussy juice.

I pounded that ass and held onto what little bit of the bananas was still sticking out of her cunt. She straightened up, getting off of her hands and reached down between her legs. With one hand she started squeezing my balls and with the other she started sliding a banana in and out of her pussy. "Now, slap those titties," she said. I had one arm around her middle and with the other hand I swatted her breast. "No," she said, "smack it good." So I hit it hard enough that it made a noise.

"Again, harder. Harder, more. Keep fuckin' that ass too." So I kept fucking her ass and slapping her tit.

"Now pull my nipple, far and hard. I want you to try and make it reach the headboard," she said. Well, we were nearly at the foot of the bed, so there was no way I was going to get her nipple to the headboard, but I tried.

"Oh, I'm gonna come," I said. "Wait," she answered and she rolled back over onto her back. "I want you to come in my mouth and I wanna taste my ass on your dick."

I slid up and stuck my dick down her throat so far she started to gag. I went to pull out a little but she grabbed my cock and pushed it back in with one hand while she squeezed my balls with the other. I shot the biggest load I can ever remember right down her throat and fell off her, exhausted.

"Hey, you can't fall asl**p yet," she said. "I still have these bananas in my pussy."

"What are we gonna do with them now, we can't put them back in the kitchen," I said.

"How many do you think you get up my ass?" she asked.

"Probably not all five of them," I answered. "But I'll see what I can do." I slid all five of them out of her cunt. I had to practically fist her to reach the last two, which were pretty mushy by now. Her pussy was a gaping hole. She rolled back over into the doggy position.

"Give me a couple of them," she said. "And start shoving the rest up my ass. Don't stop until you get all three of them in there."

While I slid and maneuvered the three bananas into her butt she was peeling the other two. I finally managed to get the last one into her ass and she shivered in delight.

"Wait here a minute," she said, and she walked, or rather waddled, out of the bedroom with three yellow bananas sticking out of her anus. She was back a minute later carrying an ice cream scoop, two spoons, half a gallon ice cream, a bottle of chocolate sauce and a spray can of whipped cream. The three bananas were still in her, but I could swear it looked like she'd pushed them in there even further.

"I want you make me a banana split," she said. "Two bananas and three scoops of ice cream, and lots of chocolate sauce and whipped cream."

"OK," I said, "but you didn't bring a bowl."

"Make it in my pussy," she said. And she set all of the ingredients and equipment on the bed and laid down on her back, the bananas in her ass getting pushed in even further.

By now the opening of her pussy had started to return to its normal size, so I had to work it a little with my hands. She started to help my by rubbing her clit with one hand and pushing three of her own fingers up inside herself. Then she pushed my whole hand up in that giant pussy and crammed her own hand in, just to be sure her snatch would stay open for our dessert.

I slid the first peeled banana into her cunt and then scooped some ice cream and pushed it in there. She shivered. "You sure you want three scoops?" I asked.

"Nnnoo," she stuttered from the cold that was oozing down inside of her. "Let's see if you can fit six in there."

I managed to get both of those bananas and eight scoops of ice cream into her cunt. After topping it off with chocolate sauce and whipped cream she handed me a spoon and took one for herself. And then we ate that whole banana split right out of her pussy.

When we'd finished she said, "Roll over on your back and lick the bowl clean." And she straddled my head with her legs and lowered her cunt to my mouth. I sucked and licked all the drippings of the ice cream and pussy juice out of her and then licked her clit while I stuck both hands up into her still massive cootch. She came with a series of shudders. When she'd finished I slid one hand out of her pussy and grabbed one of the bananas that was still sticking out of her ass.

I fucked her ass with the banana while I licked her clit again and hammered away at her cunt with my fist deep inside of her. She almost collapsed from the pleasure.

She finally gingerly slid the bananas out of her ass, leaving her anus a gaping dark hole. She took one of the bananas and peeled it, squishing it in her hand. She then rubbed the banana all over my still erect cock and balls and took her sweet time licking it off. I shot another load into her mouth.

I peeled the last two bananas and crushed them, rubbing one onto each of her tits. As she lay on her back with her banana titties staring up at me, I mounted her again, fucking her cunt while I licked the banana off of one tit and she licked the other tit clean. I came and she licked the cum and pussy juice off my cock.

"I'm just about spent," I said. "And we have a mess to clean up."

"The only thing we need to worry about tonight is that ice cream," she answered.

I picked up the carton. What was left of the ice cream had melted. "Oh, baby, pour it into my pussy," she said. Her cunt took it all easily, not that there was much left. "Now stick your cock up in there so I can lick the ice cream off of you while you suck it out of me," she instructed. So that's what I did. We finished in a 69, my mouth sucking on her clit, and one of my fists back in her pussy. Three fingers of the other hand were deep in her ass. And she had her mouth wrapped around my cock. That's how we fell asl**p, and that's how woke up the next morning.

"Will you come with me to the supermarket?" she asked after we got out of the shower. "I want you to help me pick out some produce."

And so began our adventure of trying to fill her big pussy.

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4 years ago
4 years ago
now what the hell are u gonna use? you're gonna have to fuck her with the head on your neck
4 years ago
Yummy story
4 years ago
sounds like you'll be cooking zucchini cake in her pussy next
4 years ago
..I mean
4 years ago
Looks like you will have to think out of the box to full-fill her desires!!! haha awesome sorry tho..